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c71b333a 1Here are some instructions for running:
2Once the KMCDetector object is initialized (similar to FER, see "Detector, tracking initialization"
3part of the testDetKMC.C macro) one should define for each kinematic bin to test a TObjArray with
4KMCTrackSummary objects (done in the testDetKMC.C by the CreateTrackConditions routine):
5this object is basically a set of standard histos (with DCA, pt_rec - pt_gen distibutions etc + stat. of generated
6and found tracks) which are filled provided the reco track satisfies to user defined conditions, like the number of
7hits (one can specify correct or fake hits, specific layers pattern etc). For instance:
9sm = new KMCTrackSummary("corr4hdGoodPatt","corr4hdGoodPatt",nlr); // create a summary object with this name
11sm->SetMinMaxClITS(4); // require at least 4 cluster in the track (the upper limit here is default 999 - no limit)
13sm->SetMinMaxClITSFake(0,0); // set min number of fake clusters required (used for fakes studies) and their max number tolerated
15sm->SetNamePrefix(nm); // this histo names will be prefixed by nm
17sm->AddPatternITSCorr( sm->Bits(1,1)); // require that the innermost 2 double layers must contribute at least 1 correct cluster
19sm->AddPatternITSCorr( sm->Bits(0,0,1)); // require the 3d layer cluster to be correct
21sm->AddPatternITSCorr( sm->Bits(0,0,0,1,1)); // measurement in the middle: ask at leas 1 correct cluster in 2 middle layers
23sm->AddPatternITSCorr( sm->Bits(0,0,0, 0,0, 1,1)); // same for outer 2 layers
25One can define and put in the TObjArray many such objects with different conditions, they will be filled independently.
26The simulation for single kinem. bin is done via call:
28its.SolveSingleTrack(mass, pt, eta, trSum, nevR);
29This will generate nevR tracks of given mass, pt, eta, propagate them, reconstruct under imposed bg, sensor err. conditions
30and fill the KMCTrackSummary objects provided via trSum TObjArray (i.e. histos of each object are filled if given reco track
31satisfies the criteria defined for this object).
33In the testDetKMC trSum arrays for each pt bin are added to another TObjArray (e.g. summary) which is then stored in
34the sumOut file.
36I also attach the PrepSummaryKMC.C macro to fill/return from this output file the TObjArray of TGraphErrors corresponding
37to given id of KMCTrackSummary. The call
38PrepSummaryKMC(const char* sumf, int cls, const char* pref=0, const char* outF=0);
39will open sumf output of the testDetKMC, and for all pt bins (indexing the entries of the final "summary" TObjArray
40of testDetKMC) it will extract the array of KMCTrackSummary objects defined in the CreateTrackConditions
41for this bin, then extract from it the cls-th KMCTrackSummary object and put the performance values for this pt bin
42(resolutions, eff ) as an entry in the graph.
44prepPlotsKMC1.C is just an example of preparing the graphs from the testDetKMC.C output objects.