Add a protection for the case of not used dictionary and a setter for the recoParam
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / EVGEN / AliGenPHOSlib.h
f87cfe57 1#ifndef ALIGENPHOSLIB_H
b22ee262 3#include "AliGenLib.h"
886b6f73 4/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7/* $Id$ */
ac3faee4 9//======================================================================
10// AliGenPHOSlib class contains parameterizations of the
11// pion, kaon, eta, omega, etaprime, phi and baryon (proton,
12// antiproton, neutron and anti-neutron) particles for the
13// study of the neutral background in PHOS detector.
35ead6c1 14// Additional particle species simulation options has been added:
15// Charged Pion, Charged Kaons, KLong Proton, Anti-Proton, Neutron,
16// Anti-Neutron --> Changes made by Gustavo Conesa in November 2004
ac3faee4 17//======================================================================
65fb704d 19class TRandom;
886b6f73 21class AliGenPHOSlib :
b22ee262 22public AliGenLib
886b6f73 23{
24 public:
35ead6c1 25 enum constants{kPion, kChargedPion, kPi0Flat, kKaon, kChargedKaon, kKaon0L,
26 kEta, kEtaFlat,kOmega, kEtaPrime, kPhi,
27 kBaryon, kProton, kAProton, kNeutron, kANeutron};
fac5662b 28 GenFunc GetPt(Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
29 GenFunc GetY (Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
30 GenFuncIp GetIp(Int_t param, const char* tname=0) const;
31 private:
886b6f73 32// pions
f87cfe57 33 static Double_t PtPion(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
886b6f73 34 static Double_t PtScal(Double_t pt, Int_t np);
f87cfe57 35 static Double_t YPion( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 36 static Int_t IpPion(TRandom* ran);
35ead6c1 37 static Int_t IpChargedPion(TRandom* ran);
74c62c73 39// pi0 Flat Distribution
40 static Double_t PtPi0Flat(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
41 static Double_t YPi0Flat( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
42 static Int_t IpPi0Flat(TRandom* ran);
886b6f73 44// kaons
f87cfe57 45 static Double_t PtKaon(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
46 static Double_t YKaon( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 47 static Int_t IpKaon(TRandom* ran);
35ead6c1 48 static Int_t IpChargedKaon(TRandom* ran);
49 static Int_t IpKaon0L(TRandom* ran);
886b6f73 50// etas
f87cfe57 51 static Double_t PtEta(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
52 static Double_t YEta( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 53 static Int_t IpEta(TRandom *ran);
74c62c73 54
55// etas Flat Distribution
56 static Double_t PtEtaFlat(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
57 static Double_t YEtaFlat( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
58 static Int_t IpEtaFlat(TRandom *ran);
886b6f73 60// omegas
f87cfe57 61 static Double_t PtOmega(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
62 static Double_t YOmega( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 63 static Int_t IpOmega(TRandom *ran);
74c62c73 64
886b6f73 65// etaprime
f87cfe57 66 static Double_t PtEtaprime(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
67 static Double_t YEtaprime( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 68 static Int_t IpEtaprime(TRandom* ran);
74c62c73 69
886b6f73 70// phis
f87cfe57 71 static Double_t PtPhi(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
72 static Double_t YPhi( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 73 static Int_t IpPhi(TRandom* ran);
74c62c73 74
886b6f73 75// baryons
f87cfe57 76 static Double_t PtBaryon(Double_t *px, Double_t *dummy);
77 static Double_t YBaryon( Double_t *py, Double_t *dummy);
65fb704d 78 static Int_t IpBaryon(TRandom *ran);
35ead6c1 79 static Int_t IpProton(TRandom *ran);
80 static Int_t IpAProton(TRandom *ran);
81 static Int_t IpNeutron(TRandom *ran);
82 static Int_t IpANeutron(TRandom *ran);
35ead6c1 83
762c0d1d 84 ClassDef(AliGenPHOSlib,0) // Library providing y and pT parameterisations
886b6f73 85};