Bug correction: PID Cut did not have the default ctor
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / AliJet.h
d88f97cc 1#ifndef ALIJET_H
2#define ALIJET_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
f531a546 6// $Id$
d88f97cc 7
9f8f3e10 8#include "Riostream.h"
d88f97cc 9#include <math.h>
11#include "TObject.h"
12#include "TObjArray.h"
14#include "Ali4Vector.h"
15#include "AliTrack.h"
17class AliJet : public TObject,public Ali4Vector
19 public:
20 AliJet(); // Default constructor
21 AliJet(Int_t n); // Create a Jet to hold initially n Tracks
22 ~AliJet(); // Default destructor
8e8e6c7f 23 virtual void SetOwner(Bool_t own=kTRUE);// Set ownership of all added objects
6516b62d 24 AliJet(AliJet& j); // Copy constructor
d88f97cc 25 void Reset(); // Reset all values
6516b62d 26 void AddTrack(AliTrack& t,Int_t copy=1);// Add a track to the jet
27 void AddTrack(AliTrack* t,Int_t copy=1) { AddTrack(*t,copy); }
84bb7c66 28 void Data(TString f); // Print jet information in coordinate frame f
d88f97cc 29 void List(TString f="car"); // Print jet prim. track information for coord. frame f
30 void ListAll(TString f="car"); // Print jet prim. and decay track information for coord. frame f
31 Double_t GetEnergy(); // Provide the total jet energy
32 Double_t GetMomentum(); // Provide the value of the total jet 3-momentum
33 Ali3Vector Get3Momentum(); // Provide the total jet 3-momentum
34 Double_t GetInvmass(); // Provide the invariant mass
35 Float_t GetCharge(); // Provide the total charge of the jet
36 Int_t GetNtracks(); // Return the number of tracks in the jet
37 AliTrack* GetTrack(Int_t i); // Provide i-th track of the jet (1=first track)
43bfa5be 38 AliTrack* GetIdTrack(Int_t id); // Provide the track with user identifier "id"
d071d629 39 Double_t GetPt(); // Provide trans. momentum w.r.t. z-axis
40 Double_t GetPl(); // Provide long. momentum w.r.t. z-axis
41 Double_t GetEt(); // Provide trans. energy w.r.t. z-axis
42 Double_t GetEl(); // Provide long. energy w.r.t. z-axis
43 Double_t GetMt(); // Provide trans. mass w.r.t. z-axis
8adaf597 44 Double_t GetRapidity(); // Provide rapidity value w.r.t. z-axis
c1f25d1d 45 void SetTrackCopy(Int_t j); // (De)activate creation of private copies in fTracks
46 Int_t GetTrackCopy(); // Provide TrackCopy flag value
43bfa5be 47 void SetId(Int_t id); // Set the user defined identifier
48 Int_t GetId(); // Provide the user defined identifier
d88f97cc 49
50 protected:
6516b62d 51 void Init(); // Initialisation of pointers etc...
d88f97cc 52 void SetNtinit(Int_t n=2); // Set the initial max. number of tracks for this Jet
53 Int_t fNtinit; // The initial max. number of tracks for this jet
54 Int_t fNtmax; // The maximum number of tracks for this Jet
55 Float_t fQ; // The total charge of the jet
56 Int_t fNtrk; // The number of tracks in the jet
57 TObjArray* fTracks; // Array to hold the pointers to the tracks of the jet
c1f25d1d 58 Int_t fTrackCopy; // Flag to denote creation of private copies in fTracks
43bfa5be 59 Int_t fUserId; // The user defined identifier
d88f97cc 60
84bb7c66 61 ClassDef(AliJet,3) // Creation and investigation of a jet of particle tracks.
d88f97cc 62};