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50837721 1/**************************************************************************
2 * Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
3 * *
4 * Author: The ALICE Off-line Project. *
5 * Contributors are mentioned in the code where appropriate. *
6 * *
7 * Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute this software and its *
8 * documentation strictly for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted *
9 * without fee, provided that the above copyright notice appears in all *
10 * copies and that both the copyright notice and this permission notice *
11 * appear in the supporting documentation. The authors make no claims *
12 * about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is *
13 * provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. *
14 **************************************************************************/
16/* $Id$ */
88cb7938 18==========================================================
19Please add to this README file all information concerning
20config files, simulation, digitalization, clusterization,
21reconstruction and macro analysis
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24 How to check that your aliroot is working well
26There is a script file AlirootRun_MUONtest.script which
27allows for simulating, reconstructing and making the
28invariant analysis of the generated Upsilon (1S).
29The used configuration file is Config.C in MUON
31There you have to type :
33source $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/AlirootRun_MUONtest.script
35If you do not recover a few Upsilons in their mass region
36in the file MUONmassPlot.root
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7985603c 39 How to run a MUON generation
88cb7938 40==========================================================
fc1fafa5 42root [0] gAlice->Run(10,"$ALICE_ROOT/MUON/Config.C");
88cb7938 43
441 single muon of 7 GeV/c in the MUON spectrometer
45acceptance will be simulated using geant3.
46Hit information will be store in the root file in the
47execution directory.
88cb7938 48If you want to change the option or to define a new directory
49for hits, you have to do the following before:
50root [0] gAlice->SetConfigFunction("Config( \"/home/martinez/aliroot/work_NewIO/test/\" , \"box\" );");
88cb7938 52============================================================
53 How to run MUONCheck macro
55To check the content of a root data file, the MUONCheck
56provides a ascii output on screen.
58To compile MUONCheck.C
2058bf30 59.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/STEER
60.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/MUON
bf17dbfd 62To Load
2058bf30 64
278a86d5 65To print Kine : (default file is galice.root )
2b32c661 66MUONkine() or MUONkine("galice.root",##) for the event number ##
88cb7938 67
68To print hits : (default file is galice.root if not MUONhits("toto.root""); )
2b32c661 69MUONhits() or MUONhits("galice.root",##) for the event number ##
88cb7938 70
71To print digits : (default file is galice.root)
2b32c661 72MUONdigits() or MUONdigits("galice.root",##) for the event number ##
88cb7938 73
74To print rawcluster : (default file is galice.root)
2b32c661 75MUONrecpoints() or MUONrecpoints("galice.root",##) for the event number ##
88cb7938 76
77To print trigger : (default file is galice.root)
2b32c661 78MUONTestTrigger() or MUONTestTrigger("galice.root",##) for the event number ##
88cb7938 81
02d8f072 82
6570c14d 84 How to check the Geometry
02d8f072 85============================================================
fc1fafa5 86gAlice->Init("$ALICE_ROOT/MUON/Config.C");
02d8f072 87.L $ALICE/geant3/TGeant3/G3GUI.C
6570c14d 90============================================================
91 How to check the Geometry with the new Geometrical modeler
92 ftp://root.cern.ch/root/doc/chapter16.pdf
93 http://agenda.cern.ch/fullAgenda.php?ida=a05212
02d8f072 98
7985603c 99============================================================
100 How to run MUONdisplay
1eccde20 102First you need to perform a full simulation:
7985603c 103generation, digitalisation and clusterisation
02d8f072 107============================================================
108 Tracking parameters, cuts, energy loss and physics processes
110Tracking parameters in MUON are automatically defined by GEANT
111MUON takes the default values of CUTs and physics processes
112defined by the Config files, except for the gas mixture medium
113of the tracking chambers. The CUT's and physics processes of
114the gas mixture medium is then defined in the galice.cuts file
115in the data directory. In particular ILOSS parameter MUST be
116equal unity (1) in order simulate a realistic energy loss
117distribution (mean value and fluctuations) in the active gas.
a88eb0d0 118
120 Tracking of particle in the magnetic field
122GEANT has two ways for tracking charged particles in the
123magnetic field: HELIX et RKUTA.
124HELIX is faster and works well if the gradient of magnetic
125field is small.
126For MUON, HELIX is a not a good approximation and we must
127use RKUTA to get the optimal mass resolution of the
128spectrometer. The choice of HELIX or RKUTA is done in the
129config file when the magnetic field is defined:
130 AliMagFMaps* field = new AliMagFMaps("Maps","Maps", TRACKING, FACTOR, MAXB, AliMagFMaps::k4kG);
131 gAlice->SetField(field);
132TRACKING must be 1 for RKUTA and 2 for HELIX (the default value for aliroot is 2 (HELIX))
133FACTOR allows you to set the magnetic field to 0, just putting FACTOR=0. Default value is 1.
134MAXB is the maximum magnetic field which is 10.T
2b32c661 135
f4f795ed 136===========================================================
137 MUON cocktail for physics ..............
139There is a MUON cocktail generator of the muon sources in the
140EVGEN directory. This class derives from AliGenCocktail.
141In the init of this class I have filled the cocktail with
142the muon sources: J/Psi, Upsilon, Open Charm, Open Beauty,
143Pion, Kaons. The code needs only the production cross section
144at 4pi (for the moment this values are in the code since I
145prefere them do not be modified), and the code calculates the
146rate of particles in the acceptance, making the scaling based
147on the number of collisions for the hard probes and on the
148number of participants for soft sources: Pions and Kaons.
150In the Genereate of this class all entries in the cocktail
151are called and we define a "primordial trigger" with requires
152a minimum number of muons above a Pt cut in the required acceptance.
153In order to normalized to the real number of simulated events,
154there are 2 data members in the class fNsuceeded adn fNGenerate
155which tell us what is the biais source.
157Enclose an example to use this generator:
158AliGenMUONCocktail * gener = new AliGenMUONCocktail();
159gener->SetPtRange(1.,100.); // Transverse momentum range
160gener->SetPhiRange(0.,360.); // Azimuthal angle range
35e21dec 165gener->SetImpactParameterRange(0.,5.); // 10% most centra PbPb collisions
f4f795ed 166gener->SetVertexSmear(kPerTrack);
167gener->SetOrigin(0,0,0); // Vertex position
168gener->SetSigma(0,0,0.0); // Sigma in (X,Y,Z) (cm) on IP position
2b32c661 171===========================================================
69be760c 172 csh Script for the full reconstruction with raw data generator
2b32c661 173===========================================================
6570c14d 174See file AlirootRun_MUONtest.script
a88eb0d0 176
b8dc484b 177
179 How to run MUONRecoCheck macro
181To check the muon reconstruction by comparing the reconstructed tracks
182with the reference tracks made of "AliTrackReference" for the hits and
183kinematic informations (TParticle) for the vertex.
184This macro can be used to check the track reconstruction e.g. efficiency,
185momentum resolution ... but also to make physics analysis whenever
186track identification is needed.
188To compile MUONRecoCheck.C
189.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/STEER
190.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/MUON
193// To run MUONRecoCheck
194MUONRecoCheck(nEvent,"galice.root"); // nEvent = nb of events
29fc2c86 196
198 How to run MUONTracker macro
200To make the track reconstruction directly from AliTrackReference hits
201which are recorded in TrackRefs.root during the simulation.
202It can be used to check the reconstruction without clusterization.
204To compile MUONTracker.C
205.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/STEER
206.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/MUON
209// To run MUONTracker
210MUONTracker(iEventMin,iEventMax,"galice.root"); // iEventMin: first event
fc1fafa5 211
213 Macro MUONGenerateGeometryData.C
216Macro for generating the geometry data files:
217(transform_*.dat, svmap_*.dat).
218- MUON/data/transform_*dat files contain all the information
219about the transformation (traslation + rotation) needed for
220the positionning of each detection element of the MUON
222- MUON/data/svmap_*.dat files contain all the information to link
223each geant volume (it can be extended to other virtual MC) with
224a detection element. The point here is that a given detection
225element, i.e. a slat chamber consists of many geant volumes.
226the correspondence is then defined in an input file.
227Eanch time there is a change in the virtual MC geometry, these
228input files must be re-generated via the macro
231To be run from aliroot:
232.x MUONGenerateGeometryData.C
234The generated files do not replace the existing ones
235but have different names (with extension ".out").
236To compare/replace the existing files with generated ones
237run the scripts in MUON/data:
238compare_data [transform] [svmaps ]
239reset_data [transform] [svmaps]
240Author: I. Hrivnacova, IPN Orsay
29fc2c86 241
88cb7938 243===========================================================
244 Still working ..............