HBTP code imported (P.Skowronski)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HBTP / common_coulomb.inc
18448239 1CCC common/coulmb/
3C This common block includes the following data:
5C o input q mesh (GeV/c)
6C o interpolated Coulomb correction for a specified
7C Coulomb source size (input as parameter Q0 when
8C switch_coulomb = 3) for both like and unlike pairs.
10C The correction corresponds to John Cramer's tabulation
11C of Scott Pratt's Coulomb wave function integration code
12C results for finite size spherical sources. The present
13C code reads these tables and interpolates to the requested
14C source radius.
16C The input source radii, the number of input files of data
17C and the q-space grid are assumed static and are therefore
18C hard-coded as follows:
20 integer*4 max_c2_coul ! # q-mesh pts for input Coul. correc.
21 integer*4 ncoulradsteps ! # input radii values (= # files)
22 parameter (max_c2_coul = 288)
23 parameter (ncoulradsteps = 7)
25 real*4 coulradmin ! min source radius (fm) for Coul Correc. tables
26 real*4 coulradmax ! max source radius (fm) for Coul Correc. tables
27 real*4 coulradstep ! Source radius step size for Coul Correc. tables
28 parameter (coulradmin = 6.0)
29 parameter (coulradmax = 18.0)
30 parameter (coulradstep = 2.0)
32 common/coulmb/
33 1 c2_coul_like(max_c2_coul),c2_coul_unlike(max_c2_coul),
34 2 q_coul(max_c2_coul)
36 real*4 c2_coul_like ! Finite source size Coul. correc for like pairs
37 real*4 c2_coul_unlike ! Finite source size Coul. correc for unlike pairs
38 real*4 q_coul ! Momentum transfer grid (GeV/c).
40CCC END common/coulmb/