10-may-2006 NvE Distance determination between tracks and/or jets introduced in
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RALICE / wa98 / history.txt
5c9fc915 1//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
2// History of updates //
409-mar-1999 NvE First release of the package
517-mar-1999 NvE Non-existing LEDA modules declared as dead in Wa98Filter
6 to obtain correct treatment of the edges.
719-mar-1999 NvE Wa98Data updated to match new (reduced) data format.
8 Also Wa98Filter::Leda() modified to take UInt_t values
9 properly into account.
1023-mar-1999 NvE Wa98Filter::Select() updated to accept only physics events with
11 combined LEDA and CPV activity. Also beam triggers are accepted now.
12 Slight format modification in Wa98Filter::Print() and Wa98Filter::Glob()
13 removed. Also Glob() and Print() removed from Wa98Display.
1425-mar-1999 NvE ClusterLeda() of class Wa98Filter split in ClusterLeda() and VetoLeda().
15 Also confidence level histos removed from Wa98Filter; info will be
16 provided via the new Wa98Dst class.
1726-mar-1999 NvE Wa98Dst class introduced and several memberfunctions of Wa98Filter
18 declared virtual in view of base class functionality.
1921-apr-1999 NvE Wa98Dst memberfunctions SetLab() and SetCms() introduced and filling of
20 DST data updated accordingly.
2115-jul-1999 NvE TChain::GetEvent() calls replaced by TChain::GetEntry() in Wa98Filter
22 and Wa98Display to adopt new ROOT convention.
2328-oct-1999 NvE AliBoost::SetGamma() replaced by SetBeta() invokation in
24 Wa98Dst::SetCms since SetGamma() memberfunction has been removed.
25 Wa98Filter::SetCpv() added to enable CPV processing selection.
2622-feb-2001 NvE File RWA98LinkDef.h updated to allow the automatic schema evolution
27 as introduced in ROOT 3.00/05.
2825-jun-2002 NvE Class Wa98Event introduced.
29 This makes all the previously defined classes obsolete.
3018-feb-2003 NvE Date/time format changed and ShowCalorimeters() invoked in Wa98Event::HeaderData().
3106-mar-2003 NvE Copy ctor introduced for Wa98Event.
3225-oct-2003 NvE ShowCalorimeters() replaced by ShowDevices() in Wa98Event::HeaderData().
3326-oct-2003 NvE Memberfunctions HeaderData() and Data() removed from Wa98Event, since the
34 corresponding functions of AliEvent now use the ClassName in the printout.
3506-nov-2003 NvE Include of AliCalorimeter.h added in Wa98Event.h since AliEvent.h doesn't have
36 this include anymore.
3706-jul-2004 NvE New class Wa98Convert introduced and support for sorting mode introduced
38 in Wa98Event::ClusterLeda().
3929-nov-2004 NvE Package containing the classes Wa98Event, Wa98Convert and the usual files
40 RWA98Headers.h, RWA98LinkDef.h, history.txt and the sub-directory /scripts
41 introduced as a sub-directory /wa98 in the Ralice repository at CERN.
aa1cca34 4201-dec-2004 NvE Installation scripts modified to make use of environment variable ALIROOT
00b6d74f 43 which should contain the path to the directory where AliRoot resides.
44 This ALIROOT environment variable fulfills a comparable function as
45 the ROOTSYS environment variable for the ROOT system.
46 Also installation script macgcclib.sh for gcc on MAC systems introduced.
aa1cca34 4716-feb-2005 NvE Support for user selectable split level and buffer size of the output tree
48 introduced in Wa98Convert.
9427ac75 4910-may-2006 NvE Compiler warnings activated for overloaded virtuals in installation
50 script for AMD Athlon in the /scripts sub-directory.