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2// H O W to run R I C H v0.1 //
6 To execute the Alice simulation program, type aliroot.
7 This starts AliRoot in interactive mode by default.
8 After a few seconds, you get the Root prompt.
10 You can start your interactive session by invoking
11 the standard menu
12 Root > .x menu.C
13 or do directly
14 Root > gAlice->Run()
15 or Root > gAlice->RunLego()
17 if you want to divert the long output generated by
18 the AliRoot initialisation phase to a file (eg AliRoot.log)
19 Root > .x menu.C > AliRoot.log
20 or Root > gAlice->Run(); > AliRoot.log
22 The initialisation phase of AliRoot takes time (30 seconds).
23 By default the macro menu.C invokes AliRun::Init with
24 the configuration file "Config.C".
26 If you want to run the RICH specific menu, you should type
28 Root> .x RICHmenu.C(number of events)
30 Select:
32 - Configure to setup the configuration you will use on your run. This applet edits
33 the file "Config.C". It is not yet completely functional and should be used
34 with care (you might overwrite your previous configuration unintentionally).
36 - Run to generate a complete event with the number of tracks you
37 typed and the configuration specified in "Config.C"
39 - RunLego to generate the standard lego plots for radiation
40 and absorption length. There are several default modes
41 you can choose from. When this command is finished, you can view the results
42 with Root > .x lego.C, or by opening the file browser and
43 double clicking on the histograms.
44 If you do not want to run with the default parameters,do
45 Root > gAlice->RunLego( list of params), see AliRun::RunLego
47 - Digitse Event to simulate the detector response to the simulated event
49 - Clusterize to detect raw clusters.
51 - 3D/1D Hough Pat. Rec. are the two reconstruction algorithms implemented in the code.
52 Both will try to guess the cerenkov angle associated to each charged particle. You can
53 browse the results with the diagnostics.
55 - Diagnostics to perform a series of quality assurance and analysis diagnostics. If the resulting
56 histograms are empty just restart AliRoot (bug).
58 - Geometry browser to view the Geant3 detector description.
60 - File Browser to browse through your produced files, the simulation file is galice.root.
62 - Quit to quit...
64 See the classes AliRun and TGeant3 for more detailed functionality.
65 A global variable "gAlice" can be used to invoke the AliRun class functions.
66 A global variable "geant3" can be used to invoke the TGeant3 class functions.
68 Note that several TGeant3 functions are also available by clicking
69 with the right mouse button on a canvas.
71 When you want to leave gAlice type the command ".q"
72 Root > .q