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b521659f 1Package: ALICE HLT
1e27470a 3This package implements the ALICE High Level Trigger analysis framework
4and analysis component libraries. All files are property of and copyright
5by the ALICE HLT Project unless stated differently.
b521659f 7All contributions are under the terms of the
8GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
9Foundation. Also see files AUTHORS and THANKS.
11This packages is maintained by
12Comments, bug reports, suggestions welcome!
9be2600f 14++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
15+ TOC
17+ 1. Overview
18+ 2. Requirements
fb345ed7 19+ 3. Setting up a version retrieved from SVN
9be2600f 20+ 4. Modifying a distributed package
21+ 5. Installation
22+ 6. Documentation
23+ 7. Further information
24+ 8. Reporting bugs/Asking for support
fb345ed7 25+ 9. Committing to the AliRoot SVN
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281. Overview
0fc7626e 30This package provides a compilation of shared libraries of the ALICE
08e73b29 31HLT project and is intended for stand-alone compilation, i.e. not as part
32of the AliRoot compilation.
9be2600f 34 - \b BASE: The base library ( provides the common interface for
35 HLT processing components, the binding into the ALICE offline project
36 AliRoot and a pure C interface to the HLT on-line framework
37 (Publisher/Subscriber framework)
08e73b29 38
9be2600f 39 - \b SampleLib: The sample library contains examples for component
40 implementation and a tutorial.
b521659f 41
9be2600f 42 - \b TPCLib: The HLT code for the TPC
43 - \b TPCLib/OnlineDisplay: HLT visualization code for the TPC
fc455fba 44
9be2600f 45 - \b PHOS: The HLT code for PHOS
08e73b29 46
9be2600f 47 - \b TRD: The HLT code for TRD
08e73b29 48
1e27470a 49 - \b MUON: The HLT code for MUON
c160eda8 512. Requirements
08e73b29 53The package needs both ROOT and AliRoot. Both must be set up in the
54usual way (ROOTSYS, ALICE_ROOT, library locations evtl. specified in
55LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ...). Actually, the BASE and SampleLib modules are
56not dependend on AliRoot. The TPCLib does.
fb345ed7 58To set up a version retrieved from SVN, autoconf 2.57, automake 1.6
78b557c2 59,and libtool 1.4 or higher versions are required. Thats the versions
60which come with the Scientific Linux CERN 3. The same applies if
61you want to change the Makefiles.
63If your GNU build tools are too old, ask the maintainers for a distributed
fb345ed7 663. Setting up a version retrieved from SVN
c160eda8 67==========================================
b521659f 68Skip this section if you have started from the tar ball.
fb345ed7 70A version checked out from SVN requires a few steps to set up the Makefiles.
b521659f 71Go to the directory and run
9be2600f 72
73 autoreconf -i -f
b521659f 74
75Then continue with the package configuration described in the 'Installation'
c160eda8 784. Modifying a distributed package
b521659f 80If you are going the modify a distributed package you might need to re-make
81the GNU build system by running
9be2600f 82
83 autoreconf -f -i
b521659f 84
85Please notify the authors about bug fixes/corrections/extensions you made if
86you consider them worth to be merged into the project.
88Then continue with the package configuration described in the 'Installation'
c160eda8 915. Installation
b521659f 93Package build relies on the GNU triplet configure, make and make install.
0fc7626e 94In order to keep the development directory clean, it is recommended to
95use a separate build directory.
b521659f 96
9be2600f 97\b NOTE: Autotools creates the Makefiles from templates. All \b changes have to
98be done to the \b templates.
fc455fba 100It is recommended to read the complete section before the build process.
1025.1 For the impatiant user
b521659f 105 mkdir build
106 cd build
107 ../configure
108 make
109 make install
fc455fba 1115.2 Installation directory
600e6a1b 113The default install directory is set to the current directory ($PWD). To
9be2600f 114override the default directory use the option
115 --prefix=<dir>.
116More information can be obtained from the configure script by running it with
117option --help. All binary libraries will be installed under
118 <prefix>/lib.
120If the directory is equal to $ALICE_ROOT, the libraries will be installed under
121 <prefix>/lib/tgt_<arch>
122as used for AliRoot. This is a custom extension in
6c1a9d9e 123order to adapt to the specific AliRoot installation directories.
b521659f 124
fc455fba 1255.3 For the AliRoot user
127To install all libraries in the AliRoot lib dir:
129 mkdir build
130 cd build
131 ../configure --prefix=$ALICE_ROOT
132 make
133 make install
b521659f 134
fc455fba 1355.4 Package options
137Some important options (all options are on by default):
9be2600f 138
139 --disable-sample # disable compilation the sample library
c018a1bd 140 --disable-util # disable compilation the util library
9be2600f 141 --disable-tpc # disable compilation the TPC library
142 --disable-phos # disable compilation the PHOS library
143 --disable-trd # disable compilation the TRD library
c018a1bd 144 --disable-dimuon # disable compilation the MUON library
9be2600f 145 --disable-aliroot-logging # disable logging
fb345ed7 146 --disable-doc # disable creation of doxygen documentation
147 --disable-strict # disable strict coding conventions and compilation flags
fc455fba 149
c018a1bd 150All detector libraries (including sample and util lib) require AliRoot,
151compilation is disabled if no working AliRoot version was found. This can
152occur even if an AliRoot version is set up correctly since the configure
153script checks for the usability of the AliRoot libraries (mainly STEER and
154the ones it depends on). If new dependencies are introduced, the check
155might fail.
157Compilation of detector libraries can be forced by the switch
159 --enable-detector, e.g. --enable-phos
f59fee6d 160
161Compilation can also be forced by typing 'make' in the detector
c018a1bd 163
1e27470a 164Debugging (default disabled)
166 --enable-debug # enable debugging: symbols & messages
168Optimization (default -O2)
170 --disable-optimization # disable compiler optimization
171 --enable-optimization<=l> # enable compiler optimization level l
fc455fba 1735.5 External packages
175PubSub framework: the TPC online display needs the HOMER interface, which
176is currently part of the PubSub framework. It is planned to integrate it
9be2600f 177into AliRoot.<br>
fc455fba 178If the TPC online display is not necessary one can skip this option.
9be2600f 179
180 --with-pubsub=<dir> # the top dir of the HLT PubSub framework
fc455fba 181
1825.6 Final remarks/further information
9be2600f 184\b Note: You can have several build directories with different configure
185options, but using the same source code.
08e73b29 186
b521659f 187If you need further information on the GNU build system, execute from the
188top directory:
9be2600f 189
190 ./configure --help | less
b521659f 191
c160eda8 1936. Documentation
9be2600f 195Documentation is build as part of the build process if \b doxygen is installed.
196The documentation can be opended from the
197 doc/html/
198sub-folder of your build directory. E.g with a web browser like firefox
199(assuming you are in the build directory):<br>
200 firefox file://`pwd`/doc/html/index.html
202A special target can be used to make a tar ball out of the documentation (again
203provided you are in the build directory):<br>
204 (cd doc && make tar-ball)
206On-line documentation is available at
08e73b29 208
c160eda8 2097. Further information
b521659f 211A wiki with detailed information is set up at
9be2600f 212
0fc7626e 213
c160eda8 2148. Reporting bugs/Asking for support
6387ac00 216Please include the following information into your report/request:
9be2600f 217 - config.log from your build directory
218 - output of the make process. Note: Redirect BOTH the stdout and stderr
1e27470a 219 channel to a log file. Redirection depends on the shell you are using: <br>
220 bash: make 2>&1 | tee make.log <br>
221 csh: make |& tee make.log <br>
9be2600f 222 The 'tee' command just duplicates the output.
223 - history of the commands you are using for compilation
224 history > history.log
c160eda8 225
6387ac00 2269. Committing to the AliRoot SVN
c160eda8 227================================
228For development of HLT analysis code check out a HEAD version from the
600e6a1b 229repository and implement your code.
231For committing do:
9be2600f 232 - 1. make sure that the code changes are correct <br><tt>
6387ac00 233 svn diff | less </tt><br>
9be2600f 234 \b Remember to restore all temporary changes you made (e.g. log level)
6387ac00 235 - 2. svn update
9be2600f 236 - 3. correct merging conflicts
237 - 4. compile and test your code again
6387ac00 238 - 5. depending on where you changes are send the whole HLT module except the build
239 sub-directories or your HLT sub- directory to
9be2600f 240
af2ed151 241 Please include a message/description for the check in
9be2600f 242 - 6. you will get a notification when the code is committed, right after that
6387ac00 243 you must either do another svn update or check out the complete module
244 again in order to have the right SVN information. Please check that your
245 code has been correctly committed.