Adding makefile for Darwin and XLC compiler
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / FMD / AliFMDReconstParticles.h
dc8af42e 1#ifndef AliFMDReconstParticles_h
2#define AliFMDReconstParticles_h
dc8af42e 4#include <TObject.h>
ab256e65 5class TClonesArray;
dc8af42e 7class AliFMDReconstParticles: public TObject
ab256e65 9 /*
10 Reconstracted Particles Class:
11 has number of reconstructed particles in
12 sectors from NumOfMinSector to NumberOfMaxSector()
13 rings from NumOfMinRing to NumOfMaxRing for each FMDvolume
14 */
17 public:
18 AliFMDReconstParticles();
19 AliFMDReconstParticles (Int_t *RecParticles);
20 virtual ~AliFMDReconstParticles(){};
21 Int_t GetVolume() const {return fNumOfDet;} //number of volume
22 Int_t GetNumberOfMinSector() const {return fNumOfMinSector;} //number of min sector
23 Int_t GetNumberOfMaxSector() const {return fNumOfMaxSector;} // number of max sector
24 Int_t GetNumberOfMinRing() const {return fNumOfMinRing;} //number of min ring
25 Int_t GetNumberOfMaxRing() const {return fNumOfMaxRing;} //number of max ring
26 Int_t GetNumberOfReconstParticles()const {return fNumOfReconstParticles;} //number of reconstructed particles
dc8af42e 27 private:
28 Int_t fNumOfDet; //Number of FMD disk;
cb1df35e 29 Int_t fNumOfMinSector; //Number of min sector
30 Int_t fNumOfMaxSector; //Number of max sector
31 Int_t fNumOfMinRing; //Number of min ring
32 Int_t fNumOfMaxRing; //Number of max ring
dc8af42e 33 Int_t fNumOfReconstParticles; //Number of reconstructed particles
cb1df35e 35 ClassDef(AliFMDReconstParticles,2)
dc8af42e 36};