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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVGEN / AliGenMUONlib.h
d90f80fd 1#ifndef ALIGENMUONLIB_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6/* $Id$ */
53904666 8// Library class for particle pt and y distributions used for
9// muon spectrometer simulations.
10// To be used with AliGenParam.
b22ee262 14#include "AliGenLib.h"
886b6f73 15
fe4da5cc 16class AliGenMUONlib :
65fb704d 17 public AliGenLib
fe4da5cc 18{
19 public:
88e5db43 20 enum constants{kPhi, kOmega, kEta, kJpsi, kJpsiFamily, kPsiP, kJpsiFromB, kUpsilon, kUpsilonFamily,
21 kUpsilonP, kUpsilonPP, kCharm, kBeauty, kPion, kKaon};
34f60c01 22
753690b0 24// pions
d90f80fd 25 static Double_t PtPion(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
fe4da5cc 26 static Double_t PtScal(Double_t pt, Int_t np);
d90f80fd 27 static Double_t YPion( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 28 static Int_t IpPion(TRandom *ran);
753690b0 29// kaons
d90f80fd 30 static Double_t PtKaon(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
31 static Double_t YKaon( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 32 static Int_t IpKaon(TRandom *ran);
fe4da5cc 33// Phi
d90f80fd 34 static Double_t PtPhi( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
35 static Double_t YPhi( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 36 static Int_t IpPhi(TRandom *ran);
89512a3b 37// Omega
38 static Double_t PtOmega( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
39 static Double_t YOmega( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
40 static Int_t IpOmega(TRandom *ran);
41// Eta
42 static Double_t PtEta( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
43 static Double_t YEta( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
44 static Int_t IpEta(TRandom *ran);
fe4da5cc 45// J/Psi
d90f80fd 46 static Double_t PtJpsi( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
0e137c25 47 static Double_t PtJpsiCDFscaled( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
d90f80fd 48 static Double_t YJpsi(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
05932df6 49 static Double_t PtJpsiPbPb( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
17d28ba5 50 static Double_t PtJpsiBPbPb( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
05932df6 51 static Double_t YJpsiPbPb(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
0e137c25 52 static Double_t YJpsiCDFscaled(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
bb6e81ac 53 static Double_t PtJpsiPP( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
54 static Double_t YJpsiPP(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
17d28ba5 55 static Double_t YJpsiBPbPb(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 56 static Int_t IpJpsi(TRandom *ran);
0ad09590 57 static Int_t IpJpsiFamily(TRandom *ran);
88e5db43 58 static Int_t IpPsiP(TRandom *ran);
4ca8d070 59 static Double_t PtJpsiFlat( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
60 static Double_t YJpsiFlat(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
88e5db43 61
fe4da5cc 62// Upsilon
d90f80fd 63 static Double_t PtUpsilon( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
0e137c25 64 static Double_t PtUpsilonCDFscaled( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
d90f80fd 65 static Double_t YUpsilon(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
0e137c25 66 static Double_t YUpsilonCDFscaled(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
05932df6 67 static Double_t PtUpsilonPbPb( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
68 static Double_t YUpsilonPbPb(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
bb6e81ac 69 static Double_t PtUpsilonPP( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
70 static Double_t YUpsilonPP(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 71 static Int_t IpUpsilon(TRandom *ran);
0ad09590 72 static Int_t IpUpsilonFamily(TRandom *ran);
88e5db43 73 static Int_t IpUpsilonP(TRandom *ran);
74 static Int_t IpUpsilonPP(TRandom *ran);
4ca8d070 75 static Double_t PtUpsilonFlat( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
76 static Double_t YUpsilonFlat(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
fe4da5cc 77//
78// Charm
d90f80fd 79 static Double_t PtCharm( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
bd0276a8 80 static Double_t PtCharmCentral( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
d90f80fd 81 static Double_t YCharm(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 82 static Int_t IpCharm(TRandom *ran);
fe4da5cc 83//
84// Beauty
d90f80fd 85 static Double_t PtBeauty( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
bd0276a8 86 static Double_t PtBeautyCentral( Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy );
d90f80fd 87 static Double_t YBeauty(Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 88 static Int_t IpBeauty(TRandom *ran);
fe4da5cc 89//
53904666 90 GenFunc GetPt(Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
91 GenFunc GetY (Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
05932df6 92 GenFuncIp GetIp(Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
93 private:
95 static Float_t Interpolate(Float_t x, Float_t* y, Float_t x0,
96 Float_t dx,
97 Int_t n, Int_t no);
762c0d1d 99 ClassDef(AliGenMUONlib,0) // Library providing y and pT parameterisations
fe4da5cc 100};
753690b0 103