09-jul-2001 NvE Support for impact points and user identifier introduced in AliTrack.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / AliVertex.h
d88f97cc 1#ifndef ALIVERTEX_H
2#define ALIVERTEX_H
3da30618 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
f531a546 6// $Id$
3da30618 7
d88f97cc 8#include <iostream.h>
9#include <math.h>
11#include "TObject.h"
12#include "TObjArray.h"
14#include "AliJet.h"
15#include "AliPosition.h"
17class AliVertex : public AliJet,public AliPosition
19 public:
29beb80d 20 AliVertex(); // Default constructor
21 AliVertex(Int_t n); // Create a vertex to hold initially n tracks
22 ~AliVertex(); // Default destructor
7849a8ab 23 void Reset(); // Reset all values and stored vertex and jet lists
24 void ResetVertices(); // Reset stored vertex list
f34f4acb 25 void AddJet(AliJet& j,Int_t tracks=1); // Add a jet (and its tracks) to the vertex
f531a546 26 void AddVertex(AliVertex& v,Int_t connect=1);// Add (and connect) a (sec.) vertex to the current vertex
f34f4acb 27 void AddJet(AliJet* j,Int_t tracks=1) { AddJet(*j,tracks); }
f935b777 28 void AddVertex(AliVertex* v,Int_t connect=1) { AddVertex(*v,connect); }
29beb80d 29 void Info(TString f="car"); // Print the vertex info within coordinate frame f
30 void List(TString f="car"); // Print vertex prim. track information for coord. frame f
31 void ListAll(TString f="car"); // Print prim. + sec. vertex full track info for coord. frame f
32 Int_t GetNvertices(); // Return the number of (secondary) vertices
33 AliVertex* GetVertex(Int_t i); // Provide i-th (secondary) vertex
43bfa5be 34 AliVertex* GetIdVertex(Int_t id); // Provide the vertex with user identifier "id"
29beb80d 35 void SetNvmax(Int_t n=2); // Set the initial max. number of (secondary) vertices
f34f4acb 36 void SetVertexCopy(Int_t j); // (De)activate creation of private copies in fVertices
37 Int_t GetVertexCopy(); // Provide VertexCopy flag value
38 Int_t GetNjets(); // Return the number of jets
39 AliJet* GetJet(Int_t i); // Provide i-th jet
43bfa5be 40 AliJet* GetIdJet(Int_t id); // Provide the jet with user identifier "id"
f34f4acb 41 void SetNjmax(Int_t n=2); // Set the initial max. number of jets
42 void SetJetCopy(Int_t j); // (De)activate creation of private copies in fJets
43 Int_t GetJetCopy(); // Provide JetCopy flag value
d88f97cc 44
45 protected:
46 Int_t fNvmax; // The maximum number of (secondary) vertices
47 Int_t fNvtx; // The number of (secondary) vertices
48 TObjArray* fVertices; // Array to hold the pointers to the (secondary) vertices
29beb80d 49 TObjArray* fConnects; // Array to hold the pointers to the auto-generated connecting tracks
f34f4acb 50 Int_t fVertexCopy; // Flag to denote creation of private copies in fVertices
51 Int_t fNjmax; // The maximum number of jets
52 Int_t fNjets; // The number of jets
53 TObjArray* fJets; // Array to hold the pointers to the jets
54 Int_t fJetCopy; // Flag to denote creation of private copies in fJets
d88f97cc 55
56 private:
57 void Dump(AliVertex* v,Int_t n,TString f); // Recursively print all sec. vertices
959fbac5 59 ClassDef(AliVertex,1) // Creation and investigation of an AliVertex.
d88f97cc 60};