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91509ec6 5\page README_trigger Trigger
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8\section trigger_s1 How to reprocess trigger decision from already produced digits
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2ce5e44e 10The MUONTrigger.C macro can be used to check the trigger algorithm w/o
11having to (re-)perform simulation and digitalization.
12It loads the digits, erase TreeR and store the current trigger output in
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2ce5e44e 15The different trigger outputs can be compared by looking at the GLT branch
16of TreeD (filled during simulation) and the TC branch of TreeR (filled from
17a copy of TreeD during reconstruction or with this macro).
18Note: rec points from tracking chamber will be lost.
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2ce5e44e 20Usage:
518eb852 21<pre>
2ce5e44e 22root [0] .L $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/MUONTrigger.C+
53958b19 23root [1] MUONTrigger("galice.root")
518eb852 24</pre>
2ce5e44e 26
1b30fc1f 27\section trigger_s2 OFFLINE trigger Graphical User Interface (GUI) data quality and debugging tool
2ce5e44e 28
2ce5e44e 29- read digits and local trigger decision from simulated/real data
1b30fc1f 30- display the strips in local boards
2ce5e44e 31- reprocess trigger decision inside AliRoot
32- set x/y strips interactively on boards and transfer them to the AliRoot
33 TriggerElectronics, execute trigger algorithm and recover the local trigger
34 decision
1b30fc1f 36Usage (aliroot):
518eb852 37<pre>
1b30fc1f 38root [0] new AliMUONTriggerGUI
518eb852 39</pre>
2ce5e44e 40
518eb852 41Main window shows the map of the local boards as seen from the I.P.
1b30fc1f 42The main window is position sensitive: by focusing a board, the "tip text"
43shows the board name, the crate name, the board ID and the board
44internal number in the GUI.
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1b30fc1f 46Menus:
2ce5e44e 47
2ce5e44e 48
518eb852 49\subsection trigger_s2_sub1 File
2ce5e44e 50
1b30fc1f 51- "Run input" - open a file and start with a given event number:
52 - "your_path/galice.root" to use simulated (or re-created) aliroot digits
53 - confirm with "Apply (galice)"
54 - "your_path/rawfilename.root" to use raw data in root format
55 - confirm with "Apply (raw)"
56- "Control" - navigate in the tree with events
57- "Exit" - exit the main application
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2ce5e44e 59
518eb852 60\subsection trigger_s2_sub2 Maps
2ce5e44e 61
1b30fc1f 62- "Digits map" - graphical map showing digits in the four chambers, MT11 ... MT22
63- "Reset digits" - clean the digits map
2ce5e44e 64
1b30fc1f 65\subsection trigger_s2_sub3 Chambers digit maps
2ce5e44e 66
1b30fc1f 67- "Update" - update the map after:
2ce5e44e 68 - loading of another event
69 - changing interactively the strip signals in boards GUI
2ce5e44e 71
518eb852 72\subsection trigger_s2_sub4 Circuit
1b30fc1f 74- "Open" - open a board GUI by circuit (board) number
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2ce5e44e 76
1b30fc1f 77\subsection trigger_s2_sub5 TriggerDSET, run the trigger algorithm with interactively set strips
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1b30fc1f 79- this is an interface to AliMUONTriggerElectronics
80- "Digit store" - create a digit store (object) with the current board digits (input from the circuit GUI)
81- "Trigger store" - create a trigger store (object) from the digit store, using AliMUONTriggerElectronics;
82each type of store can be "cleared" and "printed"
83- "Front End Test" - simulate a FET (all strips fire) on all boards or on a regional board
84- "Write raw data" - save the trigger store in a raw data file (DATE and ROOT) format
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1b30fc1f 86\subsection trigger_s2_sub6 Circuit GUI ("Circuit/Open" or click on boards map)
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1b30fc1f 88- the window title shows the name of the board, the number and the status
89- "Draw" visualize x/y strips
90- "Set/unset" x (or) y strips, on mouse click
2ce5e44e 91- "Digits" create board digits from the actual configuration created in the GUI
92- "Reset" reset modification on strips done interactively
1b30fc1f 94The sequence to test the trigger algorithm is:
95- open a board GUI
96- set some x/y strips
97- press "Digits" to create board digits
98- from the TrigerDSET menu create a digit store, then a trigger store and print it to see the trigger
100- write raw data for further investigation
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518eb852 102\section trigger_s3 How to check integrated trigger efficiency
2ce5e44e 103
2ce5e44e 104The MUONTriggerEfficiency.C macro (included in the check scripts) calculates
105the trigger efficiency for the 2 pt cuts.
106The output is stored in MUONTriggerEfficiency.out file.
518eb852 107
2ce5e44e 108Usage:
518eb852 109<pre>
2ce5e44e 110root [0] .L $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/MUONTriggerEfficiency.C+
111root [1] MUONTriggerEfficiency()
518eb852 112</pre>
ea6d7574 114Two LUTs are stored in the CDB (/Calib/TriggerLut/):
115- Run0_999999999_v0_s0.root with Lpt 1.0 GeV and Hpt 1.7 GeV
116- Run0_999999999_v1_s0.root with Lpt 0.0 GeV and Hpt 1.0 GeV (default)
118and can be built with the AliMUONCDB class taking as source the root files
119(found in $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/data/):
120- lutAptLpt1Hpt1p7.root
121- lutAptAptLpt1.root
10db214a 124
2ce5e44e 125The reference for J/psi and Upsilon is as below
126 For 1000 Jpsi events with:
518eb852 127<pre>
2ce5e44e 128 AliGenParam *gener = new AliGenParam(1, AliGenMUONlib::kJpsi);
129 gener->SetMomentumRange(0,999);
130 gener->SetPtRange(0,100.);
131 gener->SetPhiRange(0., 360.);
132 gener->SetCutOnChild(1);
133 gener->SetChildPhiRange(0.,360.);
134 gener->SetChildThetaRange(171.0,178.0);
135 gener->SetOrigin(0,0,0);
136 gener->SetForceDecay(kDiMuon);
137 gener->SetTrackingFlag(1);
518eb852 138</pre>
2ce5e44e 140 the output should be
518eb852 141<pre>
10db214a 142 Efficiency Lpt cut = 0.9061 +/- 0.0456
143 Efficiency Hpt cut = 0.6943 +/- 0.0376
518eb852 144</pre>
ea6d7574 146 Similarly, for 1000 Upsilon events (replace kJpsi by kUpsilon), the output
147should be
518eb852 148
10db214a 150 Efficiency Lpt cut = 0.9872 +/- 0.0458
151 Efficiency Hpt cut = 0.9851 +/- 0.0457
518eb852 152</pre>
155\section trigger_s4 How to check single muon trigger efficiency versus pt
2ce5e44e 156
2ce5e44e 157The MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt.C macro produces trigger single muon efficiency
158versus pt plots for the 2 pt cuts.
159Results are compared to the reference (red curves).
160To be used with (at least) 10000 events as follows
518eb852 161<pre>
2ce5e44e 162 AliGenBox * gener = new AliGenBox(1);
163 gener->SetPtRange(0.,10.);
164 gener->SetPhiRange(0., 360.);
165 gener->SetThetaRange(171.000,178.001);
166 gener->SetPart(13); // or -13
167 gener->SetOrigin(0.,0., 0.);
168 gener->SetSigma(0.0, 0.0, 0.0);
518eb852 169</pre>
2ce5e44e 171Outputs are stored in MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt.gif/eps/out files
172Important note: this macro works with one (real) muon track per event only
518eb852 173
2ce5e44e 174Usage:
518eb852 175<pre>
2ce5e44e 176root [0] .L $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt.C+
177root [1] MUONTriggerEfficiencyPt()
518eb852 178</pre>
181\section trigger_s5 How to get trigger chamber efficiency from data
2ce5e44e 182
2ce5e44e 183Trigger chamber efficiency map is calculated during reconstruction and saved in AliESDs.root
184In order to view and save the map, use macro MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C
186To compile MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C
518eb852 187<pre>
2ce5e44e 188.includepath $ALICE_ROOT/MUON
189.L $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C+
518eb852 190</pre>
2ce5e44e 191
518eb852 192To run MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C
2ce5e44e 194MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency();
518eb852 195</pre>
2ce5e44e 196
518eb852 197If you want to make the calculated map available for next simulation use option kTRUE, i.e.
2ce5e44e 199MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency(kTRUE);
518eb852 200</pre>
2ce5e44e 201
202When running next simulation, please remember to activate trigger efficiency
203by adding in Config.C:
518eb852 204<pre>
2ce5e44e 205MUON->SetTriggerEffCells(1);
518eb852 206</pre>
91509ec6 208This chapter is defined in the READMEtrigger.txt file.
518eb852 210*/
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