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a8827307, Oct 9, 2008:
2This README file and the associated macros are meant to help with the SuperModule calibrations.
4The steps below indicate how a set of bias
5values (fixed voltage, or V30 for each APD, and a 2nd iteration with gain balancing)
6for a SuperModule can be created.
8The necessary information that would be needed to complete the steps would be
9A) APD calibration info (csv file) - from Catania or Houston
10B) Info on which APD goes where in the different StripModules - and
11where these StripModules end up in the SuperModule.
12C) [for the balancing] A file obtained from the first analysis iteration regarding
13how the gains should be modified, for each tower.
15/David Silvermyr
170) Compile the help classes in root or aliroot:
19root [0] .L AliEMCALMapAPD.cxx+
20root [1] .L AliEMCALCalibAPD.cxx+
c093846b 221) Generating an APD map: example use case in a root macro
a8827307 23-------------------------
c093846b 24Note: the contents of this macro has to be strongly modified to adapt to
25your SuperModule setup..
26root -b GenerateAPDMap.C -q
a8827307 27
282) Generating a file of V30 bias values for each tower:
30# arguments are:
c093846b 311: input APD database dat file
32[ this can be produced from the csv file with a cmd like:
33sed 's/,/ /g' APD-database-Houston.csv | awk '{if (NF==19) {print $0}}' > APD-database-Houston.dat ]
a8827307 342: APD map file - which tower is where in the SuperModule; from step 1) above.
353: defaultVoltage - use 390 if no settings can be found for some APDs
364: outputfile
c093846b 38root -b 'WriteBiasV30.C("APD-database-Houston.dat", "APD/APDSuperModW1.txt", 390, "BiasV30.txt")' -q
a8827307 39# aliroot also works instead of root; as you prefer
413) Optional - e.g. in case you don't have the whole SuperModule APD map or what not
42Generating a file of the same bias value for each tower:
cdb5074a 44root -b 'WriteBiasFixVoltage.C(390, "Bias390.txt")' -q # aliroot also works..
a8827307 45
464) Generating a file of new bias values for each tower:
47- based on existing file, and a suggested gain factor change, to obtain a balanced setup
49"GainChange.txt" here contains a factor for each tower: factor 0.9 would mean a reduction
50by 10% and factor 1.1 would mean an increase by 10% relative to the file used previously,
51in this case BiasV30.txt.
c093846b 53root -b 'WriteNewBias.C("APD-database-Houston.dat", "APD/APDSuperModW1.txt", "BiasV30.txt", "GainChange.txt", "NewBias.txt")' -q # aliroot also works..
a8827307 54
555) Converting a bias value file to a set of files that can be used by DCS/RCU:
57Arguments are:
581: input file with voltage per tower
592: output directory for scripts
603: [optional: put a non-zero value there to also ask for the values to be read back at the end of the 'set' files]
62mkdir APD # create output directory
63root -b 'DCSGenerateAPD.C("NewBias.txt","APD")' -q
65The result should be that 1 'set' and 1 'read' file for each FEC should have been created in the directory APD/.
676) Use the newly produced files:
69Copy the files, and possibly into your DCS nodes
70(e.g. with scp, or better use nfsmount on DCS cards to see some directory
71on your DAQ computer, if possible),
72rcu_0 files should be readable by RCU0 DCS, and rcu_1 files should be readable by RCU1 DCS.
74Then, on the DCS card, you can do something like:
75cd /dcs
76./ 0 # argument is RCU (0 or 1),; we need to tell each RCU who (s)he is..