Major changes in AliAltroBuffer. Now it can be used only for writing of raw data...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RAW / AliAltroBuffer.h
3ea47630 1/* Copyright(c) 1998-2003, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
2 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
5// Class used for read-write the ALTRO data format //
8/*This class is an interface between the altro format file and the
9 user, and can be used in write or read mode
10 In the write mode a new altro file is created and filled using the method FillBuffer().
11 The name of the file is specified as parameter in the constructor as well as the type mode.
12 In the Read mode the specified file is open and the values can be read using the
13 methods GetNext() and GetNextBackWord().
14 The first method is used to read the file forward while the second is used to read backward
17#ifndef AliALTROBUFFER_H
18#define AliALTROBUFFER_H
20#include <TObject.h>
4c846604 21
22class AliFstream;
3ea47630 23
5802cf2d 24class AliAltroMapping;
3ea47630 25
26class AliAltroBuffer: public TObject {
27 public:
4c846604 28 AliAltroBuffer(const char* fileName, const AliAltroMapping *mapping = NULL);
3ea47630 29 virtual ~AliAltroBuffer();
31 void FillBuffer(Int_t val);
32 //this method stores a word into the buffer
33 Int_t GetFreeCellNumber()const {return fFreeCellBuffer;}
34 //this method returns the number of free cells of the internal buffer
3ea47630 35
36 void WriteTrailer(Int_t wordsNumber, Int_t padNumber,
37 Int_t rowNumber, Int_t secNumber);
38 //this method is used to write the trailer
cc934096 39 void WriteTrailer(Int_t wordsNumber, Short_t hwAddress);
20daa34d 40 //this method is used to write the trailer
5802cf2d 41 void WriteDummyTrailer(Int_t wordsNumber, Int_t padNumber,
42 Int_t rowNumber, Int_t secNumber);
43 //this method is used to write a dummy trailer
3ea47630 44
45 void WriteChannel(Int_t padNumber, Int_t rowNumber, Int_t secNumber,
46 Int_t nTimeBins, const Int_t* adcValues,
47 Int_t threshold = 0);
48 //this method is used to write all ADC values and the trailer of a channel
cc934096 49 void WriteChannel(Short_t hwAddress,
50 Int_t nTimeBins, const Int_t* adcValues,
51 Int_t threshold = 0);
52 //this method is used to write all ADC values and the trailer of a channel
53 Int_t WriteBunch(Int_t nTimeBins, const Int_t* adcValues,
54 Int_t threshold = 0);
55 //this method is used to write all ADC values
3ea47630 56
57 void WriteDataHeader(Bool_t dummy, Bool_t compressed);
58 //this method is used to write the data header
59 void SetVerbose(Int_t val) {fVerbose = val;}
60 //this method is used to set the verbose level
61 //level 0 no output messages
62 //level !=0 some messages are displayed during the run
63 void Flush();
64 //this method is used to fill the buffer with 2AA hexadecimal value and save it into the output file
3ea47630 65
16e29964 66 void SetMapping(AliAltroMapping *mapping) { fMapping = mapping; }
20daa34d 68 protected:
3ea47630 69 AliAltroBuffer(const AliAltroBuffer& source);
70 AliAltroBuffer& operator = (const AliAltroBuffer& source);
72 UInt_t fBuffer[5]; //Buffer dimension is 32*5=160 bits and it contains 16 values
73 //A value is never splitted in two Buffer
76 Int_t fShift; //This variable contains the number of free bits in the current cell of
77 //the Buffer after that the value Val is been inserted.
78 //size of Int_t is 32 bit that is the same size of a cell of Buffer so
79 //the shift operation are performed only on value Val.
80 Int_t fCurrentCell; //This variable contains the cell number of the cell currently used
81 Int_t fFreeCellBuffer;//number of free cells of the buffer
3ea47630 82 Int_t fVerbose; //verbose level
4c846604 83 AliFstream* fFile; //logical name of the I/O file
3ea47630 84 UInt_t fDataHeaderPos;//Data header position
3ea47630 85
5802cf2d 86 // Now the parameters for the mapping
87 const AliAltroMapping* fMapping; // Pointer to the mapping handler
3ea47630 89 ClassDef(AliAltroBuffer,0) // Interface to the Altro format