2015-12-03 Roza Moustafamodal dukker opp ved trykk paa kart
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roalitte code cleanup
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roastyle update
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roa[drwparent] bug fix
2015-12-03 Roza Moustafahtml kode for modal
2015-12-03 Julie Hill Roadrawing parent for adding new orgU
2015-12-03 Roza MoustafaEndrer styling, map som body-background resten kommente...
2015-12-03 Yrjan A. F... Fixed merge conflic in map.ts
2015-12-01 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Working on adding object
2015-12-01 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'master' into sidebar
2015-12-01 Yrjan A. F... Improved readability in search.ts
2015-11-30 Yrjan A. F... Added auto filling in filter selectors
2015-11-29 Roza Moustafaknapp som toommer search uten styling
2015-11-26 Roza MoustafaSooke igjen etter aa ha klikket vekk fra sookeresultater
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roasearch done on map minus mapFocus
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[focusSearched] deleted all geoJson and drew up the...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] bug fixes, no expanding and going up...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] expandes up and down
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F... Working on filling in selectors for filter
2015-11-26 Roza MoustafaSookeresultater forsvinner naar sookefeltet er tomt...
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roamerged AddorgUnit into ExpandLevels
2015-11-26 Julie Hill RoaTrying to change style on marker
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roaexpaned to alle levels downwords
2015-11-26 Roza MoustafaToomme filtering ved aa klikke vekk dropdown meny
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] done, except one calling method
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] removed geoLocation
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[AddOrgUnit] made a cool marker
2015-11-26 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Functionality to cancel editing
2015-11-26 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Update existing organizational unit
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpandLevels] getting childs array from dhis api
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F... Fixed issue with filter where multiple instances of...
2015-11-26 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'sidebar'
2015-11-26 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'sidebar'
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roa[ExpansLevels] addListner on map only called once
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F... Added select
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F... Merge branch 'navbar' of git.uio.no:u/erikhf/frm into...
2015-11-26 Yrjan A. F... Added selectors for filter
2015-11-26 Julie Hill Roashit dont work
2015-11-26 Erik Haider... [sidebar] template for showing and editing a organizati...
2015-11-26 Roza Moustafaoppdatert dropdown med selector
2015-11-24 Roza MoustafaTester maater aa presentere filtererng paa i dropdwon...
2015-11-24 Roza MoustafaBorder og skygge paa sookefelt og dropdown-knapp, endre...
2015-11-24 Roza MoustafaOppned knapp for dropdown-menyen funker som det skal
2015-11-24 Roza Moustafalagt paa skygge
2015-11-22 Yrjan A. F... merge!
2015-11-22 Yrjan A. F... Merge
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... [maps] removed markers
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... Fixed events between components
2015-11-19 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'map'
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] removed other layers wehn moving down to next...
2015-11-19 Roza MoustafaMerge branch 'navbar'
2015-11-19 Roza Moustafadesign av nav, search og en liten dropdown meny
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... [map] This fix
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Showing basic information on side panel
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] get id of clicked polygon
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... [sidebar] Skeleton up
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roa[map] got contact with layer
2015-11-19 Erik Haider... [search][map] Sending ID of clicked search result to...
2015-11-19 Julie Hill Roarest call for layer 2 and show it on map
2015-11-19 Yrjan A. F... Added a filter method in livesearch
2015-11-19 Julie Hill RoaMerge branch 'map'
2015-11-19 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-16 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-16 Julie Hill RoaAdded "this is you" marker
2015-11-15 Erik Haider... [navbar] Renamed some links
2015-11-15 Erik Haider... [navbar] Created navbar, moved search component from...
2015-11-15 Erik Haider... [search] Styling the search input and results
2015-11-15 Erik Haider... [search] Moved styles to separate css file
2015-11-15 Erik Haider... [search] Make search result clickable
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... [search] Code cleanup
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'master' into search
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... Revert "[apiService] created a service for getting...
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... Merge branch 'master' into search
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... [apiService] created a service for getting the API URL
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... [search] fixed api query, live/dynamic search is now...
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... Modified to query the api with the search string
2015-11-14 Erik Haider... No longer needed as we're using the query functionality...
2015-11-13 Erik Haider... semi working live search
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... [search] experimenting with pipes
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... Fixed map (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... Fixed sample HTTP REST call to dhis api (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... Fixed placeholder for filter (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... Fixed placeholder for search (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... Fixed placeholder for map (pair programming)
2015-11-12 Erik Haider... New working structure after par programmering
2015-11-12 Julie Hill Roaresdy to merge
2015-11-05 Julie Hill Roaadded a new structure
2015-11-04 Erik Haider... Updated gitignore
2015-11-04 Erik Haider... Cleaned up unused code
2015-11-04 Erik Haider... Fixed typo
2015-11-02 Erik Haider... fixed merge conflict
2015-11-02 Erik Haider... DHIS webapp
2015-10-31 Erik Haider... A dhis deployable sample app
2015-10-31 Erik Haider... updated gitignore to ignore zip archives
2015-10-31 Erik Haider... added some dependencies
2015-10-31 Erik Haider... reverted initial setup
2015-10-30 Erik Haider... updatet gitignore file
2015-10-30 Erik Haider... Created empty spring project with maven archetype plugin
2015-10-30 Erik Haider... initial commit