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5\page README_mtrda Trigger DA
8f8ae0de 7The detector algorithm is implemented for the Muon Trigger in the AliRoot
8framework. The main code is located in MUONTRGda.cxx and it runs in the MUON
9Trigger MON (monitoring).
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baa27935 11\section mtrda_s1 The Muon Trigger Calibration
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1e86453f 13The main goal of the DA is to transfer the configuration files from the detector
14data base to the FES and to put them back to the detector data base in order to be
15used for the next run, in the case when the analysis of the events in the run finds
16noisy/dead channels different from the ones already notified in the configuration
17files at the start of the run.
18In the current version, the DA will modify only the global crate configuration.
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3e42bf30 20The configuration files stored in the online DB are the following:
cddcc1f3 22- MtgGlobalCrate-[version].dat: contains the global crate information
23- MtgRegionalCrate-[version].dat: contains the regional crate information
24- MtgLocalMask-[version].dat: contains the local mask
25- MtgLocalLut-[version].dat: contains the local LUT
1e86453f 26- MtgCurrent.dat: contains the name list of the above files with
27 their version and the flag for master/slave
28 status of the DA
29- DAConfig.dat configurable parameters for the DA
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327f7faa 31The copy onto the FES for the modified global masks is done for any value of
8f8ae0de 32the flag master/slave. The DA creates a file (ExportedFiles.dat) containing the
33name of the files to be transfered by the shuttle. To be able to check the change
34of version of one the files, another file is created containing the last current
35list of configuration files: MtgLastCurrent.dat. The Muon trigger electronics can
1e86453f 36run with two types of calibration. The two types of analysis can be done in the same
37run containing a mixture of physics events and calibration events.
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1e86453f 39The SHUTTLE will process the files stored on the FES only in the PHYSICS mode. In STANDALONE
40mode the DA will work too, updating the files in the detector data base, but the SHUTTLE will
41not process them into the offline data base.
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baa27935 43\subsection mtrda_ss1 Dead channels in the global trigger input (with CALIBRATION_EVENT)
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1e86453f 45The FET pulses are injected to the 21 kchannels.
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1e86453f 47- The FET mode in MtgGlobalCrate.dat must be set to 0x3
ac5cb4a8 48- Data taking (typically 1000 events)
8f8ae0de 49- The DA computes the occupancy of the global input entries, if a channel is not
50responding in more than N% of the events (10% by default), it will be marked as dead
51- The DA updates the global mask file accordingly, adds the file to the data base
327f7faa 52and on the File Exchange Server at the beginning of the next run.
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baa27935 54\subsection mtrda_ss2 Noisy channels in global trigger input (with PHYSICS_EVENT)
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1e86453f 56This events are used to check the noisy channels triggering at a rate which is
57significantly higher than the expected rate from normal physics events.
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ac5cb4a8 59- Data taking (typically 1000 events)
8f8ae0de 60- The DA computes the occupancy of the global input entries, if a channel is
61responding in more than N% of the events (10% by default), it will be marked as
63- The DA updates the global mask file accordingly, adds the file to the data base
64and on the the File Exchange Server at the beginning of the next run.
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baa27935 66\subsection mtrda_ss3 Mixed events (PHYSICS+CALIBRATION)
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68- If the FET mode in MtgGlobalCrate is not set to 0x3, only PHYSICS events will be used to check for
69the noisy channels
70- The algorithm is selected according to the event type returned by the raw reader
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baa27935 72\section mtrda_s2 Using the DA Online
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327f7faa 74With the help of the Control Panel a configuration file is added to the database
1e86453f 75(DAConfig.dat) which contains parameters for running the DA (typical values are shown):
77- the thresholds for calculating noisy/dead inputs (0.1/0.9)
78- the minimum number of events necessary for calculating the input rates (10)
79- the maximum number of events to be analyzed in one DA execution (1000000)
80- the number of events to skip from the start of run (0)
81- the verbosity level of the DA (0, minimum of messages, 1 more messages, 2 print every event)
82- enable warnings from the raw data decoder (0, do not show warnings)
83- switch between slow/fast payload decoder (0, use the slow decoder)
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327f7faa 85This file it is not "version"-ed, so it will be not recorded in MtgCurrent.dat.
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87Test configuration files:
89- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/DAConfig.dat"> DAConfig.dat </a>
90- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgGlobalCrate-1.dat"> MtgGlobalCrate-1.dat </a>
91- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgRegionalCrate-1.dat">MtgRegionalCrate-1.dat </a>
92- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgLocalMask-1.dat"> MtgLocalMask-1.dat </a>
93- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgLocalLut-1.dat"> MtgLocalLut-1.dat </a>
94- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgSignature-1.dat"> MtgSignature-1.dat </a>
95- <a href="http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/static/Offline/dimuon/data/MtgCurrent.dat"> MtgCurrent.dat </a>
baa27935 97\section mtrda_s3 In case of trouble
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99Please contact:
101Franck Manso: manson@clermont.in2p3.fr
ac5cb4a8 105Bogdan Vulpescu: vulpescu@clermont.in2p3.fr
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107This chapter is defined in the READMEmtrda.txt file.