Fixing a minor coding violation
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus.h
4/* Copyright(c) 1998-2008, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
27de2dfb 7/* $Id$ */
d486095a 9//*************************************************************************
10// Class AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus
4afc48a2 11// AliAnalysisTaskSE for the D+ candidates Invariant Mass Histogram and
12//comparison of heavy-flavour decay candidates
d486095a 13// to MC truth (kinematics stored in the AOD)
4afc48a2 14// Renu Bala,
993bfba1 15// F. Prino,
16// G. Ortona,
d486095a 17//*************************************************************************
19#include <TROOT.h>
20#include <TSystem.h>
21#include <TNtuple.h>
22#include <TH1F.h>
595cc7e2 23#include <TH2F.h>
82bb8d4b 24#include <TArrayD.h>
d486095a 25
4c230f6d 26#include "AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi.h"
d486095a 27#include "AliAnalysisTaskSE.h"
28#include "AliAnalysisVertexingHF.h"
a96083b9 29#include "AliNormalizationCounter.h"
d486095a 30
31class AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus : public AliAnalysisTaskSE
33 public:
35 AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus();
4c230f6d 36 AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus(const char *name, AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi* analysiscuts,AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi* productioncuts,Bool_t fillNtuple=kFALSE);
d486095a 37 virtual ~AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus();
82bb8d4b 38
4afc48a2 39 void SetReadMC(Bool_t readMC=kTRUE){fReadMC=readMC;}
40 void SetDoLikeSign(Bool_t dols=kTRUE){fDoLS=dols;}
a96083b9 41 void SetUseStrangeness(Bool_t uses=kTRUE){fUseStrangeness=uses;}
82bb8d4b 42 void SetMassLimits(Float_t range);
43 void SetMassLimits(Float_t lowlimit, Float_t uplimit);
4c230f6d 44 void SetPtBinLimit(Int_t n, Float_t *limitarray);
993bfba1 45 void SetBinWidth(Float_t w);
5fc4893f 46 void SetUseBit(Bool_t dols=kTRUE){fUseBit=dols;}
82bb8d4b 47
48 Float_t GetUpperMassLimit(){return fUpmasslimit;}
49 Float_t GetLowerMassLimit(){return fLowmasslimit;}
50 Int_t GetNBinsPt(){return fNPtBins;}
51 Double_t GetPtBinLimit(Int_t ibin);
993bfba1 52 Float_t GetBinWidth(){return fBinWidth;}
53 Int_t GetNBinsHistos();
82bb8d4b 54
55 void LSAnalysis(TClonesArray *arrayOppositeSign,TClonesArray *arrayLikeSign,AliAODEvent *aod,AliAODVertex *vtx1, Int_t nDplusOS);
d486095a 57 // Implementation of interface methods
58 virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects();
59 virtual void Init();
60 virtual void LocalInit() {Init();}
61 virtual void UserExec(Option_t *option);
62 virtual void Terminate(Option_t *option);
4afc48a2 63
d486095a 64 private:
66 AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus(const AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus &source);
67 AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus& operator=(const AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus& source);
82bb8d4b 68 Int_t GetHistoIndex(Int_t iPtBin) const { return iPtBin*3;}
69 Int_t GetSignalHistoIndex(Int_t iPtBin) const { return iPtBin*3+1;}
70 Int_t GetBackgroundHistoIndex(Int_t iPtBin) const { return iPtBin*3+2;}
71 Int_t GetLSHistoIndex(Int_t iPtBin)const { return iPtBin*5;}
73173a6a 73 enum {kMaxPtBins=20};
82bb8d4b 74
d486095a 75 TList *fOutput; //! list send on output slot 0
4afc48a2 76 TH1F *fHistNEvents; //!hist. for No. of events
82bb8d4b 77 TH1F *fMassHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for inv mass (LC)
ba9ae5b2 78 TH1F* fCosPHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for PointingAngle (LC)
79 TH1F* fDLenHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for Dec Length (LC)
80 TH1F* fSumd02Hist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for sum d02 (LC)
81 TH1F* fSigVertHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for sigVert (LC)
82 TH1F* fPtMaxHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for Pt Max (LC)
83 TH1F* fDCAHist[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for DCA (LC)
82bb8d4b 84 TH1F *fMassHistTC[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for inv mass (TC)
bb69f127 85 TH1F *fMassHistTCPlus[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for D+ inv mass (TC)
86 TH1F *fMassHistTCMinus[3*kMaxPtBins]; //!hist. for D- inv mass (TC)
82bb8d4b 87 TH1F *fMassHistLS[5*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS inv mass (LC)
ba9ae5b2 88 TH1F *fCosPHistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 1 (LC)
89 TH1F *fDLenHistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 2 (LC)
90 TH1F *fSumd02HistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 3 (LC)
91 TH1F *fSigVertHistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 4 (LC)
92 TH1F *fPtMaxHistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 5 (LC)
93 TH1F *fDCAHistLS[3*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS cuts variable 6 (LC)
82bb8d4b 94 TH1F *fMassHistLSTC[5*kMaxPtBins];//!hist. for LS inv mass (TC)
37fc80e6 95 TH1F *fHistCentrality[3];//!hist. for cent distr (all,sel ev, )
595cc7e2 96 TH2F *fPtVsMass; //! hist. of pt vs. mass (prod. cuts)
97 TH2F *fPtVsMassTC; //! hist. of pt vs. mass (analysis cuts)
98 TH2F *fYVsPt; //! hist. of Y vs. Pt (prod. cuts)
99 TH2F *fYVsPtTC; //! hist. of Y vs. Pt (analysis cuts)
100 TH2F *fYVsPtSig; //! hist. of Y vs. Pt (MC, only sig, prod. cuts)
101 TH2F *fYVsPtSigTC; //! hist. of Y vs. Pt (MC, only sig, analysis cuts)
1f4e9722 102 TNtuple *fNtupleDplus; //! output ntuple
82bb8d4b 103 Float_t fUpmasslimit; //upper inv mass limit for histos
104 Float_t fLowmasslimit; //lower inv mass limit for histos
4c230f6d 105 Int_t fNPtBins; //Number of Pt Bins
993bfba1 106 Float_t fBinWidth;//width of one bin in output histos
4c230f6d 107 TList *fListCuts; //list of cuts
108 AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi *fRDCutsProduction; //Production D+ Cuts
109 AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi *fRDCutsAnalysis; //Cuts for Analysis
a96083b9 110 AliNormalizationCounter *fCounter;//!Counter for normalization
82bb8d4b 111 Double_t fArrayBinLimits[kMaxPtBins+1]; //limits for the Pt bins
1f4e9722 112 Bool_t fFillNtuple; // flag for filling ntuple
82bb8d4b 113 Bool_t fReadMC; //flag for access to MC
a96083b9 114 Bool_t fUseStrangeness;//flag to enhance strangeness in MC to fit to data
5fc4893f 115 Bool_t fUseBit; //flag to use bitmask
82bb8d4b 116 Bool_t fDoLS; //flag to do LS analysis
d486095a 117
5fc4893f 118 ClassDef(AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus,11); // AliAnalysisTaskSE for the MC association of heavy-flavour decay candidates
d486095a 119};