fix in adding and editing markers
[u/erikhf/frm.git] / src / components / map / map.ts
2015-12-11 Julie Hill Roafix in adding and editing markers
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roamerge with master
2015-12-10 Erik Haider Forsénfix for drawing temp marker
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roasmall fix
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roacommented code i map.ts
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roacommented out tooltip colorpolygon
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roachanges colors
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roamerge med master
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roaquick bug fix
2015-12-06 Erik Haider Forsén[pair-programming] final touch
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[colorpolygon] added tooptip if we want
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roachanged colors on polygon
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[centermap] centering map on last point centermap
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roafocus on points
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roadraw searched parent and markes searched as active drawserchedparent
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[levels] map levelse more generic
2015-12-03 Erik Haider Forséneverything is working, great success
2015-12-03 Erik Haider Forsényay merge
2015-12-03 Erik Haider Forsénmerge fun
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roasome code fixes
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roamerge with master
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge filter og sookefelt funksjoner + litt redesign
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roaclean up
2015-12-03 Erik Haider ForsénMap position is updated live
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafating oppaa kart
2015-12-03 Julie Hill RoaResolved merge conflixts
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[showdetails] pop up fixed !
2015-12-03 Erik Haider Forsén[fix] merge fix
2015-12-03 Erik Haider ForsénMerge branch 'sidebar'
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[showdetails]merged master itno showdetails
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roamerge
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge master i modalboks
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal oppdatert med aa close fuksjon
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roastyled
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge modal
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal dukker opp ved trykk paa kart
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roalitte code cleanup
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roastyle update
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[drwparent] bug fix
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafahtml kode for modal
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roadrawing parent for adding new orgU
2015-12-01 Erik Haider Forsén[sidebar] Working on adding object
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roasearch done on map minus mapFocus
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[focusSearched] deleted all geoJson and drew up the...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] bug fixes, no expanding and going up...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] expandes up and down
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiWorking on filling in selectors for filter
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roamerged AddorgUnit into ExpandLevels
2015-11-26 Julie Hill RoaTrying to change style on marker
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roaexpaned to alle levels downwords
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] done, except one calling method
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] removed geoLocation
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] made a cool marker
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] getting childs array from dhis api
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpansLevels] addListner on map only called once
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roashit dont work
2015-11-19 Erik Haider Forsén[maps] removed markers
2015-11-19 Erik Haider ForsénFixed events between components
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] removed other layers wehn moving down to next...
2015-11-19 Erik Haider Forsén[map] This fix
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] get id of clicked polygon
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] got contact with layer
2015-11-19 Erik Haider Forsén[search][map] Sending ID of clicked search result to...
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roarest call for layer 2 and show it on map
2015-11-19 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiAdded a filter method in livesearch
2015-11-19 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-16 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-16 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-12 Erik Haider ForsénFixed map (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider ForsénNew working structure after par programmering
2015-11-12 Julie Hill Roaresdy to merge