2017-11-20 Volker StolzSome talks, mostly identical. master
2016-10-06 Volker Stolzcopy
2016-09-28 AnnaMerge branch 'master' of https://bitbucket.org/sowhow...
2016-09-28 Annaadded master presentation
2016-07-25 Volker StolzActually add the JDT UI sources as well, not only the...
2016-07-25 Volker Stolz- complete merge
2016-07-13 Volker StolzMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.uio.no/ifi-stolz...
2016-07-11 Annaadding parameter for extr n move latest_exp_code
2016-06-11 Anna16 errors, 610 asserts, 755 genera_
2016-06-04 Annabugfixes, increased assert generation
2016-05-30 Annaadded example
2016-05-30 Annacomments
2016-05-30 Annabugfix of sorted fragments to extract local
2016-05-30 Annamoved
2016-05-30 Annaadded example
2016-04-27 Annajust checked: this is the right and latest code
2016-04-27 Annaprinting statement
2016-04-27 AnnaMerge branch 'modified_extract_local' of ssh://git...
2016-04-21 Volker StolzNot sure why I didn't commit this earlier.
2016-04-13 Volker Stolztidy
2016-04-13 Volker StolzBe a bit more verbose when failing.
2016-04-08 Annajavadoc
2016-03-22 Volker StolzThread monitor through
2016-03-13 Volker StolzPrepare for an interactive version by increasing visibi...
2016-03-13 Volker StolzPrune imports & tidy
2016-02-27 Annamerged
2016-02-27 Annacan now invoke extract local variable on selection
2016-02-27 Annacleaning up code, removed dumb usage of analyzer
2016-02-27 Annaremoving obsolite code and menus
2016-02-25 Annacleaning up, changing packages, adding javadoc
2016-02-25 Annaremoved menu items from manifest file
2016-02-25 Annaadded example
2016-02-24 Annacause of dead code error
2016-02-23 Volker StolzAdd Sonar config
2016-02-23 Annadebug
2016-02-22 Annarefactoring, moving methods, splitting functionality
2016-02-22 Annarefactored; added checks for parameters
2016-02-22 Annacommented out my horrible heuristic solution
2016-02-22 Annasmall fixes
2016-02-22 AnnaMerge branch 'modified_extract_local' of https://bitbuc...
2016-02-22 Annasome changes, incl adding example
2016-02-03 Annabackup of tex: not the version I'm working on
2016-01-21 Annamoving between computers
2016-01-20 Annaremoved eclipse project
2016-01-20 Annaremoved eclipse project
2016-01-20 Annaadded examples for visibility modifiers
2016-01-20 Annaexplisit check for visibility; hopefully I cover all...
2016-01-20 Annaremoved check for public: excludes too many cases
2016-01-19 Annacheck for missing paramteres in moved method: don't...
2016-01-19 Annaidk why assert, commented out for now
2016-01-19 Annacant undo when runnin on full project; redundant functi...
2016-01-19 Annaautomatic undo for partially executed refactorings
2016-01-19 Annasmall fix
2016-01-19 Annasynchronized
2016-01-18 Annarefactored code with interesting errors
2016-01-18 Annafixed syntax errors for extract and move
2016-01-13 Annaswitching computer
2016-01-12 Annasmall fix
2016-01-12 Annacheck for default package; cannot refactor in default...
2016-01-12 Annasplit extr temp with and without asserts
2016-01-12 AnnaUI for extr temp without asserts
2016-01-12 AnnaUI + code for extr temp without asserts
2016-01-11 Annachanged name of factory
2016-01-11 Annasmall change in factory + debug comment
2015-12-20 Annaadded eclipse refactoring error check; think I have...
2015-12-20 Annaimports
2015-12-20 Annaadded breaking example: local class
2015-12-20 Annaadded comment TODO
2015-12-19 Annafixed most bugs
2015-12-19 Annarandom save; working on bugs
2015-12-19 Annafixed nullpointer in prefix
2015-12-19 Annafixed nullpointer in prefix; removed debugging
2015-12-19 Annamodified refactoring; also removed some debugging
2015-12-19 Annaadded infrastructure for refactor modification
2015-12-19 AnnaMerge branch 'modified_extract_local'
2015-12-19 Annaadded test cases, failing on build
2015-12-19 Annaremoved debugging
2015-12-19 Annaadded test failing on refactor and build
2015-12-19 Annadebugging
2015-12-18 Annaadded test, failing
2015-12-18 Annaimports
2015-12-18 Annanull check
2015-12-18 Annaimports
2015-12-16 Annafixed compile error in example
2015-12-16 Volker StolzTidy imports.
2015-12-16 Volker StolzSplit this a bit because we had two entry points, initi...
2015-12-16 Volker Stolz* Let's see who's that guy...
2015-12-15 Annaadded tests, currently failing on assignment in subsele...
2015-12-15 Annaadded examples + test cases
2015-12-15 Annaadded errorhandling for missing ICompilationUnit
2015-12-14 Annafixed double count
2015-12-09 AnnaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.uio.no/ifi-stolz...
2015-12-09 AnnaMerge branch 'master' of bitbucket.org:sowhow/masterref...
2015-12-09 Annanot inserting assert on first for extract temp
2015-12-09 Volker StolzTidy imports.
2015-12-07 Anna Eilertsenfixed imports
2015-12-07 Anna M Eadded extract temp on getters
2015-12-03 Anna M Eadded examples
2015-12-03 Anna M Ejavadoc
2015-12-03 Anna M Emade it generic, need to run tests to check if ok