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1dfba132 1/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
2 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
4// $Id$
6/// \file Doxymain.h
7/// \brief The main page for code documenation
b3cde273 10/*! \mainpage MUON code documentation
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12This is the documentation for the MUON simulation and reconstruction code.
91509ec6 13It is a mix of general concepts and code implementation details.
14It is constantly updated by all dimuon code developers.
16The documentation is organized in the thematic pages, defined in the
17README*.txt files, which follow the code organization in the libraries.
18Currently there are the documentation pages on
19- \ref README_sim
20- \ref README_rec
21- \ref README_base
020ae1db 22- \ref README_mchview
bc694317 23- \ref README_eve
91509ec6 24- \ref README_evaluation
e3a26974 25- \ref README_cosmics
91509ec6 26- \ref README_fast
b3cde273 27- \ref README_raw
28- \ref README_mapping
b9f858e1 29- \ref README_mchda
3e42bf30 30- \ref README_mtrda
b3cde273 31- \ref README_calib
558e2dea 32- \ref README_calign
b3cde273 33- \ref README_geometry
34- \ref README_trigger
35- \ref README_shuttle
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37On this page you will find the first how to run the
38simulation, reconstructin and evaluation chain. More details
39and various macros can be found on the other pages.
41\section s1 How to check that your aliroot is working well
43There is a script file which
44allows for simulating, reconstructing and making the
45invariant analysis of the generated Upsilon (1S).
46The used configuration file is Config.C in MUON
49You have to type :
51$ALICE_ROOT/MUON/ [option]
54The complete list of the option is printed when you call
55the script with whatever non valid option, .eg. h:
58./ h
59ERROR : extra option not recognized
19b50c28 60Usage: options (-SRXsrxn:tg:p:d:c:)
91509ec6 61 -S (-s) perform (or not) simulation (default is do it, i.e -S)
62 -R (-r) perform (or not) reconstruction (default is do it, i.e. -R)
63 -X event (-x) perform (or not) checks and dumps (default is do it for event 5, i.e. -X 5)
64 -n nevents (int) number of events to simulate (default 100)
19b50c28 65 -t will use OUTDIR as a tmp directory to generate raw data
66 -g seed (uint) seed to be used in simulation (default 1234567)
91509ec6 67 -p recoptions (quotified string) reconstruction options to use (default "SAVEDIGITS")
19b50c28 68 -d full path to output directory (default /work/projects/alice/trunk/AliRoot/MUON/test_out.100)
69 -c full path to configuration file for simulation (default /work/projects/alice/trunk/AliRoot/MUON/Config.C)
91509ec6 70</pre>
72The results of this test are saved in test_out.nevent directory.
73Please note that the CDB (Condition DataBase) is now always *required*
74to perform either simulation or reconstruction. For the moment, a version
75of that CDB is stored in CVS, so you should have one already in MUON/Calib
79\section s2 How to check that your aliroot is working VERY well
81There is a script file which
82allows for simulating, reconstructing and making the
83-+invariant analysis of the generated Upsilon (1S).
84This script generates a large number of Upsilon (20k)
85in order to access differential quantities.
86The used configuration file is Config.C in MUON
89One should really run this script to check if the MUON
90code can process a large number of events WITHOUT errors,
91in particular before making important commits !!
93You have to type :
97The results of this test are saved in testlong_out/ directory
98and will be kept in CVS
100(NOTE: the macros performing the calculations/plots MUONefficiency.C
101and MUONplotefficiency.C are also able to handle J/Psi if
102Config.C is modified accordingly )
b3cde273 103
7537f3cf 104*/