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6** ALICE HLT project
7** Copyright (c) 2005
9** This file is property of and copyright by the Experimental Nuclear
10** Physics Group, Dep. of Physics and Technology
11** University of Bergen, Norway, 2004
12** This file has been written by Matthias Richter,
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25/** @file mainpage.c
26 @author Matthias Richter
27 @date
28 @brief Title page documentation. */
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30/** @mainpage ALICE HLT analysis framework
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32 @section intro Introduction
b22e91eb 34 This package contains the analysis code of the ALICE High Level Trigger
35 system (HLT). The system entails a very large processing farm, designed
36 for an anticipated input data stream of 25 GB/s and allows on-line data
37 processing at the full input rate and efficient data rate reduction.
39 A generic communication framework has been developed based on
40 the publisher-subscriber principle, in general referred to be the
41 Publisher-Subscriber Framework (PubSub), which allows an arbitrary
42 connectivity metric of processing elements across the underlying
43 network interface.
45 The Framwork implies serveral rules on the component implementation.
b521659f 47 @section overview Overview
b22e91eb 49 Two running modes can be destinguished:
51 - The on-line mode entails the Publisher-Subscriber Framework to run the
52 analysis and processing components on the different nodes of the HLT
53 cluster farm.
54 - The off-line mode integrates the HLT processing components into the ALICE
55 Off-line analysis framework AliRoot.
57 A common interface for HLT processing components has been designed to
58 run the components from either the on-line or off-line analysis framework
59 without changes. The interface adapts the component to the needs of the
60 on-line processing within the PubSub and allows the developer at the same
61 time to use AliRoot for easy development, debugging, and benchmarking.
62 Results can be compared directly.
64 The approach is base on shared libraries and an abstract pure-C interface
65 to integrate the analysis code into the PubSub. The libraries containing the
66 analysis code are built within AliRoot. The PubSub is the pure on-line data
67 transportation framework which uses exactly the same executables (shared
68 libraries) for analysis components as the off-line framework.
fb345ed7 70 \image html HLT-AliRoot-Integration_overview.png "Overview"
b22e91eb 71 \image latex HLT-AliRoot-Integration_overview.eps "Overview" width=14cm
73 @section toc Sections
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75 @subsection toc_developer Developer Section
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77 - @ref alihlt_component <br>
78 Description of the component interface and guidelines for component implementation.
fb345ed7 79
b22e91eb 80 - @ref alihlt_system <br>
fb345ed7 81 Description of the HLT integration into offline AliRoot. <br>
82 (AliRoot simulation, AliRoot reconstruction and analysis.)
b22e91eb 83
84 - @ref alihlt_tutorial <br>
85 HLT examples and tutorials.
6387ac00 87 - @ref readme <br>
fb345ed7 88 For general comments and developers
90 @subsection toc_experts Expert Section
92 - @ref alihlt_wrapper_interface <br>
93 Description of the wrapper interface for external utilization of the module.
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ccef02e8 95 @section libraries Detector/Module libraries
97 - @ref alihlt_modules
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b22e91eb 99 @section links Related links on the web
101 - <a class="el" href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch">
102 The ALICE Experiment </a>
103 - <a class="el" href="http://www.kip.uni-heidelberg.de/wiki/HLT">
104 The ALICE High Level Trigger web pages </a>
105 - <a class="el" href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/Offline">
106 The ALICE Offline web pages </a>
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