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10-aug-2005 NvE AliSignal::GetSignal extended with mode=8 to support dead flag of...
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f67e2651 1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2// History of updates //
421-apr-2005 NvE First release of the package as a subdirectory of Ralice/icepack.
5481c137 529-apr-2005 NvE Library creation scripts for Linux gcc etc... introduced.
6 Argument 'float' changed to 'double' for function isnan in amanda.c
7 to match gcc definition and setting of unused variable 'pi' removed
8 from IceF2k.cxx.
917-jun-2005 NvE Class IceF2k modified to provide a task-based processing environment.
10 For this IceF2k has been derived from the new RALICE class AliJob.
11 The example macro icef2k.cc has been updated accordingly.
a0f305cd 1221-jun-2005 NvE Install scripts for gcc corrected to also include the rdmc stuff
13 in the produced shared libs.
9f575717 1423-jun-2005 NvE Specification of output file and consequently writing-out of the
15 produced datastructures made optionally in IceF2k.
16 This will allow IceF2k to be used as a facility to investigate/analyse
17 F2K data using the Ralice/IcePack analysis tools without producing output
18 data files.
1924-jun-2005 NvE In the IceF2k docs and the icef2k.cc example macro the output file is
20 not explicitly closed to allow interactive investigation of the output
21 data tree when the macro is run in an interactive ROOT/CINT session.
0e50ad4d 2220-jul-2005 NvE RDMC index "off by one" problem fixed in IceF2k.cxx when setting the
23 bin contents for a waveform histogram.
64c21700 2405-aug-2005 NvE Support for printfreq=0 introduced in IceF2k to allow suppression of
25 the event summary printout.
2608-aug-2005 NvE (De)calibration functions introduced in IceF2k::FillOMdbase and IceF2k::PutHits
27 to enable access to either automatically calibrated or de-calibrated data.
216d1d91 2811-aug-2005 NvE New class IceCal2Root introduced to convert Amacalib ascii data into
29 Ralice/IcePack structures.
f60271ca 30