descriptionNagios Plugin check_openmanage
last changeMon, 11 Aug 2014 13:40:56 +0000
2014-08-11 Trond Hasle... Added %h (hostname) and %e (express service code) to... master
2014-07-28 Trond Hasle... rpmspec: various fixes v3.7.12
2014-07-28 Trond Hasle... rpmspec: conditionalize require owner of plugin dir
2014-07-28 Trond Hasle... rpmspec: don't require perl(Crypt::Rijndael)
2014-07-28 Trond Hasle... release 3.7.12
2014-03-09 Trond Hasle... set failed pdisk as critical (override OMSA)
2014-02-17 Trond Hasle... bump version number
2014-02-17 Trond Hasle... fix blacklisted pdisk un-certified pdisks with predicti...
2014-02-11 Trond Hasle... pdisk patch from Josh Elsasser
2013-08-06 Trond Hasle... release 3.7.11 v3.7.11
2013-08-06 Trond Hasle... fix regression on systems with ePN
2013-07-19 Trond Hasle... finalize release 3.7.10 v3.7.10
2013-07-19 Trond Hasle... fix ok message output with "--only servicetag" option
2013-07-14 Trond Hasle... fix for new documentation urls at dell website
2013-03-09 Trond Hasle... add option to make any alerts on virtual disks critical
2013-02-23 Trond Hasle... fixed typo
8 months ago v3.7.12 v3.7.12
20 months ago v3.7.11 release 3.7.11
20 months ago v3.7.10 release 3.7.10
2 years ago v3.7.9 release 3.7.9
2 years ago v3.7.8
2 years ago v3.7.7
2 years ago v3.7.6 release 3.7.6
3 years ago v3.7.4 release 3.7.4
3 years ago v3.7.5 release 3.7.5
8 months ago master
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