Update HFE v2 analyses
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON / AliMUONCDB.h
de01cdf0 1#ifndef ALIMUONCDB_H
3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6/* $Id$ */
a99c3449 8/// \ingroup rec
9/// \namespace AliMUONCDB
10/// \brief Helper functions to experience the OCDB
de01cdf0 11///
12// Author Laurent Aphecetche
de01cdf0 14#include <TString.h>
2bedeab9 15#include "AliCDBRunRange.h"
9e7c4517 16#include <vector>
de01cdf0 17
a0eca509 18class AliMUONVStore;
de01cdf0 19class TMap;
73d3aca5 20class TClonesArray;
de01cdf0 21class AliMUONVCalibParam;
22class AliMUONTriggerLut;
23class AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells;
92c23b09 24class AliMUONRegionalTriggerConfig;
25class AliMUONGlobalCrateConfig;
0045b488 26class AliMUONRejectList;
a99c3449 27class AliMUONRecoParam;
b37b9546 28class TH1;
de01cdf0 29
a99c3449 30namespace AliMUONCDB
de01cdf0 31{
a99c3449 32 Bool_t CheckOCDB(Bool_t pathOnly = kFALSE);
33 Bool_t CheckMapping(Bool_t segmentationOnly = kFALSE);
de01cdf0 34
b37b9546 35 void CheckHV(Int_t runNumber, Int_t verbose=0);
a99c3449 37 Bool_t LoadField();
38 Bool_t LoadMapping(Bool_t segmentationOnly = kFALSE);
39 AliMUONRecoParam* LoadRecoParam();
73d3aca5 40 TClonesArray* LoadAlignmentData();
046e5fd4 41
de01cdf0 42 Int_t MakeHVStore(TMap& aliasMap, Bool_t defaultValues);
49e110ec 43 Int_t MakeTriggerDCSStore(TMap& aliasMap, Bool_t defaultValues);
a0eca509 44 Int_t MakePedestalStore(AliMUONVStore& pedestalStore, Bool_t defaultValues);
45 Int_t MakeCapacitanceStore(AliMUONVStore& capaStore, Bool_t defaultValues);
25e1df3e 46 Int_t MakeCapacitanceStore(AliMUONVStore& capaStore, const char* file);
a0eca509 47 Int_t MakeGainStore(AliMUONVStore& gainStore, Bool_t defaultValues);
0045b488 48 Int_t MakeOccupancyMapStore(AliMUONVStore& occupancyMap, Bool_t defaultValues);
49 AliMUONRejectList* MakeRejectListStore(Bool_t defaultValues);
de01cdf0 50
a99c3449 51 Int_t MakeLocalTriggerMaskStore(AliMUONVStore& ltm);
52 Int_t MakeRegionalTriggerConfigStore(AliMUONRegionalTriggerConfig& rtm);
53 Int_t MakeGlobalTriggerConfigStore(AliMUONGlobalCrateConfig& gtm);
92c23b09 54
a99c3449 55 AliMUONTriggerLut* MakeTriggerLUT(const char* file="$(ALICE_ROOT)/MUON/data/lutAptLpt1Hpt1p7.root");
56 AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells* MakeTriggerEfficiency(const char* file="$ALICE_ROOT/MUON/data/efficiencyCells.dat");
de01cdf0 57
a99c3449 58 AliMUONVStore* Diff(AliMUONVStore& store1, AliMUONVStore& store2, const char* opt="abs");
b37b9546 60 TH1** Plot(const AliMUONVStore& store, const char* name, Int_t nbins=512);
de01cdf0 61
9e7c4517 62 void ReadIntegers(const char* filename, std::vector<int>& integers);
207947f7 64 void ShowConfig(Bool_t withStatusMap=kFALSE);
5148da98 65
c241bfaa 66 void ShowCapacitances();
9e7c4517 68 void ShowFaultyBusPatches(const char* runlist,
69 double occLimit=0.1,
70 const char* outputBaseName="faulty.buspatches",
71 const char* ocdbPath="raw://");
a99c3449 73 void WriteToCDB(const char* calibpath, TObject* object,
de01cdf0 74 Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, Bool_t defaultValues);
a99c3449 75 void WriteToCDB(const char* calibpath, TObject* object,
25e1df3e 76 Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, const char* filename);
913f1b43 77 void WriteToCDB(TObject* object, const char* calibpath, Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity(),
a99c3449 78 const char* comment="", const char* responsible="AliMUONCDB tester class");
de01cdf0 79
49e110ec 80 void WriteTrigger(Bool_t defaultValues=kTRUE, Int_t startRun=0,Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
2bedeab9 81 void WriteTracker(Bool_t defaultValues=kTRUE, Int_t startRun=0,Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
de01cdf0 82
b59c04ef 83 void WriteHV(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
2bedeab9 84 void WritePedestals(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
85 void WriteGains(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
86 void WriteCapacitances(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
87 void WriteCapacitances(const char* file, Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
7eafe398 88 void WriteOccupancyMap(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
0045b488 89 void WriteRejectList(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
a31df857 90 void WriteConfig(Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
2bedeab9 92 void WriteLocalTriggerMasks(Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
92c23b09 93 void WriteRegionalTriggerConfig(Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
94 void WriteGlobalTriggerConfig(Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
a99c3449 96 void WriteTriggerDCS(Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
2bedeab9 97 void WriteTriggerLut(Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
98 void WriteTriggerEfficiency(Int_t startRun=0, Int_t endRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity());
a99c3449 99}
de01cdf0 100