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f67e2651 1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2// History of updates //
421-apr-2005 NvE First release of the package as a subdirectory of Ralice/icepack.
5481c137 529-apr-2005 NvE Library creation scripts for Linux gcc etc... introduced.
6 Argument 'float' changed to 'double' for function isnan in amanda.c
7 to match gcc definition and setting of unused variable 'pi' removed
8 from IceF2k.cxx.
917-jun-2005 NvE Class IceF2k modified to provide a task-based processing environment.
10 For this IceF2k has been derived from the new RALICE class AliJob.
11 The example macro icef2k.cc has been updated accordingly.
a0f305cd 1221-jun-2005 NvE Install scripts for gcc corrected to also include the rdmc stuff
13 in the produced shared libs.
9f575717 1423-jun-2005 NvE Specification of output file and consequently writing-out of the
15 produced datastructures made optionally in IceF2k.
16 This will allow IceF2k to be used as a facility to investigate/analyse
17 F2K data using the Ralice/IcePack analysis tools without producing output
18 data files.
1924-jun-2005 NvE In the IceF2k docs and the icef2k.cc example macro the output file is
20 not explicitly closed to allow interactive investigation of the output
21 data tree when the macro is run in an interactive ROOT/CINT session.
0e50ad4d 2220-jul-2005 NvE RDMC index "off by one" problem fixed in IceF2k.cxx when setting the
23 bin contents for a waveform histogram.
64c21700 2405-aug-2005 NvE Support for printfreq=0 introduced in IceF2k to allow suppression of
25 the event summary printout.
2608-aug-2005 NvE (De)calibration functions introduced in IceF2k::FillOMdbase and IceF2k::PutHits
27 to enable access to either automatically calibrated or de-calibrated data.
216d1d91 2811-aug-2005 NvE New class IceCal2Root introduced to convert Amacalib ascii data into
29 Ralice/IcePack structures.
a4b77ddf 3020-sep-2005 NvE Dummy values 0 set for KAPPA-ADC and KAPPA-TOT for OMs in IceCal2Root
31 to stay in line with the F2K data structures.
32 Also ADC dependent LE (de)calibration parameter set to 1e20 in IceF2k
33 for adc<=0 values. This setting eliminates the ADC dependent TDC correction.
75d7c821 3412-oct-2005 NvE CleanTasks() invoked before execution of sub-tasks in IceConvert and IceCal2Root
225085ba 35 to ensure proper execution of all the sub-tasks for each new event.
e51b7d1a 3631-oct-2005 NvE Some unused variables removed in IceCal2Root and IceF2k to prevent warnings
37 from the gcc compiler.
f5b75967 3809-nov-2005 NvE Additional memberfunctions SetOutputFile(TString name) and GetOutputFile added
39 to IceF2k to provide a more user friendly running environment.
40 The example in the IceF2k docs has been updated accordingly.
69884331 4113-nov-2005 NvE IceF2k updated to store also the event trigger information in the Ralice/Icepack
42 event structures. The information is stored in the IceEvent structure in the
43 form of a device named "Trigger". The various event triggers encountered in the
44 F2K input data are stored as "hits" into this trigger device.
c29371c1 4515-feb-2006 NvE Name of reconstructed tracks set to "Sieglinde" in IceF2k.
46 This is in line with the names "IceDwalk", "IcePandel" etc... and allows
47 easy retrieval of specific reconstruction results.
88b8d522 4828-feb-2006 NvE Memberfunction AddInputFile introduced in IceF2k to allow processing of
49 multiple F2K input files.
50 The example in the IceF2k docs and in the /macros sub-directory has been
51 updated accordingly.
609999d1 5207-mar-2006 NvE Time offset correction introduced in IceF2k::PutHits() to account for
53 possible re-definition of hit times in the Sieglinde filtering process.
54 (Thanks David Boersma).
97a09735 5508-mar-2006 NvE Time offset correction in IceF2k extended to allow also a user defined offset
56 to cope with Monte Carlo data.
ed6cf482 5722-mar-2006 NvE Support for selective MC track storage introduced in IceF2k.
9427ac75 5810-may-2006 NvE Compiler warnings activated for overloaded virtuals in installation
59 script for AMD Athlon in the /scripts sub-directory.
12c7b122 6013-jun-2006 NvE Correction in IceF2k::PutHits() for correct setting of name ad title
61 in case of Noise and Afterpulse hits in MC data.
62 (Thanks Michael Walter).
1fba1314 6314-jun-2006 NvE TWR polarity reversed in IceF2k::PutHits() to be compatible with
64 the ATWD histograms.
65 Also modification made in IceF2k::PutHits() to correctly obtain the ADC values
66 for secondary etc... hits in the same OM.
d0120ca2 6722-jun-2006 NvE Bi-directional links for signals <-> tracks set via the new lightweight
68 AliSignal::AddTrack facility instead of AddLink in IceF2k.
69 Also default split level set to 0 in IceF2k to minimise file size and
70 I/O time.
5ae71069 7113-sep-2006 NvE IceF2k updated for multiple waveforms per OM by making use of the
72 new AliAttrib::AddNamedSlot facility.
73 Also some calibration constants dropped from OM data words in IceF2k
74 and IceCal2Root, since these values are also stored as parameters in
75 the corresponding (de)calibration functions.
76 Also for TWR data the values stored in the histos are (baseline-amp),
77 so that all pulses appear as positive instead of negative and the
78 resulting histos are baseline corrected.
25eefd00 7925-oct-2006 NvE IceF2k updated to include an IceF2k device into the event structure
80 containing the processor parameters.
0cfe76b5 8114-dec-2006 NvE IceF2k updated to include a Daq device into the event structure
82 containing an indication of the DAQ system that was used to produce
83 the hit data (i.e. ADC, LE, TOT).
8416-dec-2006 NvE New class IceRawTWR introduced to read raw TWR data into the Ralice/IcePack
85 event structures.
f9556244 8611-jan-2007 NvE IceRawTWR.cxx updated to prevent gcc compiler warnings about unused
87 variables.
6280c0e2 8813-feb-2007 NvE IceRawTWR.cxx updated to ensure padding zeros in gps time word.
89 Also old "F2K" comments corrected into "TWR raw" in IceRawTWR.cxx
90 and IceRawTWR.h.
45bba4c4 9121-feb-2007 NvE IceRawTWR.cxx updated to subtract 1 day from the GPS timestamp for all
92 data taken before 2007. This is to correct an interpretation error
93 in the TWR daq hardware design.
1f252619 94 Also OM identifier set to loop index+1 instead of twr_id in the memberfunction
45bba4c4 95 PutWaveforms. This will now provide the correct number of fired OMs and
96 corresponding waveforms.
1f252619 9722-feb-2007 NvE IceRawTWR.cxx updated to set OM identifier equal to loop index in PutWaveforms
98 to match the internal TWR config convention. Also test on non-zero twrid
99 removed, since twrid=0 is allowed in TWR config system.
eb416c1b 10028-feb-2007 NvE IceRawTWR.cxx updated to include latest bugfix of Wolfgang in memberfunction
101 update_system and also various waveform fragments of a certain OM stored as
102 separate histos in memberfunction PutWaveforms.
a4f7a3a1 10315-mar-2007 GdV New class IceRoot introduced to convert I3 extracted ROOT trees
104 into IcePack event structures.
95f2b820 10530-mar-2007 GdV Obsolete memberfunction declarations PutTrigger and PutWaveforms removed
106 from IceRoot.h.
eff2c77c 10701-jun-2007 NvE Class IceCal2Root extended to support various databases (e.g. MuDaq, TWRDaq, ...).
8a394508 10806-jun-2007 NvE Maximum OM id changed from 677 to 681 in IceRawTWR.cxx.
95f2b820 109