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d3da6dc4 1// **************************************************************************
2// * Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3// * *
4// * Author: The ALICE Off-line Project. *
5// * Contributors are mentioned in the code where appropriate. *
6// * *
7// * Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its *
8// * documentation strictly for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted *
9// * without fee, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all *
10// * copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice *
11// * appear in the supporting documentation. The authors make no claims *
12// * about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is *
13// * provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. *
14// **************************************************************************
16#include "AliHMPIDCluster.h" //class header
17#include <TMinuit.h> //Solve()
18#include <TClonesArray.h> //Solve()
22void AliHMPIDCluster::CoG()
24// Calculates naive cluster position as a center of gravity of its digits.
25// Arguments: none
26// Returns: shape of the cluster i.e. the box which fully contains the cluster
27 if(fDigs==0) return; //no digits in this cluster
28 fX=fY=0; //set cluster position to (0,0) to start to collect contributions
29 for(Int_t iDig=0;iDig<fDigs->GetEntriesFast();iDig++){//digits loop
30 AliHMPIDDigit *pDig=(AliHMPIDDigit*)fDigs->At(iDig); //get pointer to next digit
31 Float_t q=pDig->Q(); //get QDC
32 fX += pDig->LorsX()*q;fY +=pDig->LorsY()*q; //add digit center weighted by QDC
33 }//digits loop
34 fX/=fQ;fY/=fQ; //final center of gravity
36 CorrSin();
38 fSt=kCoG;
41void AliHMPIDCluster::CorrSin()
43// Correction of cluster x position due to sinoid, see HMPID TDR page 30
44// Arguments: none
45// Returns: none
3c6274c1 46 AliHMPIDDigit dig;dig.Manual1(Ch(),fX,fY); //tmp digit to get it center
d3da6dc4 47 Float_t x=fX-dig.LorsX();
48 fX+=3.31267e-2*TMath::Sin(2*TMath::Pi()/0.8*x)-2.66575e-3*TMath::Sin(4*TMath::Pi()/0.8*x)+2.80553e-3*TMath::Sin(6*TMath::Pi()/0.8*x)+0.0070;
51void AliHMPIDCluster::FitFunc(Int_t &iNpars, Double_t *, Double_t &chi2, Double_t *par, Int_t )
53// Cluster fit function
54// par[0]=x par[1]=y par[2]=q for the first Mathieson shape
55// par[3]=x par[4]=y par[5]=q for the second Mathieson shape and so on up to iNpars/3 Mathieson shapes
56// For each pad of the cluster calculates the difference between actual pad charge and the charge induced to this pad by all Mathieson distributions
57// Then the chi2 is calculated as the sum of this value squared for all pad in the cluster.
58// Arguments: iNpars - number of parameters which is number of local maxima of cluster * 3
59// chi2 - function result to be minimised
60// par - parameters array of size iNpars
61// Returns: none
62 AliHMPIDCluster *pClu=(AliHMPIDCluster*)gMinuit->GetObjectFit();
63 Int_t iNshape = iNpars/3;
65 chi2 = 0;
66 for(Int_t i=0;i<pClu->Size();i++){ //loop on all pads of the cluster
67 Double_t dQpadMath = 0; //pad charge collector
68 for(Int_t j=0;j<iNshape;j++){ //Mathiesons loop as all of them may contribute to this pad
69 dQpadMath+=par[3*j+2]*pClu->Dig(i)->Mathieson(par[3*j],par[3*j+1]); // par[3*j+2] is charge par[3*j] is x par[3*j+1] is y of current Mathieson
70 }
71 chi2 +=TMath::Power((pClu->Dig(i)->Q()-dQpadMath),2); //
72 } //loop on all pads of the cluster
75void AliHMPIDCluster::Print(Option_t* opt)const
77//Print current cluster
78 const char *status=0;
79 switch(fSt){
80 case kFor: status="formed" ;break;
81 case kUnf: status="unfolded" ;break;
82 case kCoG: status="coged" ;break;
83 case kEmp: status="empty" ;break;
84 }
3c6274c1 85 Printf("%s ch=%i, Size=%2i (%7.3f,%7.3f) Q=%4i %s",
86 opt,Ch(),Size(), X(), Y(), Q(),status);
d3da6dc4 87 for(Int_t i=0;i<Size();i++) Dig(i)->Print();
90Int_t AliHMPIDCluster::Solve(TClonesArray *pCluLst,Bool_t isTryUnfold)
92//This methode is invoked when the cluster is formed to solve it. Solve the cluster means to try to unfold the cluster
93//into the local maxima number of clusters. This methode is invoked by AliHMPIDRconstructor::Dig2Clu() on cluster by cluster basis.
94//At this point, cluster contains a list of digits, cluster charge and size is precalculated in AddDigit(), position is preset to (-1,-1) in ctor,
95//status is preset to kFormed in AddDigit(), chamber-sector info is preseted to actual values in AddDigit()
96//Method first finds number of local maxima and if it's more then one tries to unfold this cluster into local maxima number of clusters
97//Arguments: pCluLst - cluster list pointer where to add new cluster(s)
98// isTryUnfold - flag to switch on/off unfolding
99// Returns: number of local maxima of original cluster
101//Phase 0. Initialise TMinuit
102 const Int_t kMaxLocMax=6; //max allowed number of loc max for fitting
103 TMinuit *pMinuit = new TMinuit(3*kMaxLocMax); //init MINUIT with this number of parameters (3 params per mathieson)
104 pMinuit->SetObjectFit((TObject*)this); pMinuit->SetFCN(AliHMPIDCluster::FitFunc); //set fit function
105 Double_t aArg=-1,parStart,parStep,parLow,parHigh; Int_t iErrFlg; //tmp vars for TMinuit
106 pMinuit->mnexcm("SET PRI",&aArg,1,iErrFlg); //suspend all printout from TMinuit
107 pMinuit->mnexcm("SET NOW",&aArg,0,iErrFlg); //suspend all warning printout from TMinuit
108//Phase 1. Find number of local maxima. Strategy is to check if the current pad has QDC more then all neigbours
109 Int_t iLocMaxCnt=0;
110 for(Int_t iDig1=0;iDig1<Size();iDig1++) { //first digits loop
111 AliHMPIDDigit *pDig1 = Dig(iDig1); //take next digit
112 Int_t iHowManyMoreCnt = 0; //counts how many neighbouring pads has QDC more then current one
113 for(Int_t iDig2=0;iDig2<Size();iDig2++) { //loop on all digits again
114 if(iDig1==iDig2) continue; //the same digit, no need to compare
115 AliHMPIDDigit *pDig2 = Dig(iDig2); //take second digit to compare with the first one
da08475b 116 Int_t dist = TMath::Sign(Int_t(pDig1->PadChX()-pDig2->PadChX()),1)+TMath::Sign(Int_t(pDig1->PadChY()-pDig2->PadChY()),1);//distance between pads
d3da6dc4 117 if(dist==1) //means dig2 is a neighbour of dig1
118 if(pDig2->Q()>=pDig1->Q()) iHowManyMoreCnt++; //count number of pads with Q more then Q of current pad
119 }//second digits loop
120 if(iHowManyMoreCnt==0&&iLocMaxCnt<kMaxLocMax){ //this pad has Q more then any neighbour so it's local maximum
121 pMinuit->mnparm(3*iLocMaxCnt ,Form("x%i",iLocMaxCnt),parStart=pDig1->LorsX(),parStep=0.01,parLow=0,parHigh=0,iErrFlg);
122 pMinuit->mnparm(3*iLocMaxCnt+1,Form("y%i",iLocMaxCnt),parStart=pDig1->LorsY(),parStep=0.01,parLow=0,parHigh=0,iErrFlg);
123 pMinuit->mnparm(3*iLocMaxCnt+2,Form("q%i",iLocMaxCnt),parStart=pDig1->Q() ,parStep=0.01,parLow=0,parHigh=0,iErrFlg);
124 iLocMaxCnt++;
125 }//if this pad is local maximum
126 }//first digits loop
127//Phase 2. Fit loc max number of Mathiesons or add this current cluster to the list
128 Int_t iCluCnt=pCluLst->GetEntriesFast(); //get current number of clusters already stored in the list by previous operations
129 if(isTryUnfold==kTRUE && iLocMaxCnt<kMaxLocMax){ //resonable number of local maxima to fit and user requested it
130 pMinuit->mnexcm("MIGRAD" ,&aArg,0,iErrFlg); //start fitting
131 if (!iErrFlg) { // Only if MIGRAD converged normally
132 Double_t fitX,fitY,fitQ,d1,d2,d3; TString sName; //vars to get results from TMinuit
133 for(Int_t i=0;i<iLocMaxCnt;i++){//local maxima loop
134 pMinuit->mnpout(3*i ,sName, fitX, d1 , d2, d3, iErrFlg);
135 pMinuit->mnpout(3*i+1 ,sName, fitY, d1 , d2, d3, iErrFlg);
136 pMinuit->mnpout(3*i+2 ,sName, fitQ, d1 , d2, d3, iErrFlg);
137 if (TMath::Abs(fitQ)>2147483647.0) fitQ = TMath::Sign((Double_t)2147483647,fitQ);//???????????????
3c6274c1 138 new ((*pCluLst)[iCluCnt++]) AliHMPIDCluster(Ch(),fitX,fitY,(Int_t)fitQ,kUnf); //add new unfolded clusters
d3da6dc4 139 }//local maxima loop
140 }
141 }else{//do not unfold since number of loc max is unresonably high or user's baned unfolding
142 CoG();
3c6274c1 143 new ((*pCluLst)[iCluCnt++]) AliHMPIDCluster(Ch(),X(),Y(),Q(),kCoG); //add this raw cluster
d3da6dc4 144 }
145 delete pMinuit;
146 return iLocMaxCnt;