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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHReconstructor.h
998b831f 1#ifndef AliRICHReconstructor_h
2#define AliRICHReconstructor_h
121a60bd 3/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
0422a446 6#include <AliReconstructor.h> //base class
7#include "AliRICHTracker.h" //CreateTracker()
db910db9 8#include <TMatrixF.h> //UseDig()
9#include <TClonesArray.h> //UseDig()
10class AliRawReader; //Reconstruct() with raw data
11class AliRICHDigit; //Dig2Clu(), UseDig()
12class AliRICHCluster; //Dig2Clu()
121a60bd 13
998b831f 14class AliRICHReconstructor: public AliReconstructor
121a60bd 16public:
0fe8fa07 17 AliRICHReconstructor(): AliReconstructor() {}//default ctor
18 virtual ~AliRICHReconstructor() {}//dtor
0422a446 19//framework part
db910db9 20 AliTracker* CreateTracker (AliRunLoader* )const{return new AliRICHTracker;} //from AliReconstructor for clusters->PID
21 void Reconstruct (AliRunLoader* pAL )const; //from AliReconstruction for digits->clusters
22 void Reconstruct (AliRunLoader* pAL,AliRawReader *pRR)const; //from AliReconstruction for raws->clusters
84093f6f 23 virtual void FillESD (AliRunLoader* pAL,AliESD *pESD)const; //calculate pid for RICH
24 virtual void FillESD(AliRunLoader*, AliRawReader*, AliESD*) const { };
25 virtual void FillESD(AliRawReader*, TTree*, AliESD*) const { };
26 virtual void FillESD(TTree*, TTree*, AliESD*) const { };
29 using AliReconstructor::Reconstruct; //to get rid of virtual hidden warning
31 //private part
db910db9 32 static void Dig2Clu (TClonesArray*pDigLst,TClonesArray *pCluLst,Bool_t isTryUnfold=kTRUE );//digits list -> clusters list
33 static void CluQA (AliRunLoader* pAL );//QA for clusters
34 static void CheckPR ( );//utility-> run staff for stack
35 static void FormClu (AliRICHCluster *pClu,AliRICHDigit *pDig,TClonesArray *pDigLst,TMatrixF *pDigMap);//cluster formation recursive algorithm
36 static inline AliRICHDigit* UseDig (Int_t padX,Int_t padY,TClonesArray *pDigList,TMatrixF *pDigMap );//use this pad's digit to form a cluster
db910db9 37 static void Test (Bool_t isTryUnfold=kTRUE );//test digits->clusters conversion
2714766e 38 static void Test (TClonesArray *pDigLst,Bool_t isTryUnfold=kTRUE );//test digits->clusters conversion
84093f6f 39
40 protected:
998b831f 41 ClassDef(AliRICHReconstructor, 0) //class for the RICH reconstruction
121a60bd 42};
0422a446 43//__________________________________________________________________________________________________
db910db9 44AliRICHDigit* AliRICHReconstructor::UseDig(Int_t padX,Int_t padY,TClonesArray *pDigLst,TMatrixF *pDigMap)
0422a446 45{
46//Digit map contains a matrix if digit numbers.
47//Main operation in forming initial cluster is done here. Requested digit pointer is returned and this digit marked as taken.
48//Arguments: padX,padY - pad number
db910db9 49// pDigLst - list of digits for one sector
0422a446 50// pDigMap - map of those digits
51// Returns: pointer to digit if not yet used or 0 if used
52 Int_t iDig=(Int_t)(*pDigMap)(padX,padY);(*pDigMap)(padX,padY)=-1;//take digit number from the map and reset this map cell to -1
db910db9 53 if(iDig!=-1) return (AliRICHDigit*)pDigLst->At(iDig); //digit pointer
54 else return 0;
0422a446 55}
121a60bd 56