Fix for transient fSDigits, AliITSRawStream classes adapted to changed AliRawReader...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSclustererV2.h
7f4044f0 1#ifndef ALIITSCLUSTERERV2_H
4// ITS clusterer V2
6// This can be a "wrapping" for the V1 cluster finding classes
7// if compiled with uncommented "#define V1" line
8// in the AliITSclustererV2.cxx file.
10// Origin: Iouri Belikov, CERN,
c630aafd 12#include <TObject.h>
7f4044f0 13
14class TFile;
c630aafd 15class TTree;
7f4044f0 16class TClonesArray;
18class AliITSgeom;
19class AliITSclusterV2;
7941072e 20class AliRawReader;
c391f9d9 21class AliITSRawStream;
7f4044f0 22
c630aafd 23class AliITSclustererV2 : public TObject {
7f4044f0 24public:
25 AliITSclustererV2(){ fEvent=0; fI=0; }
26 AliITSclustererV2(const AliITSgeom *geom);
28 void SetEvent(Int_t event) { fEvent=event; }
c630aafd 29 Int_t Digits2Clusters(TTree *in, TTree *out);
7941072e 30 void Digits2Clusters(AliRawReader* rawReader);
7f4044f0 31 void FindClustersSPD(const TClonesArray *dig, TClonesArray *cls);
c391f9d9 32 void FindClustersSPD(AliITSRawStream* input, TClonesArray** clusters);
7f4044f0 33 void FindClustersSDD(const TClonesArray *dig, TClonesArray *cls);
c391f9d9 34 void FindClustersSDD(AliITSRawStream* input, TClonesArray** clusters);
7f4044f0 35 void FindClustersSSD(const TClonesArray *dig, TClonesArray *cls);
c391f9d9 36 void FindClustersSSD(AliITSRawStream* input, TClonesArray** clusters);
7f4044f0 37
1cca57bf 38 void RecPoints2Clusters(const TClonesArray *p, Int_t idx, TClonesArray *c);
c630aafd 39 Int_t Hits2Clusters(TTree *in, TTree *out);
7f4044f0 40
42 class Ali1Dcluster {
43 private:
44 Float_t fY; //cluster position
45 Float_t fQ; //cluster charge
46 Int_t fNd; //number of digits
47 Int_t fLab[3]; //track label
48 public:
49 void SetY(Float_t y) {fY=y;}
50 void SetQ(Float_t q) {fQ=q;}
51 void SetNd(Int_t n) {fNd=n;}
52 void SetLabels(Int_t *lab) {fLab[0]=lab[0];fLab[1]=lab[1];fLab[2]=lab[2];}
53 Float_t GetY() const {return fY;}
54 Float_t GetQ() const {return fQ;}
55 Int_t GetNd()const {return fNd;}
56 Int_t GetLabel(Int_t lab) const { return fLab[lab]; }
57 };
58 class AliBin {
59 public:
60 AliBin() {fIndex=0; fQ=0; fMask=0xFFFFFFFE;}
61 void SetIndex(UInt_t idx) {fIndex=idx;}
62 void SetQ(UShort_t q) {fQ=q;}
63 void SetMask(UInt_t m) {fMask=m;}
65 void Use() {fMask&=0xFFFFFFFE;}
66 Bool_t IsNotUsed() const {return (fMask&1);}
67 Bool_t IsUsed() const {return !(IsNotUsed());}
69 UInt_t GetIndex() const {return fIndex;}
70 UShort_t GetQ() const {return fQ;}
71 UInt_t GetMask() const {return fMask;}
72 private:
73 UInt_t fIndex; //digit index
74 UInt_t fMask; //peak mask
75 UShort_t fQ; //signal
76 };
77 static Bool_t IsMaximum(Int_t k, Int_t max, const AliBin *bins);
78 static void FindPeaks(Int_t k,Int_t m,AliBin*b,Int_t*idx,UInt_t*msk,Int_t&n);
79 static void MarkPeak(Int_t k, Int_t max, AliBin *bins, UInt_t m);
80 static void MakeCluster(Int_t k,Int_t max,AliBin *bins,UInt_t m,
81 AliITSclusterV2 &c);
c391f9d9 82 void FindClustersSDD(AliBin* bins[2], Int_t nMaxBin, Int_t nMaxZ,
83 const TClonesArray *dig, TClonesArray *cls);
84 void FindClustersSSD(Ali1Dcluster* neg, Int_t nn,
85 Ali1Dcluster* pos, Int_t np,
86 TClonesArray *clusters);
7f4044f0 88
89 static void FindCluster(Int_t k,Int_t maxz,AliBin *bins,Int_t &n,Int_t *idx);
92 Int_t fEvent; //event number
94 Int_t fI; //index of the current subdetector
95 Float_t fYshift[2200]; //y-shifts of detector local coor. systems
96 Float_t fZshift[2200]; //z-shifts of detector local coor. systems
97 Int_t fNdet[2200]; //detector index
c391f9d9 98 Int_t fNModules; // total number of modules
7f4044f0 99
100 //SPD related values:
101 Int_t fLastSPD1; //index of the last SPD1 detector
102 Int_t fNySPD; //number of pixels in Y
103 Int_t fNzSPD; //number of pixels in Z
104 Float_t fYpitchSPD; //pixel size in Y
105 Float_t fZ1pitchSPD,fZ2pitchSPD; //pixel sizes in Z
106 Float_t fHwSPD; //half width of the SPD detector
107 Float_t fHlSPD; //half length of the SPD detector
108 Float_t fYSPD[260]; //Y-coordinates of pixel centers
109 Float_t fZSPD[170]; //Z-coordinates of pixel centers
111 //SDD related values:
112 Int_t fNySDD; //number of "pixels" in Y
113 Int_t fNzSDD; //number of "pixels" in Z
114 Float_t fYpitchSDD; //"pixel size" in Y (drift direction)
115 Float_t fZpitchSDD; //"pixel sizes" in Z
116 Float_t fHwSDD; //half width of the SDD detector
117 Float_t fHlSDD; //half length of the SDD detector
118 Float_t fYoffSDD; //some delay in the drift channel
120 //SSD related values:
121 Int_t fLastSSD1; //index of the last SSD1 detector
122 Float_t fYpitchSSD; //strip pitch (cm)
123 Float_t fHwSSD; //half-width of an SSD detector (cm)
124 Float_t fHlSSD; //half-length of an SSD detector (cm)
125 Float_t fTanP; //tangent of the stereo angle on the P side
126 Float_t fTanN; //tangent of the stereo angle on the N side
128 ClassDef(AliITSclustererV2,1) // ITS cluster finder V2