descriptionNagios Plugin check_openmanage
last changeMon, 28 Jul 2014 12:32:54 +0000
16 hours ago Trond Hasle... rpmspec: various fixes master
16 hours ago Trond Hasle... rpmspec: conditionalize require owner of plugin dir
16 hours ago Trond Hasle... rpmspec: don't require perl(Crypt::Rijndael)
16 hours ago Trond Hasle... release 3.7.12
2014-03-09 Trond Hasle... set failed pdisk as critical (override OMSA)
2014-02-17 Trond Hasle... bump version number
2014-02-17 Trond Hasle... fix blacklisted pdisk un-certified pdisks with predicti...
2014-02-11 Trond Hasle... pdisk patch from Josh Elsasser
2013-08-06 Trond Hasle... release 3.7.11 v3.7.11
2013-08-06 Trond Hasle... fix regression on systems with ePN
2013-07-19 Trond Hasle... finalize release 3.7.10 v3.7.10
2013-07-19 Trond Hasle... fix ok message output with "--only servicetag" option
2013-07-14 Trond Hasle... fix for new documentation urls at dell website
2013-03-09 Trond Hasle... add option to make any alerts on virtual disks critical
2013-02-23 Trond Hasle... fixed typo
2013-01-07 Trond Hasle... version 3.7.9 v3.7.9
11 months ago v3.7.11 release 3.7.11
12 months ago v3.7.10 release 3.7.10
16 months ago v3.7.9 release 3.7.9
19 months ago v3.7.8
19 months ago v3.7.7
2 years ago v3.7.6 release 3.7.6
2 years ago v3.7.4 release 3.7.4
2 years ago v3.7.5 release 3.7.5
16 hours ago master
4 months ago test