2015-12-10 Yrjan A. F... Added functionality where the filter box is removed...
2015-12-10 Yrjan A. F... Made filterbutton toggle from ts and not html
2015-12-10 Yrjan A. F... Cleanup in search
2015-12-10 Yrjan A. F... Fixed merge conflicts
2015-12-10 Yrjan A. F... Small fixes in filter gui
2015-12-10 Erik Haider... [bugfix] edit and add positions
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafaroza og julie masseee farger
2015-12-10 Roza MoustafaMerge branch 'master' of git.uio.no:u/erikhf/frm
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafamer design alle gly paa plass
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafamer design og fikset at no result forsvinner igjen...
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafasidebar design oppdatert
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafamer design
2015-12-10 Roza Moustafakommentarer, ryddet i koden
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roacommented code i map.ts
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-10 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'colorpolygon'
2015-12-10 Julie Hill Roacommented out tooltip colorpolygon
2015-12-10 Roza MoustafaMerge branch 'roza'
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roachanges colors
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roamerge med master
2015-12-09 Julie Hill Roabugfix
2015-12-08 Roza Moustafaflyttet css sidebar til map, og designet alle sidebar...
2015-12-08 Yrjan A. F... Added some comments to search
2015-12-08 Yrjan A. F... Cleanup of code in search
2015-12-06 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'master' of git.uio.no:u/erikhf/frm
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roaquick bug fix
2015-12-06 Roza Moustafalitt design
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [pair-programming] final touch
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roamerge
2015-12-06 Roza Moustafamerge faardih
2015-12-06 Roza Moustafastart paa modal cleanupResult
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'addedit'
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Tried to add organisationUnitGroups, unsuccessful addedit
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Added a beatiful design to the sidebar sidebardesign
2015-12-06 Roza Moustafalitt design av filtermeny + plassering
2015-12-06 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'master' of git.uio.no:u/erikhf/frm
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[colorpolygon] added tooptip if we want
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Cleanup
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roachanged colors on polygon
2015-12-06 Roza Moustafasearchbar design, lukke resultat, hoyde med scroll...
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Merge branch 'searchbug'
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Added message for no result when searching searchbug
2015-12-06 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'centermap'
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[centermap] centering map on last point centermap
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Merge branch 'searchbug'
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Fixed bug where search does not update when filter...
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roafocus on points
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Merge branch 'searchbug'
2015-12-06 Yrjan A. F... Fixed bugs where searchresult did not update, where...
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [sibebar] added polygon
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roadraw searched parent and markes searched as active drawserchedparent
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Added warning if org unit doesn't have coordi...
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Date is now working properly on read and...
2015-12-06 Erik Haider... [bugfix] If "featureType" is not present in PUT request...
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[levels] modal buttons swaped levels
2015-12-06 Julie Hill Roa[levels] map levelse more generic
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... everything is working, great success
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... yay merge
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... merge fun
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roasome code fixes
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roamerge with master
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge filter og sookefelt funksjoner + litt redesign
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roaclean up
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafafaa endringer
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... Map position is updated live
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafating oppaa kart
2015-12-03 Yrjan A. F... Merge branch 'navbar'
2015-12-03 Yrjan A. F... Added live filtering of search
2015-12-03 Julie Hill RoaResolved merge conflixts
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[showdetails] pop up fixed !
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... [sidebar] fixed form design
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... [fix] merge fix
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'sidebar'
2015-12-03 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Using model-driven form instead of data-drive...
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[showdetails]merged master itno showdetails
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roamerge
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge master i modalboks
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal over kart
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal oppdatert med aa close fuksjon
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[stylegeojson] merge conflict resolved
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roastyled
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamerge modal
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal dukker opp ved trykk paa kart
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roalitte code cleanup
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roastyle update
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[drwparent] bug fix
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafahtml kode for modal
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roadrawing parent for adding new orgU
2015-12-03 Roza MoustafaEndrer styling, map som body-background resten kommente...
2015-12-03 Yrjan A. F... Fixed merge conflic in map.ts
2015-12-01 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Working on adding object
2015-12-01 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'master' into sidebar
2015-12-01 Yrjan A. F... Improved readability in search.ts
2015-11-30 Yrjan A. F... Added auto filling in filter selectors
2015-11-29 Roza Moustafaknapp som toommer search uten styling
2015-11-26 Roza MoustafaSooke igjen etter aa ha klikket vekk fra sookeresultater
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roasearch done on map minus mapFocus
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[focusSearched] deleted all geoJson and drew up the...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] bug fixes, no expanding and going up...