Adding READMEeve.txt page
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / MUON /
c59ea36d 1#!/bin/sh
2# $Id$
4# Script to remove the prefix in README*txt files added
5# in order to let them appear in the Reference manual, generated
6# by Doxygen, in the same order as on the main Web page.
8mv p03_READMEbase.txt READMEbase.txt
4593db11 9mv p13_READMEcalib.txt READMEcalib.txt
10mv p07_READMEcosmics.txt READMEcosmics.txt
11mv p06_READMEevaluation.txt READMEevaluation.txt
12mv p05_READMEeve.txt READMEeve.txt
13mv p08_READMEfast.txt READMEfast.txt
14mv p14_READMEgeometry.txt READMEgeometry.txt
15mv p10_READMEmapping.txt READMEmapping.txt
16mv p11_READMEmchda.txt READMEmchda.txt
c59ea36d 17mv p04_READMEmchview.txt READMEmchview.txt
4593db11 18mv p12_READMEmtrda.txt READMEmtrda.txt
19mv p09_READMEraw.txt READMEraw.txt
c59ea36d 20mv p02_READMErec.txt READMErec.txt
4593db11 21mv p16_READMEshuttle.txt READMEshuttle.txt
c59ea36d 22mv p01_READMEsim.txt READMEsim.txt
4593db11 23mv p15_READMEtrigger.txt READMEtrigger.txt