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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / AliSignal.h
d88f97cc 1#ifndef ALISIGNAL_H
2#define ALISIGNAL_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
f531a546 6// $Id$
3da30618 7
959fbac5 8#include "TObject.h"
9#include "TArrayF.h"
c72198f1 10#include "TH1.h"
1fbffa23 11#include "TObjArray.h"
d88f97cc 12
13#include "AliPosition.h"
1fbffa23 14#include "AliAttrib.h"
d88f97cc 15
1c01b4f8 16class AliSignal : public TNamed,public AliPosition,public AliAttrib
d88f97cc 17{
18 public:
c72198f1 19 AliSignal(); // Default constructor
20 virtual ~AliSignal(); // Destructor
8e8e6c7f 21 AliSignal(AliSignal& s); // Copy constructor
8e8eae84 22 virtual TObject* Clone(const char* name=""); // Make a deep copy and provide its pointer
959fbac5 23 virtual void SetSignal(Double_t sig,Int_t j=1); // Store j-th signal value
24 virtual void AddSignal(Double_t sig,Int_t j=1); // Add value to j-th signal value
1fbffa23 25 virtual Float_t GetSignal(Int_t j=1,Int_t mode=0); // Provide j-th (corrected) signal value
959fbac5 26 virtual void SetSignalError(Double_t dsig,Int_t j=1); // Store error on j-th signal value
27 virtual Float_t GetSignalError(Int_t j=1); // Provide error j-th signal value
fdadc78a 28 virtual void ResetSignals(Int_t mode=0); // User selected reset of signal values and/or errors
29 virtual void DeleteSignals(Int_t mode=0); // User selected delete of signal values and/or errors
fdadc78a 30 virtual void Reset(Int_t mode=0); // Reset signal and position values and errors
1c01b4f8 31 virtual void Data(TString f="car"); // Print all signal info for coord. frame f
32 virtual void List(Int_t j=0); // Print signal info for the j-th (or all) slot(s)
8e8e6c7f 33 Int_t GetNvalues(); // Provide the number of signal values
fdadc78a 34 Int_t GetNerrors(); // Provide the number of specified errors
1fbffa23 35 Int_t GetNwaveforms(); // Provide the number of specified waveforms
36 void SetWaveform(TH1F* waveform,Int_t j=1); // Set the j-th waveform histogram
37 TH1F* GetWaveform(Int_t j=1); // Provide pointer of the j-th waveform histogram
38 void ResetWaveform(Int_t j=1); // Reset the j-th waveform histogram
39 void DeleteWaveform(Int_t j=1); // Delete the j-th waveform histogram
5f25234b 40 Int_t GetNlinks(); // Provide the number of specified linked objects
41 void SetLink(TObject* obj,Int_t j=1); // Link object to the j-th slot
42 TObject* GetLink(Int_t j=1); // Provide pointer of the object linked to the j-th slot
43 void ResetLink(Int_t j=1); // Reset the link of the j-th slot
44 void ResetLink(TObject* obj); // Reset the link to the specified object in all slots
c72198f1 45
d88f97cc 46 protected:
1fbffa23 47 TArrayF* fSignals; // Signal values
48 TArrayF* fDsignals; // Errors on signal values
1fbffa23 49 TObjArray* fWaveforms; // The 1D histograms containing the signal waveforms
5f25234b 50 TObjArray* fLinks; // Pointers of objects related to the various slots
d88f97cc 51
1c01b4f8 52 ClassDef(AliSignal,9) // Generic handling of (extrapolated) detector signals.
d88f97cc 53};