29-mar-2007 NvE New memberfunction Almanac() introduced in AliTimestamp to provide a
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / AliHelix.h
c5555bc0 1#ifndef ALIHELIX_H
2#define ALIHELIX_H
3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6// $Id$
8#include "THelix.h"
9#include "TObjArray.h"
62e01f4c 10#include "TPolyMarker3D.h"
c5555bc0 11
12#include "Ali3Vector.h"
13#include "AliTrack.h"
14#include "AliEvent.h"
16class AliHelix : public THelix
18 public:
19 AliHelix(); // Default constructor
20 virtual ~AliHelix(); // Destructor
21 AliHelix(const AliHelix& h); // Copy constructor
22 void SetB(Ali3Vector& b); // Set the magnetic field vector in Tesla
23 Ali3Vector& GetB(); // Provide the magnetic field vector in Tesla
24 void SetTofmax(Float_t tof); // Set maximum time of flight
25 Float_t GetTofmax() const; // Provide the maximum time of flight
26 void Display(AliTrack* t,Double_t* range=0,Int_t iaxis=3,Double_t scale=-1);// Show curve for this track
27 void Display(AliEvent* e,Double_t* range=0,Int_t iaxis=3,Double_t scale=-1);// Show curves for this event
aa8231b0 28 void Display(TObjArray* a,Double_t* range=0,Int_t iaxis=3,Double_t scale=-1);// Show curves for this track array
c5555bc0 29 void Refresh(Int_t mode=0); // Refresh the view before drawing the next one
30 AliPosition* Extrapolate(AliTrack* t,Double_t* pars=0,Double_t scale=-1); // Extrapolate this track
31 void MakeCurve(AliTrack* t,Double_t* range=0,Int_t iaxis=3,Double_t scale=-1); // Helix curve for this track
62e01f4c 32 void SetMarker(Int_t marker=8,Float_t size=0.2,Int_t color=-1); // Set marker for track starting point
33 void UseEndPoint(Int_t mode=1); // (De)Select (0/1) usage of track endpoint for drawing and extrapolation
c5555bc0 34
35 protected:
62e01f4c 36 Ali3Vector fB; // The magnetic field vector in Tesla
37 Float_t fTofmax; // The maximum time of flight
38 Int_t fRefresh; // Auto-refresh flag for drawings
39 Int_t fMstyle; // The marker style to indicate the track starting point
40 Float_t fMsize; // The size of the marker
41 Int_t fMcol; // The colour of the marker
42 Int_t fEnduse; // Flag to denote tracks endpoint usage
43 TObjArray* fCurves; //! Temp. storage for the curves on the drawing
44 AliPosition* fExt; //! The extrapolation result
c5555bc0 45
aa8231b0 46 ClassDef(AliHelix,3) // Representation and extrapolation of AliTracks in a magnetic field.
c5555bc0 47};