Bugfix for missing include.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HLT / src / AliL3Transform.h
3e87ef69 1// @(#) $Id$
108615fc 3#ifndef ALIL3TRANSFORM_H
44b24f7c 6#ifdef use_aliroot
7 class AliRunLoader;
108615fc 10#include "AliL3RootTypes.h"
108615fc 11
12class AliL3Transform {
494fad94 13
3e87ef69 14 public:
15 enum VersionType { fV_default=0, fV_deprecated=1, fV_aliroot=10, fV_cosmics=100};
108615fc 17 private:
1f1942b8 18 static const Double_t fBFACT;
19 static const Double_t fPi;
5a31e9df 20 static const Double_t fPi2;
21 static const Double_t f2Pi;
1f1942b8 22 static const Double_t fAnodeWireSpacing;
5a31e9df 23 static const Double_t fToDeg;
3e87ef69 24
25 static Int_t fNPatches; //6 (dont change this)
26 static Int_t fRows[6][2];
27 static Int_t fNRows[6];
ef79795d 29 static Double_t fBField;
3e87ef69 30 static Double_t fBFieldFactor;
31 static Double_t fSolenoidBField;
494fad94 32 static Int_t fNTimeBins;
33 static Int_t fNRowLow;
34 static Int_t fNRowUp;
5923e698 35 static Int_t fNRowUp1;
36 static Int_t fNRowUp2;
494fad94 37 static Int_t fNSectorLow;
38 static Int_t fNSectorUp;
3e87ef69 39 static Int_t fSlice2Sector[36][2];
40 static Int_t fSector2Slice[72];
41 static Int_t fSectorLow[72];
494fad94 42 static Double_t fPadPitchWidthLow;
43 static Double_t fPadPitchWidthUp;
44 static Double_t fZWidth;
45 static Double_t fZSigma;
494fad94 46 static Double_t fZLength;
47 static Double_t fZOffset;
3e87ef69 48 static Int_t fNSector; //72 (dont change this)
49 static Int_t fNSlice; //36 (dont change this)
50 static Int_t fNRow; //159 (dont change this)
51 static Double_t fNRotShift; //Rotation shift (eg. 0.5 for 10 degrees)
52 static Int_t fNPads[159]; //fill this following Init and fVersion
53 static Double_t fX[159]; //X position in local coordinates
54 static Int_t fVersion; //flags the version
768861a0 55 static Double_t fDiffT; //Transversal diffusion constant
56 static Double_t fDiffL; //Longitudinal diffusion constant
3e87ef69 57 static Double_t fOmegaTau; //ExB effects
768861a0 58 static Double_t fInnerPadLength;
5923e698 59 static Double_t fOuter1PadLength;
60 static Double_t fOuter2PadLength;
768861a0 61 static Double_t fInnerPRFSigma;
5923e698 62 static Double_t fOuter1PRFSigma;
63 static Double_t fOuter2PRFSigma;
768861a0 64 static Double_t fTimeSigma; //Minimal longitudinal width
3e87ef69 65 static Int_t fADCSat; //ADC Saturation (1024 = 10 bit)
66 static Int_t fZeroSup; //Zero suppression threshold
67 static Double_t fCos[36]; //stores the cos value for local to global rotations
68 static Double_t fSin[36]; //stores the sin value for local to global rotations
af99f571 69
3e87ef69 70 public:
cefeb80d 71#ifdef use_aliroot
72 static Bool_t Init(AliRunLoader *runLoader); //init transformer params using a run loader
3e87ef69 74 static Bool_t Init(Char_t* path,Bool_t UseAliTPCParam=kFALSE); //init transformer settings (versions)
02f030e3 75 static Bool_t MakeInitFile(Char_t *rootfilename,Char_t *filename); //create the init file from rootfile
76 static Bool_t ReadInit(Char_t *path); //read init (possibly from root file)
77 static Bool_t ReadInitFile(Char_t *path); //read init from text file
78 static Bool_t SaveInitFile(Char_t *filename); //save parameters in init file
2220326f 79
3e87ef69 80 //setters
81 static void SetNPatches(Int_t i){fNPatches = i;}
82 static void SetNRows(Int_t s[6]){for(Int_t i=0;i<fNPatches;i++) fNRows[i] = s[i];}
83 static void SetRows(Int_t s[6][2]){
84 for(Int_t i=0;i<fNPatches;i++){
85 fRows[i][0] = s[i][0];
86 fRows[i][1] = s[i][1];
87 }
88 }
89 static void SetBField(Double_t f) {fBField = f;} //careful, these 3 are not independent!
90 static void SetBFieldFactor(Double_t f) {fBFieldFactor = f;fBField=fBFieldFactor*fSolenoidBField*0.1;}
91 static void SetSolenoidBField(Double_t f){fSolenoidBField = f;fBField=fBFieldFactor*fSolenoidBField*0.1;}
92 static void SetNTimeBins(Int_t i){fNTimeBins = i;}
93 static void SetNRowLow(Int_t i){fNRowLow = i;}
94 static void SetNRowUp(Int_t i){fNRowUp = i;}
95 static void SetNRowUp1(Int_t i){fNRowUp1 = i;}
96 static void SetNRowUp2(Int_t i){fNRowUp2 = i;}
97 static void SetSlice2Sector(Int_t s[36][2]){
98 for(Int_t i=0;i<fNSlice;i++){
99 fSlice2Sector[i][0] = s[i][0];
100 fSlice2Sector[i][1] = s[i][1];
101 }
102 }
103 static void SetSector2Slice(Int_t s[72]){for(Int_t i=0;i<fNSector;i++) fSector2Slice[i] = s[i];}
104 static void SetSectorLow(Int_t s[72]){for(Int_t i=0;i<fNSector;i++) fSectorLow[i] = s[i];}
105 static void SetNSectorLow(Int_t i){fNSectorLow = i;}
106 static void SetNSectorUp(Int_t i){fNSectorUp = i;}
107 static void SetPadPitchWidthLow(Double_t f){fPadPitchWidthLow = f;}
108 static void SetPadPitchWidthUp(Double_t f){fPadPitchWidthUp = f;}
109 static void SetZWidth(Double_t f){fZWidth = f;}
110 static void SetZSigma(Double_t f){fZSigma = f;}
111 static void SetZLength(Double_t f){fZLength = f;}
112 static void SetZOffset(Double_t f){fZOffset = f;}
113 static void SetNSector(Int_t i){fNSector = i;}
114 static void SetNSlice(Int_t i){fNSlice = i;}
115 static void SetNRow(Int_t i){fNRow = i;}
116 static void SetNRotShift(Double_t f){fNRotShift = f;}
117 static void SetNPads(Int_t pads[159]){for(Int_t i=0;i<fNRow;i++) fNPads[i] = pads[i];}
118 static void SetX(Double_t xs[159]){for(Int_t i=0;i<fNRow;i++) fX[i] = xs[i];}
119 static void SetVersion(Int_t i){fVersion = i;}
120 static void SetDiffT(Double_t f){fDiffT = f;}
121 static void SetDiffL(Double_t f){fDiffL = f;}
122 static void SetOmegaTau(Double_t f){fOmegaTau = f;}
123 static void SetInnerPadLength(Double_t f){fInnerPadLength = f;}
124 static void SetOuter1PadLength(Double_t f){fOuter1PadLength = f;}
125 static void SetOuter2PadLength(Double_t f){fOuter2PadLength = f;}
126 static void SetInnerPRFSigma(Double_t f){fInnerPRFSigma = f;}
127 static void SetOuter1PRFSigma(Double_t f){fOuter1PRFSigma = f;}
128 static void SetOuter2PRFSigma(Double_t f){fOuter2PRFSigma = f;}
129 static void SetTimeSigma(Double_t f){fTimeSigma = f;}
130 static void SetADCSat(Int_t i) {fADCSat = i;}
131 static void SetZeroSup(Int_t i) {fZeroSup = i;}
af99f571 132
3e87ef69 133 //getters
5e0f9911 134 static const Char_t* GetParamName() {return "75x40_100x60_150x60";}
5a31e9df 135 static const Double_t Pi() {return fPi;}
136 static const Double_t PiHalf() {return fPi2;}
137 static const Double_t TwoPi() {return f2Pi;}
138 static const Double_t GetAnodeWireSpacing() {return fAnodeWireSpacing;}
139 static const Double_t GetBFact() {return fBFACT;}
140 static const Double_t ToRad() {return 1./fToDeg;}
141 static const Double_t ToDeg() {return fToDeg;}
5e0f9911 142
e376e129 143 static Int_t GetFirstRow(Int_t patch);
144 static Int_t GetLastRow(Int_t patch);
145 static Int_t GetNRows(Int_t patch);
3e87ef69 146 static Int_t GetPatch(Int_t padrow);
f500b93b 147 static Int_t GetNRows() {return fNRow;}
3e87ef69 148 static Int_t GetNRowLow() {return fNRowLow;}
149 static Int_t GetNRowUp1() {return fNRowUp1;}
150 static Int_t GetNRowUp2() {return fNRowUp2;}
151 static Int_t GetPadRow(Float_t x);
9ca67380 152 static Int_t GetNPatches() {return fNPatches;}
3e87ef69 153 static Int_t GetNPads(Int_t row);
154 static Int_t GetNTimeBins(){return fNTimeBins;}
ef79795d 155 static Double_t GetBField() {return fBField;}
3e87ef69 156 static Double_t GetSolenoidField() {return fSolenoidBField;}
3e87ef69 157 static Double_t GetBFactFactor() {return fBFieldFactor;}
af99f571 158 static Double_t GetBFieldValue() {return (fBField*fBFACT);}
5a31e9df 159 static Float_t Deg2Rad(Float_t angle) {return angle/fToDeg;}
160 static Float_t Rad2Deg(Float_t angle) {return angle*fToDeg;}
494fad94 161 static Int_t GetVersion(){return fVersion;}
162 static Double_t GetPadPitchWidthLow() {return fPadPitchWidthLow;}
163 static Double_t GetPadPitchWidthUp() {return fPadPitchWidthUp;}
3e87ef69 164 static Double_t GetPadPitchWidth(Int_t patch);
494fad94 165 static Double_t GetZWidth() {return fZWidth;}
166 static Double_t GetZLength() {return fZLength;}
167 static Double_t GetZOffset() {return fZOffset;}
768861a0 168 static Double_t GetDiffT() {return fDiffT;}
169 static Double_t GetDiffL() {return fDiffL;}
3e87ef69 170 static Double_t GetParSigmaY2(Int_t padrow,Float_t z,Float_t angle);
171 static Double_t GetParSigmaZ2(Int_t padrow,Float_t z,Float_t tgl);
172 static Double_t GetOmegaTau() {return fOmegaTau;}
5923e698 173 static Double_t GetPadLength(Int_t padrow);
174 static Double_t GetPRFSigma(Int_t padrow);
768861a0 175 static Double_t GetTimeSigma() {return fTimeSigma;}
3e87ef69 176 static Double_t GetZSigma() {return fZSigma;}
6f3df1c8 177 static Int_t GetADCSat() {return fADCSat;}
3e87ef69 178 static Int_t GetZeroSup() {return fZeroSup;}
179 static Int_t GetNSlice() {return fNSlice;}
180 static Int_t GetNSector() {return fNSector;}
494fad94 181 static Int_t GetNSectorLow() {return fNSectorLow;}
182 static Int_t GetNSectorUp() {return fNSectorUp;}
95a00d93 183
494fad94 184 static Bool_t Slice2Sector(Int_t slice, Int_t slicerow, Int_t &sector, Int_t &row);
185 static Bool_t Sector2Slice(Int_t &slice, Int_t sector);
186 static Bool_t Sector2Slice(Int_t &slice, Int_t &slicerow, Int_t sector, Int_t row);
1727f1c9 187
494fad94 188 static Double_t Row2X(Int_t slicerow);
189 static Double_t GetMaxY(Int_t slicerow);
190 static Double_t GetEta(Float_t *xyz);
3ac82106 191 static Double_t GetEta(Int_t slice,Int_t padrow, Int_t pad, Int_t time);
494fad94 192 static Double_t GetPhi(Float_t *xyz);
5a31e9df 193 static Double_t GetZFast(Int_t slice, Int_t time, Float_t vertex=0.);
1727f1c9 194
494fad94 195 static void XYZtoRPhiEta(Float_t *rpe, Float_t *xyz);
196 static void Local2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice);
197 static void Local2GlobalAngle(Float_t *angle, Int_t slice);
198 static void Global2LocalAngle(Float_t *angle, Int_t slice);
108615fc 199
5a31e9df 200 //we have 3 different system: Raw : row, pad, time
201 // Local : x,y and global z
202 // Global: global x,y and global z
203 //the methods with HLT in the name differ from the other
204 //as you specify slice and slicerow, instead of sector
205 //and sector row. In that way we safe "a few ifs"
494fad94 206 static void Raw2Local(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row, Float_t pad, Float_t time);
5a31e9df 207 static void RawHLT2Local(Float_t *xyz,Int_t slice,Int_t slicerow,Float_t pad,Float_t time);
208 static void Raw2Local(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row, Int_t pad, Int_t time);
209 static void RawHLT2Local(Float_t *xyz,Int_t slice,Int_t slicerow,Int_t pad,Int_t time);
494fad94 210 static void Local2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row);
5a31e9df 211 static void LocHLT2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice, Int_t slicerow);
212 static void Global2Local(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector);
213 static void Global2LocHLT(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice);
494fad94 214 static void Raw2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row, Float_t pad, Float_t time);
5a31e9df 215 static void RawHLT2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice,
216 Int_t slicerow, Float_t pad, Float_t time);
217 static void Raw2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row, Int_t pad, Int_t time);
218 static void RawHLT2Global(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice,
219 Int_t slicerow, Int_t pad, Int_t time);
494fad94 220 static void Local2Raw(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row);
5a31e9df 221 static void LocHLT2Raw(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice, Int_t slicerow);
494fad94 222 static void Global2Raw(Float_t *xyz, Int_t sector, Int_t row);
5a31e9df 223 static void Global2HLT(Float_t *xyz, Int_t slice, Int_t slicerow);
3e87ef69 224
225 static void PrintCompileOptions();
108615fc 226
4499ed26 227 ClassDef(AliL3Transform,1)
108615fc 228};
108615fc 229#endif