propagation of changes done in MUON to remove obsolete class
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / HMPID / AliHMPIDRecon.h
d3da6dc4 1#ifndef AliHMPIDRecon_h
2#define AliHMPIDRecon_h
4/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
8// //
9// AliHMPIDRecon //
10// //
11// HMPID class to perfom pattern recognition based on Hough transfrom //
12// //
16#include <TTask.h> //base class
17#include <TVector3.h> //fields
59280a5a 19class TClonesArray; //CkovAngle()
20class AliESDtrack; //CkovAngle()
ffb1ac19 21class AliHMPIDParam;//general pourpose
59280a5a 22
d3da6dc4 23class AliHMPIDRecon : public TTask
25public :
26 AliHMPIDRecon();
ffb1ac19 27 virtual ~AliHMPIDRecon() {;} //dtor
611e810d 28
ffb1ac19 29 void InitVars (Int_t n); //init space for variables
30 void DeleteVars (); //delete variables
afe12692 31 void CkovAngle (AliESDtrack *pTrk,TClonesArray *pCluLst,Double_t nmean, Double_t qthre); //reconstructed Theta Cerenkov
a591e55f 32 Bool_t FindPhotCkov (Double_t cluX,Double_t cluY,Double_t &thetaCer,Double_t &phiCer ); //find ckov angle for single photon candidate
d3da6dc4 33 Double_t FindRingCkov (Int_t iNclus ); //best ckov for ring formed by found photon candidates
4598109f 34 Double_t FindRingArea (Double_t ckovAng )const;//estimated area of delta ring in cm^2 to weight Hough Transform
35 TVector2 IntWithEdge (TVector2 p1,TVector2 p2 )const;//find intercection between plane and lines of 2 thetaC
d3da6dc4 36 Int_t FlagPhot (Double_t ckov ); //is photon ckov near most probable track ckov
37 Double_t HoughResponse( ); //most probable track ckov angle
a591e55f 38 void Propagate (const TVector3 dir, TVector3 &pos,Double_t z )const;//propagate photon alogn the line
d3da6dc4 39 void Refract ( TVector3 &dir, Double_t n1, Double_t n2)const;//refract photon on the boundary
a591e55f 40 TVector2 TracePhot (Double_t ckovTh,Double_t ckovPh )const;//trace photon created by track to PC
41 TVector2 TraceForward (TVector3 dirCkov )const;//tracing forward a photon from (x,y) to PC
42 void RecPhot (TVector3 dirCkov,Double_t &thetaCer,Double_t &phiCer ); //theta,phi cerenkov reconstructed
4598109f 43 TVector2 GetMip ( )
44 {return fMipPos;} //mip coordinates
a591e55f 45 void SetTrack (Double_t xRad,Double_t yRad,Double_t theta,Double_t phi )
46 {fTrkDir.SetMagThetaPhi(1,theta,phi); fTrkPos.Set(xRad,yRad);} //set track parameter at RAD
47 void SetImpPC (Double_t xPc,Double_t yPc )
48 {fPc.Set(xPc,yPc);} //set track impact to PC
4598109f 49 void SetMip (Double_t xmip,Double_t ymip )
ffb1ac19 50 {fMipPos.Set(xmip,ymip);} //set track impact to PC
d3da6dc4 51 Double_t SigLoc (Double_t ckovTh,Double_t ckovPh,Double_t beta )const;//error due to cathode segmetation
52 Double_t SigGeom (Double_t ckovTh,Double_t ckovPh,Double_t beta )const;//error due to unknown photon origin
53 Double_t SigCrom (Double_t ckovTh,Double_t ckovPh,Double_t beta )const;//error due to unknonw photon energy
3b49956b 54 Double_t Sigma2 (Double_t ckovTh,Double_t ckovPh )const;//photon candidate sigma^2
59280a5a 55 enum ETrackingFlags {kMipDistCut=-9,kMipQdcCut=-5,kNoPhotAccept=-11};
43400d2d 56//
394d35c1 57protected:
ffb1ac19 58 Int_t fPhotCnt; // counter of photons candidate
59 Int_t *fPhotFlag; // flags of photon candidates
60 Double_t *fPhotCkov; // Ckov angles of photon candidates, [rad]
61 Double_t *fPhotPhi; // phis of photons candidates, [rad]
62 Double_t *fPhotWei; // weigths of photon candidates
63 Double_t fCkovSigma2; // sigma2 of the reconstructed ring
d3da6dc4 64
ffb1ac19 65 Bool_t fIsWEIGHT; // flag to consider weight procedure
66 Float_t fDTheta; // Step for sliding window
67 Float_t fWindowWidth; // Hough width of sliding window
69 TVector3 fTrkDir; //track direction in LORS at RAD
70 TVector2 fTrkPos; //track positon in LORS at RAD
71 TVector2 fMipPos; //mip positon for a given track
72 TVector2 fPc; //track position at PC
e0085eed 73
ffb1ac19 74 AliHMPIDParam *fParam; //Pointer to AliHMPIDParam
43400d2d 75//
d3da6dc4 76 ClassDef(AliHMPIDRecon,0)
cf7e313e 78
d3da6dc4 79#endif // #ifdef AliHMPIDRecon_cxx