add new mergeable classes for chamber status and trigger statistics
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP / TRD / AliTRDrecoTask.h
94b94be0 1#ifndef ALITRDRECOTASK_H\r
6// Basic class for Performance/Calibration TRD tasks\r
8// Author: Alexandru Bercuci, 10/09/2008\r
13#include "AliAnalysisTaskSE.h"\r
17#include "info/AliTRDtrackInfo.h"\r
8a3dd7a0 20#ifndef ALITRDEVENTINFO_H\r
21#include "info/AliTRDeventInfo.h"\r
eb05d549 24class TAxis;\r
94b94be0 25class TH1;\r
eb05d549 26class TH2;\r
27class TH3;\r
94b94be0 28class TF1;\r
29class TList;\r
30class TObjArray;\r
31class TTreeSRedirector;\r
32class AliTRDtrackV1;\r
dffc3357 33class AliTRDrecoTask : public AliAnalysisTaskSE\r
94b94be0 34{\r
b05a637a 35friend class AliEveTRDTrackList;\r
94b94be0 36public:\r
37 enum AliTRDrecoSteeringBits{\r
eb05d549 38 kMCdata = BIT(18)\r
94b94be0 39 ,kFriends = BIT(19)\r
40 ,kPostProcess = BIT(20)\r
eb05d549 41 ,kHeavyIon = BIT(21)\r
94b94be0 42 };\r
43 \r
eb05d549 44 class AliTRDrecoProjection : public TNamed\r
45 {\r
46 public:\r
47 AliTRDrecoProjection();\r
48 virtual ~AliTRDrecoProjection();\r
49 AliTRDrecoProjection& operator+=(const AliTRDrecoProjection& other);\r
50 AliTRDrecoProjection& operator=(const AliTRDrecoProjection& other);\r
668a0654 51 void Build(const Char_t *n, const Char_t *t, Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Int_t iz, TAxis *aa[]);\r
52 Double_t GetTrendValue(const Int_t mid=0, Double_t *m=NULL, Double_t *s=NULL) const;\r
53 TH3* H() const { return fH;}\r
54 void Increment(Int_t bin[], Double_t v);\r
55 TH2* Projection2D(const Int_t nstat, const Int_t ncol, const Int_t mid=0, Bool_t del=kTRUE);\r
56 void SetRebinStrategy(Int_t n, Int_t rebx[], Int_t reby[]);\r
57 void SetShowRange(Float_t zm, Float_t zM, Float_t em=0., Float_t eM=0.) {fRange[0] = zm; fRange[1] = zM; fRange[2] = em; fRange[3] = eM;}\r
eb05d549 58 private:\r
59 AliTRDrecoProjection(const AliTRDrecoProjection&);\r
60 protected:\r
61 TH3 *fH; // data container\r
62 Int_t fAx[3]; // projection axes\r
63 Int_t fNrebin; // no. of rebinning steps\r
64 Int_t *fRebinX; //[fNrebin] rebinning of the X axis\r
65 Int_t *fRebinY; //[fNrebin] rebinning of the Y axis\r
66 Float_t fRange[4]; //show range of the z processed\r
68 ClassDef(AliTRDrecoProjection, 2) // wrapper for a projection container THnSparse -> TH3\r
69 };\r
94b94be0 71 AliTRDrecoTask();\r
72 AliTRDrecoTask(const char *name, const char *title);\r
73 virtual ~AliTRDrecoTask();\r
74 \r
75 \r
76 virtual void UserCreateOutputObjects();\r
77 virtual void UserExec(Option_t *opt);\r
78 virtual void SetDebugLevel(Int_t level);\r
79 \r
80 \r
eb05d549 81 static Float_t GetMeanStat(TH1 *h, Float_t cut=0., Option_t *opt="");\r
94b94be0 82 Int_t GetNRefFigures() const; \r
83 const Char_t* GetNameId() const { return fNameId;}\r
84 TList* GetPlotFunctors() const { return fPlotFuncList;}\r
33056e04 85 static Int_t GetPtBinSignificant(Float_t pt);\r
94b94be0 86 virtual Bool_t GetRefFigure(Int_t ifig);\r
87 virtual void MakeSummary();\r
5591f3d6 88 void MakeDetectorPlot(Int_t ly=0, const Option_t *opt="eta");\r
dffc3357 89 void MakeDetectorPlotOLD(Int_t ly=0, const Option_t *opt="eta");\r
94b94be0 90 Bool_t IsHeavyIon() const { return TestBit(kHeavyIon);};\r
91 Bool_t IsPP() const { return !TestBit(kHeavyIon);};\r
92 Bool_t HasFriends() const { return TestBit(kFriends);};\r
93 Bool_t HasMCdata() const { return TestBit(kMCdata);};\r
94 Bool_t HasPostProcess() const { return TestBit(kPostProcess);};\r
95 Bool_t HasRunTerminate() const { return fRunTerminate; }\r
96 virtual TObjArray* Histos() { return fContainer;}\r
98 virtual Bool_t Load(const Char_t *file = "AnalysisResults.root", const Char_t *dir = "TRD_Performance");\r
82e6e5dc 99 virtual Bool_t LoadDetectorMap(const Char_t *file = "AnalysisResults.root", const Char_t *dir = "TRD_Performance");\r
94b94be0 100 virtual Bool_t Save(TObjArray * const res);\r
101 virtual Bool_t PostProcess();\r
847569f2 102 virtual Bool_t PutTrendValue(const Char_t *name, Double_t val, Double_t err=0);\r
94b94be0 103 virtual void SetFriends(Bool_t fr = kTRUE) {SetBit(kFriends, fr);}\r
104 virtual void SetMCdata(Bool_t mc = kTRUE) {SetBit(kMCdata, mc);}\r
105 virtual void SetNameId(const Char_t *nid) {snprintf(fNameId, 10, "%s", nid);}\r
106 virtual void SetPostProcess(Bool_t pp = kTRUE) {SetBit(kPostProcess, pp);}\r
cc98ff07 107 static Float_t SetNormZ(TH2 *h2, Int_t bxmin=1, Int_t bxmax=-1, Int_t bymin=1, Int_t bymax=-1, Float_t thr=0.);\r
eb05d549 108 static void SetRangeZ(TH2 *h2, Float_t m, Float_t M, Float_t thr=0.);\r
94b94be0 109 void SetRunTerminate(Bool_t runTerminate = kTRUE) { fRunTerminate = runTerminate; }\r
dffc3357 110 void SetTriggerList(const Char_t *tl);\r
94b94be0 111 virtual void Terminate(Option_t *);\r
114 static TTreeSRedirector* DebugStream() { return fgDebugStream;}\r
b05a637a 115 virtual void InitFunctorList();\r
94b94be0 116 Bool_t HasFunctorList() const { return fPlotFuncList != NULL; }\r
eb05d549 117\r
82e6e5dc 118 Char_t fNameId[10]; // unique identifier of task particularity\r
119 UChar_t fNRefFigures; // no of reference figures reported by task\r
33056e04 120 TObjArray *fDets; //! OLD container to store detector position and status support should be discontinued \r
dffc3357 121 TObjArray *fDetsV; //! NEW container to store detector position and status\r
82e6e5dc 122 TObjArray *fContainer; //! container to store results\r
123 AliTRDeventInfo *fEvent; //! Event Info\r
124 TObjArray *fTracks; //! Array of tracks\r
f073d500 125 TObjArray *fClusters; //! Array of clusters\r
126 const TObjArray *fkClusters; //! current detector clusters array\r
3ceb45ae 127 const AliTRDtrackV1 *fkTrack; //! current track\r
94b94be0 128 const AliTRDtrackInfo::AliMCinfo *fkMC; //! MC info\r
129 const AliTRDtrackInfo::AliESDinfo *fkESD;//! ESD info\r
3ceb45ae 130 Char_t fSpecies; //! species index +1 with charge sign\r
dffc3357 131 Char_t fTriggerSlot; //! selected triggers map (if requested)\r
3ceb45ae 132 Float_t fPt; //! p_t of the track being analyzed\r
133 Float_t fPhi; //! phi of the track being analyzed\r
134 Float_t fEta; //! eta of the track being analyzed\r
dffc3357 135 TObjArray *fTriggerList; //! optional trigger list to be monitored\r
94b94be0 136\r
138 AliTRDrecoTask(const AliTRDrecoTask&);\r
139 AliTRDrecoTask& operator=(const AliTRDrecoTask&);\r
f073d500 141 TList *fPlotFuncList; //! track functors list\r
142 TList *fDetFuncList; //! detector functors list\r
143 Bool_t fRunTerminate; // Switch for Terminate Function\r
f073d500 144 static TTreeSRedirector *fgDebugStream; //! Debug stream\r
33056e04 145 static const Int_t fgNPt0 = 4; // No of significant pt bins \r
146 static Float_t fgPt0[fgNPt0]; // Array with limits for significant pt bins \r
94b94be0 147\r
82e6e5dc 148 ClassDef(AliTRDrecoTask, 5) // base TRD reconstruction task\r
94b94be0 149};\r