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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ANALYSIS / AliAnalysisTrackCuts.h
3/* See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6/* $Id$ */
9// Class AliAnalysisTrackCuts
10// This is the class for the cuts in event & track level
12// Origin: Panos Christakoglou, UOA-CERN,
cd286c84 15#include <TObject.h>
7fe612db 17class AliESD;
18class AliESDtrack;
20class TPaveText;
bb2f4e93 21class TObjArray;
cd286c84 22
23class AliAnalysisTrackCuts : public TObject
7fe612db 25 public:
26 AliAnalysisTrackCuts();
28 ~AliAnalysisTrackCuts();
30 void Reset();
32 void SetPRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
33 void SetPtRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
34 void SetPxRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
35 void SetPyRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
36 void SetPzRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
37 void SetBrRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
38 void SetBzRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
39 void SetEtaRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
40 void SetRapRange(Float_t r1, Float_t r2);
bb2f4e93 41
7fe612db 42 Bool_t IsAccepted(AliESD *esd,AliESDtrack *esdtrack);
bb2f4e93 43 TObjArray *GetAcceptedParticles(AliESD *esd);
7fe612db 44
45 TPaveText *GetTrackCuts();
46 void PrintTrackCuts();
47 void GetTrackStats();
48 void GetPStats();
49 void GetPxStats();
50 void GetPyStats();
51 void GetPzStats();
52 void GetPtStats();
53 void GetEtaStats();
54 void GetRapStats();
55 void GetBrStats();
56 void GetBzStats();
cd286c84 58 private:
59 Float_t fPMin, fPMax; //Definition of the range of the P
60 Float_t fPtMin, fPtMax; //Definition of the range of the Pt
61 Float_t fPxMin, fPxMax; //Definition of the range of the Px
62 Float_t fPyMin, fPyMax; //Definition of the range of the Py
63 Float_t fPzMin, fPzMax; //Definition of the range of the Pz
64 Float_t fEtaMin, fEtaMax; //Definition of the range of the eta
65 Float_t fRapMin, fRapMax; //Definition of the range of the y
66 Float_t fBrMin, fBrMax; //Definition of the range of the br
67 Float_t fBzMin, fBzMax; //Definition of the range of the bz
69 Int_t fP; //Number of events rejected due to P cut
70 Int_t fPt; //Number of events rejected due to Pt cut
71 Int_t fPx; //Number of events rejected due to Px cut
72 Int_t fPy; //Number of events rejected due to Py cut
73 Int_t fPz; //Number of events rejected due to Pz cut
74 Int_t fEta; //Number of events rejected due to eta cut
75 Int_t fRap; //Number of events rejected due to y cut
76 Int_t fbr; //Number of events rejected due to br cut
77 Int_t fbz; //Number of events rejected due to bz cut
78 Int_t fTotalTracks; //Total number of tracks
79 Int_t fAcceptedTracks; //Total number of accepted tracks
81 Int_t fFlagP; //Flag that shows if the P cut was imposed
82 Int_t fFlagPt; //Flag that shows if the Pt cut was imposed
83 Int_t fFlagPx; //Flag that shows if the Px cut was imposed
84 Int_t fFlagPy; //Flag that shows if the Py cut was imposed
85 Int_t fFlagPz; //Flag that shows if the Pz cut was imposed
86 Int_t fFlagEta; //Flag that shows if the eta cut was imposed
87 Int_t fFlagRap; //Flag that shows if the y cut was imposed
88 Int_t fFlagbr; //Flag that shows if the br cut was imposed
89 Int_t fFlagbz; //Flag that shows if the bz cut was imposed
bb2f4e93 91 TObjArray *fAcceptedParticleList; //List of accepted particles after quality cuts
62411bd0 92
93 AliAnalysisTrackCuts(const AliAnalysisTrackCuts&); // Not implemented
94 AliAnalysisTrackCuts& operator=(const AliAnalysisTrackCuts&); // Not implemented
cd286c84 95
bb2f4e93 96 ClassDef(AliAnalysisTrackCuts, 2)
cd286c84 97} ;