Rulechecker-complying update from P.Ganoti (
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 / KINK / AliAnalysisKinkESDMC.h
4/* See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7// AliAnalysisKinkESDMC class
8// This task is an example of an analysis task
9// for kink topology Study
10// Authors: Martha Spyropoulou-Stassinaki
11// and members of the Greek group at the
12// Physics Department of Athens University
92adf4f6 16class AliESDVertex;
85f91829 17class AliESDtrack;
7ccf0419 18class AliESDEvent;
85f91829 19class TF1;
10eaad41 20class TH1F;
21class TH2F;
22class TH1D;
23class TH2D;
92adf4f6 24class TList;
85f91829 25
26#include "AliAnalysisTaskSE.h"
10eaad41 27
28class AliAnalysisKinkESDMC : public AliAnalysisTaskSE {
29 public:
92adf4f6 30 // AliAnalysisKinkESDMC();
31 AliAnalysisKinkESDMC(const char *name = "AliAnalysisKinkESDMC");
10eaad41 32 virtual ~AliAnalysisKinkESDMC() {}
92adf4f6 33
34 virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects();
35 virtual void UserExec(Option_t *option);
10eaad41 36 virtual void Terminate(Option_t *);
92adf4f6 37
10eaad41 38 Float_t GetSigmaToVertex(AliESDtrack* esdTrack) const;
39 const AliESDVertex *GetEventVertex(const AliESDEvent* esd) const;
41 private:
92adf4f6 42 TH1F *fHistPtESD; //Pt spectrum of all ESD inside eta, Pt cuts
43 TH1F *fHistPt; //Pt spectrum of all ESD tracks
44 TH1F *fHistQtAll; //Qt spectrum of all kinks
45 TH1F *fHistQt1; //Qt spectrum of Kaon selected sample
46 TH1F *fHistQt2; //Qt spectrum in Qt region of kaons
47 TH1F *fHistPtKaon; //Pt Kaon spectrum of clean sample
48 TH1F *fHistPtKPDG; //Pt Kaon spectrum , confirmed by PDG,inside kaon Qt region
49 TH1F *fHistEta; //Eta spectrum of all kinks
50 TH1F *fHistEtaK; //Eta spectrum of kaons selected by kink topology
51 TH1F *fptKMC; //Pt Kaon spectrum MC, inside eta and pt cuts
52 TH1F *fMultiplMC; //charge multipl MC
53 TH1F *fESDMult; //ESD charged mult
54 TH1F *fgenpt; //Pt Kaon-Kink->mu spectrum , MC, inside eta, Pt, radius cuts
55 TH1F *frad; //radius of kinks, MC , inside the eta nad Pt cuts
56 TH1F *fKinkKaon; //Pt of PDG Kaons inside the selcted ones by the KInk topology
57 TH1F *fKinkKaonBg; //Pt of the BG inside the kink-Kaon identified spectrum
58 TH1F *fM1kaon; //inv mass of kink-tracks taken as kaons decaying to mu + neutrino
59 TH1F *fgenPtEtR; //MC Pt spectrum of kaons decaying to muon+neutrino and pi +pi, inside eta,Pt,Rad cuts
60 TH1F *fPtKink; //Pt spectrum of all kinks from track bank
61 TH1F *fptKink; //Pt spectrum of all kinks from kink bank
62 TH2F *fcodeH ; //PDG code(mother) vrs PDG dcode(daughter) of kinks with Qt <0.12 (fake)
63 TH2F *fdcodeH ; //inks, code vrs dcode of BG,if mother code is 321 and daughter code >
64 TH2F *fAngMomK; // Decay angle vrs Mother Mom for pdg kaons
65 TH2F *fAngMomPi; // Decay angle vrs Mother Mom for pdg pions
66 TH2F *fAngMomKC; //Decay angle vrs Mother Mom for pdg kaons, inside the selected sample
67 TH1F *fMultESDK; //ESD charged mult
68 TH1F *fMultMCK; //MC K charged mult
69 TH1D *fRpr; // Radius of VTX at Y , X plane
70 TH1D *fZpr; //Z distrio of main vertex
71 TH2F *fZvXv; //two dime of Z vrs X of vtx main
72 TH2F *fZvYv; // two dime of Z vrs Y of vtx main
73 TH2F *fXvYv; // two dime of X vrs Y of main tracks vtx main
74 TH1F *fPtPrKink; // pt of Primary PDG kaons inside the selected ones by the kink topology
04c3c355 75 TF1 *f1; // upper limit curve for the decay K->mu
76 TF1 *f2; // upper limit curve for the decay pi->mu
92adf4f6 77 TList *fListOfHistos; // list of histos
10eaad41 78
79 AliAnalysisKinkESDMC(const AliAnalysisKinkESDMC&); // not implemented
80 AliAnalysisKinkESDMC& operator=(const AliAnalysisKinkESDMC&); // not implemented
82 ClassDef(AliAnalysisKinkESDMC, 1); // example of analysis