Separating run-dependent mapping data from data, which are not
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518eb852 8The macro fastMUONGen.C allows to generate events using the
d1e56417 9AliGenMUONCocktailpp generator. In the current implementation, the
10generator is set up in order to force all generated particles to decay
11within Pythia, including the muonic decay of pions and kaons:
13By changing the argument from "kAllMuonic" back to "kAll" one can
14leave it up to GEANT to do these decays.
15In addition, we require that the "trigger muons" - whose number
16(single- or dimuon trigger or MB trigger),
17specified as the third argument of fastMUONGen.C - must have their origin
18before the hadron absorber in order to "simulate" GEANT:
21The output of this generation ("galice.root" and "Kinematic.root")
518eb852 22can then be processed by the macro fastMUONSim.C that produces a
d1e56417 23root file, called "fastSim_pp.root". It uses the "fast generator" to
24simulate the detector response. The output file contains
25TClonesArrays holding AliMUONTrackLight and AliMUONPairLight objects
26that are built on the basis of the surviving muons.
28Both macros can be run from test script.
91509ec6 30This chapter is defined in the READMEfast.txt file.
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