Using new for arrays with undefined size
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHSegmentationV0.h
5/* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
6 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
237c933d 8
a2f7eaf6 9#include "AliSegmentation.h"
237c933d 10
c712cb2f 11class AliRICHSegmentationV0 :public AliSegmentation
237c933d 13 public:
33556896 14 AliRICHSegmentationV0();
237c933d 15 virtual ~AliRICHSegmentationV0(){}
237c933d 16 virtual void SetPadSize(Float_t p1, Float_t p2);
17 // Anod Pitch
18 virtual void SetDAnod(Float_t D) {fWireD = D;};
a2f7eaf6 20 virtual Float_t GetAnod(Float_t xhit) const;
a2f7eaf6 21 virtual void GetPadI(Float_t x, Float_t y , Int_t &ix, Int_t &iy);
cc23c5c6 22 virtual void GetPadI(Float_t x, Float_t y , Float_t /*z*/, Int_t &ix, Int_t &iy) {GetPadI(x, y, ix, iy);}
a2f7eaf6 23 virtual void GetPadC(Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Float_t &x, Float_t &y);
24 virtual void GetPadC(Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Float_t &x, Float_t &y, Float_t &z)
25 {z=0; GetPadC(ix, iy, x , y);}
942194a4 26 virtual void Init(Int_t i);
a2f7eaf6 27 virtual Float_t Dpx() const {return fDpx;}
a2f7eaf6 28 virtual Float_t Dpy() const {return fDpy;}
a2f7eaf6 29 virtual Float_t Dpx(Int_t) const {return fDpx;}
a2f7eaf6 30 virtual Float_t Dpy(Int_t) const {return fDpy;}
a2f7eaf6 31 virtual Int_t Npx() const {return fNpx;}
a2f7eaf6 32 virtual Int_t Npy() const {return fNpy;}
03024e1e 33 virtual Float_t DeadZone() const {return fDeadZone;}
03024e1e 34 virtual Float_t GetPadPlaneWidth() const {return fPadPlane_Width;}
35 virtual Float_t GetPadPlaneLength() const {return fPadPlane_Length;}
237c933d 36 virtual void SetPad(Int_t ix, Int_t iy);
237c933d 37 virtual void SetHit(Float_t xhit , Float_t yhit);
cc23c5c6 38 virtual void SetHit(Float_t xhit, Float_t yhit, Float_t /*zhit*/){SetHit(xhit, yhit);}
237c933d 39 virtual void FirstPad(Float_t xhit, Float_t yhit, Float_t dx, Float_t dy);
cc23c5c6 40 virtual void FirstPad(Float_t xhit, Float_t yhit, Float_t /*zhit*/, Float_t dx, Float_t dy){FirstPad(xhit, yhit, dx, dy);}
237c933d 41 virtual void NextPad();
237c933d 42 virtual Int_t MorePads();
c712cb2f 43 virtual Float_t Distance2AndOffset(Int_t iX, Int_t iY, Float_t X, Float_t Y, Int_t *dummy);
cc23c5c6 44 virtual void GetNParallelAndOffset(Int_t /*iX*/, Int_t /*iY*/,Int_t *Nparallel, Int_t *Offset) {*Nparallel=1;*Offset=0;}
cc23c5c6 45 virtual void Neighbours (Int_t iX, Int_t iY, Int_t* Nlist, Int_t Xlist[10], Int_t Ylist[10]);
a2f7eaf6 46 virtual Int_t Ix() {return fIx;}
a2f7eaf6 47 virtual Int_t Iy() {return fIy;}
a2f7eaf6 48 virtual Int_t ISector() {return 1;}
cc23c5c6 49 virtual Int_t Sector(Int_t,Int_t) {return 1;}
50 virtual Int_t Sector(Float_t,Float_t) {return 1;}
237c933d 51 virtual Int_t SigGenCond(Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z);
237c933d 52 virtual void SigGenInit(Float_t x, Float_t y, Float_t z);
c712cb2f 53 virtual void IntegrationLimits(Float_t& x1, Float_t& x2, Float_t& y1, Float_t& y2);
a2f7eaf6 54 virtual void GiveTestPoints(Int_t &n, Float_t *x, Float_t *y) const;
a2f7eaf6 55 virtual void Draw(const char* = "") const;
cc23c5c6 56 virtual void SetCorrFunc(Int_t /*dum*/, TF1* func) {fCorr=func;}
a2f7eaf6 57 virtual TF1* CorrFunc(Int_t) const {return fCorr;}
237c933d 58 ClassDef(AliRICHSegmentationV0,1)
59 protected:
237c933d 60 Float_t fDpx; // x pad width per sector
61 Float_t fDpy; // y pad base width
62 Int_t fNpx; // Number of pads in x
63 Int_t fNpy; // Number of pads in y
64 Int_t fSector; // Current padplane
65 Float_t fWireD; // wire pitch
03024e1e 67 Float_t fDeadZone; //width of deadzones beteween CsI padplanes
bf88e9dd 68 Float_t fPadPlane_Width; //width of CsI padplanes
69 Float_t fPadPlane_Length; //length of CsI padplanes
237c933d 70
72 // Chamber region consideres during disintegration (lower left and upper right corner)
72e468a5 73 Int_t fIxmin; // lower left x
74 Int_t fIxmax; // lower left y
75 Int_t fIymin; // upper right x
76 Int_t fIymax; // upper right y
237c933d 77 // Current pad during integration (cursor for disintegration)
72e468a5 78 Int_t fIx; // pad coord. x
79 Int_t fIy; // pad coord. y
80 Float_t fX; // x
81 Float_t fY; // y
237c933d 82 // Current pad and wire during tracking (cursor at hit centre)
72e468a5 83 Float_t fXhit; //x position
84 Float_t fYhit; //y position
237c933d 85 // Reference point to define signal generation condition
72e468a5 86 Int_t fIxt; // pad coord. x
87 Int_t fIyt; // pad coord. y
88 Int_t fIwt; // wire number
89 Float_t fXt; // x
90 Float_t fYt; // y
237c933d 91 TF1* fCorr; // correction function
72e468a5 94