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fe82f725 1Analysis code: Gamma and Pi0
f43088d7 2----------------------------
4All discussion about the code and its problems should happen on the
5alice-pwg-ga mailing list. Please avoid private discussions as much
6as possible in order to keep everybody in the loop.
8Provided libraries:
16Dependencies and responsible person (with commit rights)
67525dc4 19CaloTrackCorrelations (former PartCorrDep) depends on PWG/CaloTrackCorrBase (former PartCorrBase)
02d1b157 20Responsible: G. Conesa
f43088d7 21
22EMCALTasks: holds code re the EMCAL
4ec627a3 23Responsible: G. Conesa, M. Cosentino
f43088d7 24
25GammaConv: holds code re Conversions depends on CORRFW
02d1b157 26Responsible: S. Lindal, D. Lohner
f43088d7 27
28PHOSTasks: holds code re the PHOS
02d1b157 29Responsible: D. Peressounko, Y. Kharlov
f43088d7 30
31CaloTasks: hold code re the calirometers
4ec627a3 32Responsible: G. Conesa, Y. Kharlov
f43088d7 33Remarks: Could be made dependent on the other PWGGA libraries as needed