Set of fixes for the DA + updated documentation (Johny)
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2Note: The CMake build of AliRoot builds out-of-source
529dfa42 4Steps to Build AliRoot with CMake :
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45526b5e 61. Check out Aliroot source into any folder
8 svn co ~/trunk
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45526b5e 102. Create a new folder and set the environment variable ALICE_ROOT to point to it
12 mkdir AliRoot
13 cd AliRoot
14 export ALICE_ROOT=`pwd`
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163. Execute the following commands to build AliRoot
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18 cmake ~/trunk
529dfa42 19 make
45526b5e 214. In order to build addtional targets like THydjet and SHUTTLE add the following options to the cmake command
23 cmake -DTHydjet=ON -DSHUTTLE=ON <path_to_source>
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45526b5e 26!IMPORTANT! - Make sure your source folder is clean. If you used the old make system to build aliroot run make clean in the source directory before you run cmake
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