Added AliAnalysisAlien::AddAdditionalLibrary to add individual libs. Added AliAnalysi...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliAnalysisAlien.h
c57f56b7 1#ifndef ALIANALYSISALIEN_H
3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6// Author: Mihaela Gheata, 01/09/2008
9// AliAnalysisAlien - AliEn utility class. Provides interface for creating
10// a personalized JDL, finding and creating a dataset.
14#include "AliAnalysisGrid.h"
17#ifndef ROOT_TString
18#include <TString.h>
149d288c 21#ifndef ROOT_TMath
22#include <TMath.h>
28ce6c9c 25#ifndef ROOT_TMap
26#include <TMap.h>
105631b5 29class AliAnalysisManager;
77f34eae 30class AliAnalysisTaskCfg;
c57f56b7 31class TGridJDL;
33class AliAnalysisAlien : public AliAnalysisGrid {
37 AliAnalysisAlien();
38 AliAnalysisAlien(const char *name);
39 virtual ~AliAnalysisAlien();
40 AliAnalysisAlien(const AliAnalysisAlien& other);
41 AliAnalysisAlien& operator=(const AliAnalysisAlien& other);
42// Setters
37d21c01 43 virtual void AddAdditionalLibrary(const char *name);
f965131e 44 virtual void AddIncludePath(const char *path);
c57f56b7 45 virtual void AddRunNumber(Int_t run);
ee75cfc3 46 virtual void AddRunNumber(const char *run);
98690895 47 virtual void AddRunList(const char *runList);
c57f56b7 48 virtual void AddDataFile(const char *lfn);
648174cf 49 virtual void AddExternalPackage(const char *name);
c57f56b7 50 virtual void SetExecutable(const char *name="") {fExecutable = name;}
0a1c1f7f 51 virtual void SetExecutableCommand(const char *command="root -b -q") {fExecutableCommand = command;}
c57f56b7 52 virtual void SetArguments(const char *name="") {fArguments = name;}
631c0b05 53 virtual void SetExecutableArgs(const char *name="") {fExecutableArgs = name;}
c57f56b7 54 virtual void SetAnalysisMacro(const char *name="myAnalysis.C") {fAnalysisMacro = name;}
55 virtual void SetAnalysisSource(const char *name="myAnalysisClass.cxx") {fAnalysisSource = name;}
d3b18c4c 56 virtual void SetValidationScript(const char *name="") {fValidationScript = name;}
c57f56b7 57 virtual void SetAdditionalLibs(const char *list) {fAdditionalLibs = list;}
d5c6455a 58 virtual void SetAdditionalRootLibs(const char *list) {fAdditionalRootLibs = list;}
c57f56b7 59 virtual void SetPrice(Int_t price=1) {fPrice = price;}
a8739e8a 60 virtual void SetRunRange(Int_t min, Int_t max) {fRunRange[0] = min; fRunRange[1] = max;}
c6cb3634 61 virtual void SetJobTag(const char *tag="") {fJobTag = tag;}
319593fb 62 virtual void SetNrunsPerMaster(Int_t nruns=1) {fNrunsPerMaster = nruns;}
16a4353c 63 virtual void SetMaxMergeFiles(Int_t nfiles) {fMaxMergeFiles = nfiles;}
b3e07543 64 virtual void SetMaxMergeStages(Int_t nstages) {fMaxMergeStages = nstages;}
c57f56b7 65 virtual void SetSplitMode(const char *type="se") {fSplitMode = type;}
66 virtual void SetSplitMaxInputFileNumber(Int_t nfiles=100) {fSplitMaxInputFileNumber = nfiles;}
149d288c 67 virtual void SetAPIVersion(const char *version) {fAPIVersion = version;}
68 virtual void SetROOTVersion(const char *version) {fROOTVersion = version;}
69 virtual void SetAliROOTVersion(const char *version) {fAliROOTVersion=version;}
c57f56b7 70 virtual void SetUser(const char *user) {fUser = user;}
71 virtual void SetTTL(Int_t ttl=30000) {fTTL = ttl;}
72 virtual void SetGridWorkingDir(const char *name="workdir") {fGridWorkingDir = name;}
73 virtual void SetGridDataDir(const char *name) {fGridDataDir = name;}
74 virtual void SetDataPattern(const char *pattern="*AliESDs.root") {fDataPattern = pattern;}
0df6ccf2 75 virtual void SetFriendChainName(const char *name="") {fFriendChainName = name;}
bb885a9e 76 virtual void SetDefaultOutputs(Bool_t flag);
c57f56b7 77 virtual void SetGridOutputDir(const char *name="output") {fGridOutputDir = name;}
149d288c 78 virtual void SetOutputArchive(const char *list="*@disk=1*.root@disk=2");
79 virtual void SetOutputFiles(const char *list);
cd11251e 80 virtual void SetOutputToRunNo(Int_t mode=1) {fOutputToRunNo = mode;}
c57f56b7 81 virtual void SetInputFormat(const char *format="xml-single") {fInputFormat = format;}
82 virtual void SetMaxInitFailed(Int_t nfail=5) {fMaxInitFailed = nfail;}
d3b18c4c 83 virtual void SetTerminateFiles(const char *list) {fTerminateFiles = list;}
bb885a9e 84 virtual void SetMergeExcludes(const char *list) {fMergeExcludes = list;};
0f389141 85 virtual void SetMergeViaJDL(Bool_t on=kTRUE) {fMergeViaJDL = on ? 1 : 0;}
f47d5cb4 86 virtual void SetMergeDirName(const char *name) {fMergeDirName = name;}
c57f56b7 87 virtual void SetMasterResubmitThreshold(Int_t percentage) {fMasterResubmitThreshold = percentage;}
bb885a9e 88 virtual void SetNtestFiles(Int_t nfiles) {fNtestFiles = nfiles;}
149d288c 89 virtual void SetNumberOfReplicas(Int_t ncopies) {fNreplicas = TMath::Min(ncopies,4);}
c57f56b7 90 virtual void SetJDLName(const char *name="analysis.jdl") {fJDLName = name;}
149d288c 91 virtual void SetPreferedSE(const char *se);
a3e84053 92 virtual void SetProductionMode(Int_t mode=1) {fProductionMode = mode;}
37d21c01 93 virtual void SetRegisterExcludes(const char *list) {fRegisterExcludes = list;}
74013535 94 virtual void SetRunPrefix(const char *prefix);
648174cf 95 virtual void SetOutputSingleFolder(const char *folder) {fOutputSingle = folder; fSplitMode="file"; fSplitMaxInputFileNumber=1;}
0f389141 96 virtual void SetFastReadOption(Bool_t on=kTRUE) {fFastReadOption = on ? 1 : 0;}
97 virtual void SetOverwriteMode(Bool_t on=kTRUE) {fOverwriteMode = on ? 1 : 0;}
c57f56b7 98
0f389141 99 TGridJDL *GetGridJDL() const {return fGridJDL;}
100 TGridJDL *GetMergingJDL() const {return fMergingJDL;}
5513444a 101 const char *GetGridOutputDir() const {return fGridOutputDir;}
c57f56b7 102//Utilities
77f34eae 103 void AddModule(AliAnalysisTaskCfg *module);
104 void AddModules(TObjArray *list);
3e40fd4c 105 AliAnalysisManager *CreateAnalysisManager(const char *name, const char *filename="");
77f34eae 106 Int_t GetNmodules() const;
107 AliAnalysisTaskCfg *GetModule(const char *name);
108 Bool_t LoadModules();
21ca8e59 109 Bool_t GenerateTest(const char *name, const char *modname="");
139fe6ba 110 Bool_t GenerateTrain(const char *name);
348be253 111 Bool_t CheckFileCopy(const char *alienpath);
c57f56b7 112 virtual Bool_t CreateDataset(const char *pattern);
139fe6ba 113 Bool_t CopyLocalDataset(const char *griddir, const char *pattern, Int_t nfiles, const char *output="data.txt", const char *anchorfile="", const char *outputdir="data");
c57f56b7 114 virtual Bool_t CreateJDL();
4e5c5506 115 virtual void EnablePackage(const char *package);
923e2ca5 116 static Bool_t DirectoryExists(const char *lfn);
5513444a 117 static Bool_t FileExists(const char *lfn);
a03be957 118 static const char *GetJobStatus(Int_t jobidstart, Int_t lastid, Int_t &nrunning, Int_t &nwaiting, Int_t &nerror, Int_t &ndone);
f790bc1b 119 const char *GetListOfFiles(const char *type);
b3e07543 120 Bool_t CheckMergedFiles(const char *filename, const char *aliendir, Int_t nperchunk, const char *jdl="");
105631b5 121 static AliAnalysisManager *LoadAnalysisManager(const char *fname);
b3e07543 122 static Bool_t MergeOutput(const char *output, const char *basedir, Int_t nmaxmerge, Int_t stage=0);
c57f56b7 123 virtual Bool_t MergeOutputs();
16a4353c 124 virtual void Print(Option_t *option="") const;
5513444a 125 virtual Bool_t StartAnalysis(Long64_t nentries=123456789, Long64_t firstentry=0);
0f389141 126 static Bool_t SetupPar(const char *package);
a03be957 127 virtual Bool_t Submit();
128 virtual Bool_t SubmitMerging();
7c2cd90a 129 static Int_t SubmitSingleJob(const char *query);
c57f56b7 130 virtual void WriteAnalysisFile();
131 virtual void WriteAnalysisMacro();
0f389141 132 virtual void WriteMergingMacro();
133 virtual void WriteMergeExecutable();
c57f56b7 134 virtual void WriteExecutable();
5513444a 135 virtual Bool_t WriteJDL(Bool_t copy);
136 virtual void WriteProductionFile(const char *filename) const;
0f389141 137 virtual void WriteValidationScript(Bool_t merge=kFALSE);
c57f56b7 138
3bdcb562 139// PROOF mode
140 virtual void SetProofCluster(const char *cluster) {fProofCluster = cluster;}
141 virtual void SetProofDataSet(const char *dataset) {fProofDataSet = dataset;}
142 virtual const char *GetProofDataSet() const {return fProofDataSet.Data();}
28ce6c9c 143 virtual void SetProofParameter(const char *pname, const char *value);
144 const char *GetProofParameter(const char *pname) const;
3bdcb562 145 virtual void SetProofReset(Int_t mode) {fProofReset = mode;}
146 virtual void SetNproofWorkers(Int_t nworkers) {fNproofWorkers = nworkers;}
27734f0e 147 virtual void SetNproofWorkersPerSlave(Int_t nworkers) {fNproofWorkersPerSlave = nworkers;}
3bdcb562 148 virtual void SetRootVersionForProof(const char *version) {fRootVersionForProof = version;}
149 virtual void SetAliRootMode(const char *mode) {fAliRootMode = mode;}
150 // .txt file containing the list of files to be chained in test mode
151 virtual void SetFileForTestMode(const char *filename) {fFileForTestMode = filename;}
152 virtual TChain *GetChainForTestMode(const char *treeName) const;
c57f56b7 154protected:
155 void CdWork();
156 Bool_t CheckInputData();
157 void CheckDataType(const char *lfn, Bool_t &is_collection, Bool_t &is_xml, Bool_t &use_tags);
158 virtual Bool_t Connect();
159 virtual void SetDefaults();
a03be957 160 Bool_t SubmitNext();
c57f56b7 161
c57f56b7 162 Bool_t IsCollection(const char *lfn) const;
fe2d7fc2 163 virtual Bool_t IsSingleOutput() const;
c57f56b7 164 Bool_t IsUsingTags() const {return TObject::TestBit(AliAnalysisGrid::kUseTags);}
77f34eae 165 Bool_t LoadModule(AliAnalysisTaskCfg *mod);
166 Bool_t CheckDependencies();
c57f56b7 167
169 TGridJDL *fGridJDL; //! JDL maker
0f389141 170 TGridJDL *fMergingJDL; //! JDL maker
c57f56b7 171 Int_t fPrice; // Grid price for the job;
172 Int_t fTTL; // Time to live.
173 Int_t fSplitMaxInputFileNumber; // Maximum number of files to be processed per subjob
174 Int_t fMaxInitFailed; // Maximum initial consecutive subjobs accepted to fail
175 Int_t fMasterResubmitThreshold; // Failed jobs will be resubmitted until this DONE ratio
bb885a9e 176 Int_t fNtestFiles; // Number of files used in the testing case
a8739e8a 177 Int_t fRunRange[2]; // Run range
319593fb 178 Int_t fNrunsPerMaster; // Number of runs per masterjob
16a4353c 179 Int_t fMaxMergeFiles; // Maximum number of files to be merged in one chunk
b3e07543 180 Int_t fMaxMergeStages; // Maximum number of merging stages
d2a409b2 181 Int_t fNsubmitted; // Number of jobs submitted
a3e84053 182 Int_t fProductionMode; // Production mode (0-off, 1-on)
cd11251e 183 Int_t fOutputToRunNo; // Use run number as output directory
0f389141 184 Int_t fMergeViaJDL; // Enable merging via automatic JDL
185 Int_t fFastReadOption; // Use xrootd tweaks to reduce timeouts in file access
186 Int_t fOverwriteMode; // Overwrite existing files if any
149d288c 187 Int_t fNreplicas; // Number of replicas for the output files
3bdcb562 188 Int_t fNproofWorkers; // Number of workers in proof mode
27734f0e 189 Int_t fNproofWorkersPerSlave; // Max number of workers per slave in proof mode
3bdcb562 190 Int_t fProofReset; // Proof reset mode: 0=no reset, 1=soft, 2=hard
c57f56b7 191 TString fRunNumbers; // List of runs to be processed
192 TString fExecutable; // Executable script for AliEn job
0a1c1f7f 193 TString fExecutableCommand; // Command(s) to be executed in the executable script
c57f56b7 194 TString fArguments; // Arguments for the executable script
631c0b05 195 TString fExecutableArgs; // arguments added to the executable script after the analysis macro
c57f56b7 196 TString fAnalysisMacro; // Root macro steering the analysis
197 TString fAnalysisSource; // User analysis implementation (.cxx) file(s)
d3b18c4c 198 TString fValidationScript; // Name of the validation script
d5c6455a 199 TString fAdditionalRootLibs; // List (separated by blacs) of additional libraries needed for/before analysis libs/par file compilation
200 TString fAdditionalLibs; // List (separated by blacs) of additional libraries needed for the analysis loaded AFTER all par files
c57f56b7 201 TString fSplitMode; // Job split mode
202 TString fAPIVersion; // API version
203 TString fROOTVersion; // ROOT version
204 TString fAliROOTVersion; // AliROOT version
648174cf 205 TString fExternalPackages; // External packages
c57f56b7 206 TString fUser; // AliEn user name
207 TString fGridWorkingDir; // AliEn directory containing the input packages
208 TString fGridDataDir; // AliEn data production directory
209 TString fDataPattern; // Data pattern for 'find' command
210 TString fGridOutputDir; // AliEn directory (wrt work dir) where the output should be written
211 TString fOutputArchive; // List of output archives separated by blancs
212 TString fOutputFiles; // List of output files separated by blancs
213 TString fInputFormat; // Input format (xml-single)
214 TString fDatasetName; // Dataset xml file to be created
215 TString fJDLName; // JDL file to be generated
d3b18c4c 216 TString fTerminateFiles; // List of output files produced during Terminate
bb885a9e 217 TString fMergeExcludes; // List of output files excluded from merging
37d21c01 218 TString fRegisterExcludes; // List of liles not to be registered/merged
f965131e 219 TString fIncludePath; // Include path
bb885a9e 220 TString fCloseSE; // Preffered storage element. Taken from alien_CLOSE_SE environment.
0df6ccf2 221 TString fFriendChainName; // File name to construct friend chain (for AOD)
c6cb3634 222 TString fJobTag; // Job tag
648174cf 223 TString fOutputSingle; // Directory name for the output when split is per file
5fce53f4 224 TString fRunPrefix; // Run prefix to be applied to run numbers
3bdcb562 225 TString fProofCluster; // Proof cluster name
226 TString fProofDataSet; // Proof dataset to be used
227 TString fFileForTestMode; // .txt file for the chain to be used in PROOF test mode
228 TString fRootVersionForProof; // ROOT version to be used in PROOF mode. The default one taken if empty.
229 TString fAliRootMode; // AliRoot mode among the list supported by the proof cluster
f47d5cb4 230 TString fMergeDirName; // Name of the directory that should be added to the output directory
c57f56b7 231 TObjArray *fInputFiles; // List of input files to be processed by the job
4e5c5506 232 TObjArray *fPackages; // List of packages to be used
77f34eae 233 TObjArray *fModules; // List of AliAnalysisTaskCfg modules
28ce6c9c 234 TMap fProofParam; // Key-value pairs for proof mode
c57f56b7 235
37d21c01 236 ClassDef(AliAnalysisAlien, 20) // Class providing some AliEn utilities
c57f56b7 237};