10-may-2006 NvE Distance determination between tracks and/or jets introduced in
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / icepack / history.txt
00b6d74f 1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2// History of updates //
401-dec-2004 NvE First release of the package as a subdirectory of Ralice.
8026dac6 518-feb-2005 NvE Copyright format modified in all .cxx source files in line with Ralice
6 such that the text shows up correctly in the auto-generated html docs.
ea0b5b7f 713-apr-2005 NvE Documentation of IceEvent updated w.r.t. the labeling of MC and Reco tracks.
f67e2651 821-apr-2005 NvE Directory iceconvert introduced to hold the various readers to
9 convert Amanda/IceCube data into the Ralice/IcePack event structures.
deeffe5c 1012-aug-2005 NvE TTask derived class IceXtalk introduced for cross talk correction.
a4b77ddf 1120-sep-2005 NvE TTask derived class IceCalibrate introduced for (de)calibration of data.
12 Also example macros icextalk.cc and icecalib.cc introduced in the /macros
34d0a9fe 13 directory to illustrate the usage of these TTask based procedures.
27e6d856 1407-oct-2005 NvE Typo fixed in memberfunction SetCalibFile of IceXtalk and IceCalibrate.
34d0a9fe 1513-oct-2005 NvE TTask derived class IceCleanHits introduced to perform hit cleaning.
16 Also example macro icecalib.cc in the /macros directory updated to
17 illustrate the use of the hit cleaning processor.
668c6f58 1820-oct-2005 NvE Trigger time window selection introduced in IceCleanHits based
19 on Dipo's trigger time distributions. For further details see the
20 docs of IceCleanHits.
e51b7d1a 2131-oct-2005 NvE Slight correction in IceCalibrate.cxx and IceCleanhits.cxx to satisfy
22 the gcc compiler (thanks Dipo).
67338e65 23 Also first (prototype) version of class IceDwalk introduced to perform
24 direct walk reconstruction. In the /macros directory an example job
25 icedwalk.cc has been introduced.
eb90778a 2603-nov-2005 NvE User selectable trigger time setting introduced in IceCleanhits to allow
27 investigation of various trigger time settings.
28 Protection introduced in IceDwalk for the case that no track candidates
29 are left.
30 Also protection introduced in IceXtalk for the case that no OM database
31 was specified.
69884331 3214-nov-2005 NvE Only devices derived from IceGOM taken into account in IceCalibrate
33 and only devices derived from IceAOM taken into account in IceXtalk
34 to comply with the presence of the newly introduced Trigger device.
35 IceCleanHits updated to support automatic trigger time setting from
36 the IceEvent trigger information.
5b3fc586 3714-nov-2005 NvE Typo corrected in IceCleanHits::SetTnameA.
413d0114 3817-nov-2005 NvE Prototype version of IceDwalk tuned/improved for multi-track reconstruction.
c29371c1 3915-feb-2006 NvE Class IcePandel introduced. In the /macros directory an example job
40 icepandel.cc was introduced as well.
9c826438 4123-feb-2006 NvE All global slotnames and signals copied from OM Dbase info (if present)
42 in IceCalibrate. This will provide all necessary calib. info in case
43 the original F2K file didn't contain these data.
44 Also anaroot.cc example macro introduced in /macros sub-directory.
45 This example macro shows how to analyse the IcePack event structures
46 from a chain of ROOT files using the task processor facilities.
3bd8f3ec 4728-feb-2006 NvE Example macro anaroot.cc in sub-directory /macros updated to use the
48 more convenient new ProcessObject() facility of AliJob.
d6860cf1 49 Also unused variables r, rmin and rmax removed in IcePandel.cxx to prevent
50 compiler warnings.
5107-mar-2006 NvE Facility introduced in IceDwalk and IcePandel to modify the name tag of
52 the produced tracks via the memberfunction SetTrackName().
53 Also specification of maximum number of good fired modules for events to
54 be processed introduced in IceDwalk.
6f94f699 5510-mar-2006 NvE Xtalk ADC correction value stored as ADC offset in IceXtalk processing.
56 This will allow easy investigation of Xtalk corrected hits and also
57 enable successive Xtalk processing to investigate (systematic) effects
58 of various criteria. See the IceXtalk docs for further details.
59 Also specification of minimum number of good fired modules for events to
60 be processed introduced in IceDwalk.
61 New class IceLinefit introduced.
30672a96 6214-mar-2006 NvE User defined track charge setting introduced in IceDwalk, IceLinefit and IcePandel.
06a7401e 6329-mar-2006 NvE Modified numerical evaluation of pandel value in IcePandel to extend validity
64 range (by George and Dipo).
65 Also new memberfunction SetPenalty() introduced in IcePandel.
64b63904 6621-apr-2006 NvE TFile.h included in header files of IceCalibrate and IceXtalk to prevent
67 compiler error with new ROOT 5.11 version.
9427ac75 6810-may-2006 NvE Compiler warnings activated for overloaded virtuals in installation
69 script for AMD Athlon in the /scripts sub-directory.