Added two missing includes to allow macro compilation (thanks to Laurent for remarkin...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ITS / AliITSdigitSDD.h
e869281d 1#ifndef ALIITSDIGITSDD_H
3/* Copyright(c) 2004-2006, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7d62fb64 5////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
6// Digit class for SDD //
e869281d 8#include <AliITSdigit.h>
fcf95fc7 10class AliITSCalibrationSDD;
7f1a504b 11
e869281d 12//______________________________________________________________________
13class AliITSdigitSDD: public AliITSdigit {
15 public:
16 AliITSdigitSDD(); //default creator
7f1a504b 17 //standard c.tor with digits and "phys"
e869281d 18 AliITSdigitSDD(Float_t phys,const Int_t *digits);
7f1a504b 19 //standard c.tor with digits, tracls, hits, "phys", and charge
e869281d 20 AliITSdigitSDD( Float_t phys,const Int_t *digits,const Int_t *tracks,
21 const Int_t *hits,const Float_t *charges);
7f1a504b 22 //constructor setting also fSignalExpanded
23 AliITSdigitSDD( Float_t phys,const Int_t *digits,const Int_t *tracks,
24 const Int_t *hits,const Float_t *charges, Int_t sige);
e869281d 25 virtual ~AliITSdigitSDD(){/* destructor*/}
26 // returns the array size used to store Tracks and Hits
7f1a504b 27 virtual Int_t GetSignal() const {return fSignalExpanded;}
28 virtual Int_t GetCompressedSignal() const {return fSignal;}
0599a018 29 // Return charge deposited by this track/hit
e869281d 30 virtual Float_t GetCharge(Int_t i) const {return fTcharges[i];}
31 // returns TArrayI of unduplicated track numbers (summed over hits).
32 virtual Int_t GetListOfTracks(TArrayI &t,TArrayF &c);
7f1a504b 33 void SetSignalExpanded(Int_t sig){fSignalExpanded = sig;}
d2f55a22 34 virtual void Print(ostream *os); // Class ascii print function
35 virtual void Read(istream *os); // Class ascii read function
36 virtual void Print(Option_t *option="") const {TObject::Print(option);}
37 virtual Int_t Read(const char *name) {return TObject::Read(name);}
e869281d 38
39 protected:
7f1a504b 40 void InitObject(Float_t phys,const Int_t *tracks,
41 const Int_t *hits,const Float_t *charges);
e869281d 42
e869281d 43 // 3 hits temporarily - it will be only 1
0599a018 44 Float_t fTcharges[fgkSize]; //[fgkSize] charge per track making this digit
e869281d 45 Float_t fPhysics; // signal particles contribution to signal
7f1a504b 46 Int_t fSignalExpanded; // 10 bit signal
0599a018 47 ClassDef(AliITSdigitSDD,4) // Simulated digit object for SDD
e869281d 48
50// Input and output functions for standard C++ input/output.
51ostream &operator<<(ostream &os,AliITSdigitSDD &source);
52istream &operator>>(istream &os,AliITSdigitSDD &source);