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00b6d74f 1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2// History of updates //
401-dec-2004 NvE First release of the package as a subdirectory of Ralice.
8026dac6 518-feb-2005 NvE Copyright format modified in all .cxx source files in line with Ralice
6 such that the text shows up correctly in the auto-generated html docs.
ea0b5b7f 713-apr-2005 NvE Documentation of IceEvent updated w.r.t. the labeling of MC and Reco tracks.
f67e2651 821-apr-2005 NvE Directory iceconvert introduced to hold the various readers to
9 convert Amanda/IceCube data into the Ralice/IcePack event structures.
deeffe5c 1012-aug-2005 NvE TTask derived class IceXtalk introduced for cross talk correction.