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2bfe5463 1PHOS QA class for using in PbPb runs in the PWGPP QA train.
ab1597fd 2
3The main objective is to provide a user with an input for pi0 mass,
4width and number-of-pi0-per-event trend plots in PbPb
5runs. Unfortunately, large combinatorial background prevents from the
6direct using of CaloCellQA framework for this, so the event mixing
7technique is essential.
9This class provides the standard set of 2D-histograms: invariant mass
10of two clusters in PHOS vs their pT both for "real" and "mixed" events
11for each of the three PHOS modules in centrality bins 0-20% and
1220-100% (cen0 and cen1 in the histogram names, resp). Only clusters
13with energy > 0.3 GeV and number of cells >2 are accepted.
15"Mixed" histograms are identified by "Mi" in their names.
17Requires no configuration.