Update the mult corr histograms
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / CORRFW / AliCFEffGrid.h
563113d0 1#ifndef ALICFEFFGRID_H
4/* $Id$ */
fb494025 6//-----------------------------------------------------------------//
7// //
563113d0 8// AliCFEffGrid Class //
fb494025 9// Class to handle efficiency grids //
10// //
563113d0 12
25488e18 13#include "AliCFGridSparse.h"
563113d0 14#include "AliCFContainer.h"
1e9dad92 15class TH1D;
16class TH2D;
17class TH3D;
563113d0 18
25488e18 19class AliCFEffGrid : public AliCFGridSparse
563113d0 20{
21 public:
22 AliCFEffGrid();
fb494025 23 AliCFEffGrid(const Char_t* name,const Char_t* title, const Int_t nVarIn, const Int_t* nBinIn);
563113d0 24 AliCFEffGrid(const Char_t* name,const Char_t* title,const AliCFContainer &c);
563113d0 25 virtual ~AliCFEffGrid();
fb494025 26 AliCFEffGrid(const AliCFEffGrid& eff);
563113d0 27 AliCFEffGrid& operator=(const AliCFEffGrid& eff);
fb494025 28
1e9dad92 29 virtual Double_t GetAverage() const ;
fb494025 30 //virtual Double_t GetAverage(const Double_t *varMin, const Double_t *varMax) const {AliInfo("to be implemented properly"); return 0.;}
563113d0 31 virtual Int_t GetSelNumStep() const {return fSelNum;};
32 virtual Int_t GetSelDenStep() const {return fSelDen;};
1e9dad92 33 virtual TH1D* Project( Int_t ivar) const;
34 virtual TH2D* Project( Int_t ivar1, Int_t ivar2) const;
35 virtual TH3D* Project( Int_t ivar1, Int_t ivar2,Int_t ivar3) const;
98a5f772 36 virtual AliCFEffGrid* Project(Int_t,const Int_t*, const Double_t*, const Double_t*,Bool_t) const {AliWarning("Function not to be used"); return 0x0;}
37 virtual AliCFEffGrid* MakeSlice(Int_t nVars, const Int_t* vars, const Double_t* varMin, const Double_t* varMax, Int_t numStep, Int_t denStep, Bool_t useBins=0) const;
563113d0 38
39 //Efficiency calculation
fb494025 40 virtual void CalculateEfficiency(Int_t istep1, Int_t istep2, Option_t *option ="B" /*binomial*/);
41 virtual AliCFGridSparse* GetNum() const {return fContainer->GetGrid(fSelNum);};
42 virtual AliCFGridSparse* GetDen() const {return fContainer->GetGrid(fSelDen);};
563113d0 43 virtual void SetContainer(const AliCFContainer &c) {fContainer=&c;};
98a5f772 45 //basic operations
46 /* virtual void Copy(TObject& eff) const; */
563113d0 48 private:
fb494025 49 const AliCFContainer *fContainer; //pointer to the input AliContainer
50 Int_t fSelNum; //numerator selection step
51 Int_t fSelDen; //denominator selection step
563113d0 52
53 ClassDef(AliCFEffGrid,1);