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2Note: The CMake build of AliRoot builds out-of-source
529dfa42 4Steps to Build AliRoot with CMake :
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8b0f7d96 61. Check out Aliroot source into a folder (usually specified by the environment variable ALICE)
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8b0f7d96 8 cd $ALICE
9 svn co AliRoot
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8b0f7d96 112. Set the environment variable ALICE_ROOT to point to the source you have checked out
13 cd AliRoot
14 export ALICE_ROOT=`pwd`
173. Create a new folder where the build will take place. It must be different from the source directory!
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8b0f7d96 19 cd ..
20 mkdir objdir
21 cd objdir
234. Optionally specify the place for installation using the environment variable ALICE_INSTALL.
24It you do not specify it, "make install" will put lib, bin and include in ALICE_ROOT
265. Optionally specify the location of Geant3 using the environment variable GEANT3DIR
286. Execute the following commands to configure the build
30 cmake $ALICE_ROOT
32Note: Some files CMakeLists.txt will be created in the source tree, so you need write access there. This
33is a temporary situation that will change soon.
357. Build and install AliRoot. Note that the parralel build is fully operational with CMake.
37 make -j4
38 make install
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8b0f7d96 40If you make changes in the source tree, it is enough to do
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8b0f7d96 42 make
43 make install
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8b0f7d96 45to get them in use.
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8b0f7d96 479. In order to build addtional targets like THydjet and SHUTTLE add the following options to the cmake command
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49 cmake -DTHydjet=ON -DSHUTTLE=ON <path_to_source>
8b0f7d96 5110. Static libraries can be built using
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53 make alilibs-static
8b0f7d96 5511. Individual Modules can be built using
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57 make <Module>-all
58 make <Module>-all-static
60eg. make STEER-all STEER-all-static
8b0f7d96 6212. Individual Packages can be built using
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64 make <Package>
65 make <Package>-static
67eg. make STEERbase STEERbase-static
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8b0f7d96 6913. The code can be checked for the ALICE coding conventions on a package, module or class level using the following targets.
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71 make check-all
72 make <Module>-check-all
73 make <Package>-check
8948a174 74 make <Module>-<ClassName>-check // To use this run cmake with -DCLASSCHECK="YES" option. It is turned off by default since it bloats the Makefile and slows down the internal makefile rule checking
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811ffdcc 76 The resulting violations will be written to the folder <Build_Directory>/<Module>/check/viols
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8b0f7d96 7814. To Build PARs the following targets can be used. The resulting packages will be created in the cmake build directory
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80 make par-all
81 make <Package>.par
8948a174 82 make <Module>-par-all //build all par packages in the module
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8b0f7d96 8415. To test PARs after building run
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86 make test-par-all
87 make test-<Package>
88 make test-<Module>-par-all
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45526b5e 90!IMPORTANT! - Make sure your source folder is clean. If you used the old make system to build aliroot run make clean in the source directory before you run cmake
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