searchbar design, lukke resultat, hoyde med scroll og tomme inputen + plassering
[u/erikhf/frm.git] / src / components / search / livesearch.ts
2015-12-03 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiAdded live filtering of search
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiFixed issue with filter where multiple instances of...
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiAdded selectors for filter
2015-11-19 Yrjan A. F. FraschettiAdded a filter method in livesearch
2015-11-14 Erik Haider Forsén[search] Code cleanup
2015-11-14 Erik Haider ForsénModified to query the api with the search string
2015-11-13 Erik Haider Forsénsemi working live search
2015-11-12 Erik Haider Forsén[search] experimenting with pipes