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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / AliObjMatrix.h
84bb7c66 1#ifndef ALIOBJMATRIX_H
3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6// $Id$
84bb7c66 8#include "TObject.h"
9#include "TObjArray.h"
c72198f1 10#include "TRefArray.h"
e604d3a8 11#include "TArrayI.h"
84bb7c66 12
13class AliObjMatrix : public TObject
15 public:
261c0caf 16 AliObjMatrix(); // Default constructor
17 virtual ~AliObjMatrix(); // Default destructor
18 virtual void Reset(); // Reset the whole matrix structure
19 virtual void SetOwner(Int_t own=1); // Set the owner flag for the stored objects
20 virtual Int_t GetOwner() const; // Provide the owner flag for the stored objects
21 virtual void SetSwapMode(Int_t swap=1); // Set the swap mode flag for this matrix
22 virtual Int_t GetSwapMode() const; // Provide the swap mode flag for this matrix
23 virtual void EnterObject(Int_t row,Int_t col,TObject* obj); // Enter an object into the matrix
24 void RemoveObject(Int_t row,Int_t col); // Remove object at (row,col) from the matrix
25 void RemoveObjects(TObject* obj,Int_t row=0,Int_t col=0); // Remove specified object(s) from the matrix
26 virtual TObject* GetObject(Int_t row,Int_t col) const; // Provide an object from the matrix
27 virtual Int_t GetMaxRow() const; // Provide the maximum row number index
28 virtual Int_t GetMaxColumn() const; // Provide the maximum column number index
29 virtual Int_t GetNobjects() const; // Provide the number of stored objects
30 virtual TObject* GetObject(Int_t j) const; // Provide pointer to the j-th object
31 virtual TObjArray* GetObjects(); // Provide pointers of all stored onjects
32 Int_t GetNrefs(TObject* obj) const; // Number of stored references to this object
33 Int_t GetIndices(TObject* obj,TArrayI& rows,TArrayI& cols) const; // All (row,col) indices of this object
34 Int_t GetIndices(TObject* obj,Int_t row,TArrayI& cols) const; // Column indices in a specific row
35 Int_t GetIndices(TObject* obj,TArrayI& rows,Int_t col) const; // Row indices in a specific column
84bb7c66 36
37 protected:
c72198f1 38 TObjArray* fRows; // Pointers to the various arrays representing the matrix rows
39 Int_t fOwn; // Flag to indicate whether the objects are owned by the matrix structure
40 Int_t fSwap; // Flag to indicate swapped mode for internal matrix storage
41 Int_t fMaxrow; // The maximum row number index
42 Int_t fMaxcol; // The maximum column number index
43 TObjArray* fObjects; // Linear reference array for fast looping over the stored objects
84bb7c66 44
261c0caf 45 ClassDef(AliObjMatrix,5) // Handling of a matrix structure of objects.
84bb7c66 46};